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NAA Conference – Advocate 2021

NAA Conference – Advocate 2021

There’s a lot going on in Washington and your state with respect to how the government represents the interests of landlords and tenants fairly.

It’s generally believed that Federal and State governments were not playing fair and are instead playing politics at landowners’ expense. It’s made being a landlord a tough challenge in terms of collecting rent, dealing with the court system, and in turn is creating an emergency crisis when the government moratoriums end this year or next.

The result of poorly conceived government legislation and intent is huge financial losses, time-wasting court appearances, conflict, lost cash flow, and bankruptcies and ultimately, less rental housing for tenants.

Many landlords are just holding their own during the rent moratoriums, while others accept their financial losses without a response to Government’s unfair Covid 19 legislation. It’s important for landlords to be informed about government policies and how your interests can be heard and respected.

NAA Advocate Virtual Event March 8th beginning at 6:30 pm. Screenshot courtesy of NAA.

NAA Advocate 2021

The 2022 NAA Apartmentalize Conference was held in late August, NAA is still holding events to help improve business conditions, build and hold government accountable for passage of responsible, sustainable housing policy in 2021.

NAA Advocate 2021 being held tonight at 6:30 PM is a free virtual conference event aimed at helping landlords achieve better political representation and to move NAA members to advocate more assertively for their rights. The US government’s response to the pandemic was to foist financial responsibility to landowners, and enact further harmful restrictions on how they do business.

Sessions include emerging policy issues, getting straight on evictions, protecting rental housing, engaging local law makers, and crafting rental assistance programs.

And you’ll hear from NAA’s policy experts. They’ll take you through the big issues – specific policy areas, what NAA aims to accomplish, what they’re requesting from government lawmakers and how their intervention activity will help the entire rental industry.

Covering Today’s Key Landlord Issues

They’ll cover areas relating to the rental real estate issues, problems, and on what is happening in Washington and Congress. And there is a question and answer period.

In many states, some might describe the environment as hostile and conflicted which makes planning, investment, building  and managing rental housing difficult. Landlords and property managers need to fight for better governance and rental property laws that assist with rental housing development rather than impeding and punishing.

Whether the current state of housing shortage and homelessness was caused by government policy or not, the only way to improve affordable and preferred housing availability is through government legislation that supports a healthy rental sector.

If you haven’t explored the possibility of attending the NAA Apartmentalize Conference, do take a look. It might be the energizer you need to regain your momentum as we leave the pandemic era in 2021.

NAA is holding Advocate 2021 today, March 18th and it’s all online and easy to access. See the full schedule of sessions now. The keynote speech will be delivered by long-time, well-known TV journalist Chris Wallace of 60 Minutes fame.

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