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NAA Apartmentalize Sessions

NAA Apartmentalize Sessions

Apartmentalize Conference provide a wide range of valuable educational sessions for landlords and apartment managers!  With Apartmentalize past, you can look ahead to the next NARPM conference in 2023 for more great sessions and connections with industry experts.

ManageCasa Attends major property management Conventions and Expos

It’s a wise choice to inspire and build your own career as well as generate better business performance.

Register at the NAA website and then come prepared to meet the best and brightest in the apartment management business. See the schedule of sessions below.

We were there at Apartmentalize in Denver, Colorado and it was the best event of the year. The number of exhibitors and attendees was almost overwhelming but it made it so interesting.  Post-pandemic, the apartment management industry might even grow further.

These industry conventions are an amazing experience to mix with dynamic and progressive professionals who are there for a reason — to manage their properties well.

Informative, Engaging Speaker Sessions

Besides the amazing exhibitors and software technology you’re going to see, there are also speaker sessions,  discussions and other sessions where landlords, property investors and apartment managers can get up to date on issues, trends, news, and skills.

Some of the leading professionals in our industry will be attending and speaking. This is a golden chance to grow your knowledge and meet the top people in apartment management.

These topical discussion sessions will take place Tuesday August 30th to Wednesday September 1st, which are dubbed success courses with topic tracks such as executive level and leadership topics, maintenance, operations, marketing, industry insight and more.

The First Big, Post Pandemic Event

We thought we’d take a moment to promote them more thoroughly here on our blog, and help create a bigger turnout for this year’s event in Chicago at the McCormick Place Convention Center.

Let’s take a look at a small selection of scheduled sessions in a variety of topic tracks, which unfortunately may run at the same time, so you’ll need to choose your sessions beforehand:

Tuesday August 31st at 12:00 pm

Session Title: You’re Only as Valuable as Your Data: Ensuring Asset Value

Brent Steiner, Founder and CEO of Engrain, Crystal Martin, Director of Operations and Leon Capital Group, Joe Coleman, COO of Decron Properties along with Laurie Lyons, VP of Client Service, Pegasus Residential provide their varied expertise on the topic of managing your business data. They investigate how housing providers maintain data integrity with open APIs and true data integration within their PropTech platforms.

Tuesday August 31st at 12:00 pm

Session Title: When Is Your Pricing Problem Not the Problem?

Trachells Spencer, Managing Director of RevX, Liz Farr, Director of Revenue Management and Marketing for 18 Capital Group, Alicia Reed, VP Residential Property Management for Seldin Company, and Sand Dumas, Director of Talent Development for Security Properties Residential review the 4 (7) Ps of Marketing and discuss a 20-point checklist to effectively address performance and operational issues.

Tuesday August 31st at 12:00 pm

Session Title: There’s an App for That: Time Savers for Military Markets

Kristin Hood, Director of Marketing and Leasing for Winn Companies, Ahsley Gorski-Poole, National Marketing Manager for Lincoln, Erin Simser, Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist for Winn Companies, and Lynette Hegeman, National Marketing Director fo Hunt Military Communities show you how improve the customer experience for current residents and attract and capture new residents. They’ll discuss apps and technology tips to improve your marketing and deliver better leasing and tenant experiences.

Tuesday August 31st at 12:00 pm

Session Title: Meet Gen Z: Understanding the Next Generation of Renters

Garin Hamburger, Senior Directors at National Property Marketing, Esther Bonardi, VP of Yardi, and Brooke Atslais, Marketing and Training Manager for The Management Group, LLC discuss Generation Z. They’re talking tech, demographics, and more.

Tuesday August 31st at 12:00 pm

Session Title: Find, Hire and Keep a High Performing Maintenance Team

Jen Piccotti, Chief Learning Officer of Swift Bunny, Caroline Adillon, President of Viking Residential, Justin Dunckel, President of Paragon Properties, and Mark Cukro, President of Plus One Inc. will discuss and provide real-life examples and practical tips to re-think where to find property or building maintenance staff, successfully onboard new team members and help equip them to be successful in their new positions.

Tuesday August 31st at 1:15 pm

Session Title: Twenty Trends Shaping the New Decade

For those of you who need to map a path to success, Kate Good, Partner/SVP Multifamily Development and Operations offers insight into the industry trends in the next 10 years. Discover a new vistion of what may be coming and what it will mean for apartment managers.

Tuesday August 31st at 1:15 pm

Session Title: The Shifting Sands of Apartment Demand

Jordan Brooks, Market Analyst for ALN Apartment Data, Melanie Trapnell, Senoir VP of Operations for Gables Residential, Mike Clow, Executive Director of Real Estate Operations for Greystar, and Margette Hepfner, COO Residential Management for Lincoln Properties meet to discuss apartment markets, factors contributing to market growth and what industry decision-makers can learn to apply to other areas of your landlord business.

While you’re here, why not check out more about ManageCasa Property Management Software?

Tuesday August 31st at 1:15 pm

Session Title: Self-Guided Tours: The Good, the Bad, the Not So Ugly

Andre Sanchez, COO of Rently, Heidi Turner, Principal of Blanton Turner, Garin Hamburger, SR Director of National Property Marketing for Cushman Wakefield, and Bevan White, Director of Marketing for RAM Partners, LLC will discuss the rising popularity of self-guided tour technology, how they deployed it, as well as the benefits and challenges of implementing self guided apartment tours at their communities.

Tuesday August 31st at 2:30 pm

Session Title: Is Artificial Intelligence Changing Rental Housing Management?

Minna Song, Founder and CEO of MeetElise, Kristin Hupfer, First Vice President, National Sales for Equity Residential, Jason Kessler, COO of Edward Rose and Sons, and Becca Schaffrey, SVP of Corporate Services for Bell Partners come together to discuss artificial intelligence in the rental housing sector. They’ll offer a better understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and how it’s being used to reduce costs, increase bandwidth and create the future—autonomous communities.

Tuesday August 31st at 2:30 pm

Session Title: Best Practices for Managing Your Renovations

Ken Murai, Founder and CEO of Facilgo, Inc., John Kirchmann, EVP-CFO of IRET, John etreau, Director of Construction for Multifamily Commercial Construction, and Kory Daivs Senior Director of National Accounts for Lowe’s Pro MSH explore what leading companies are doing to advance their renovation processes.

Wednesday September 1 at 9:45 am

Session Title: What Residents Want, What They REALLY, REALLY Want

Heather Sizemore, Senior VP, Student Housing Division for CF Real Estate Services, and Matthew Cummings, Account Manager for Bigeye Creative Agency take a closer look at what apartment tenants (student and residential ) really want. They’ll be discussing best practices for collecting valuable research and resident feedback, formulating decisions based on findings and putting that data into actionable and measurable tactics.

Wednesday September 1 at 9:45 am

Session Title: Using Post-Pandemic Metrics To Optimize Sales Conversions

Todd Katler, Founder, CEO of Anyone Home, Justin Choi, Director of Marketing for Sequoia Equities and Kristin Hupfer, First Vice President, National Sales for Equity Residential are ready to discuss how to measure and improve sales conversion in the post-pandemic leasing environment.

Wednesday September 1 at 9:45 am

Session Title: Everything You Know About Leasing is Wrong

Lisa Trosien, President of is here to discuss what drives tenant choices and you can re-learn how to lease apartments by shifting the customer journey to one that recognizes new expectations, preferences and needs.

Wednesday September 1 at 9:45 am

Session Title: How To Define Your Market To Help Drive Business Success

Robert Durham, Partner at Trimark Advisors Inc, is here to help you understand your market better and how you expand yours. He will be reviewing how to define a rental housing market and analyzing market cycles, to ensure you are expanding into one with a high gross profitability potential, and he’ll ventur into analyzing which market parts have the highest increased gross profitability for communities/client.

Wednesday September 1 at 2:30 pm

Session Title: Virtually Unstoppable: Managing Properties from Anywhere

Kaycee Kisling, Managing Director of Multifamily Investments for Mark Taylor Residential, Travis Darden, National Operations Specialist for CA Ventures, Jaren Bradley, Senior VP of Operations, Apartment Management Consultants, and Lisa Domm, Vice President of Strategic Business Services for Preferred Apartment Communities get together to explore how they successfully adapted to remote management and discuss why many virtual solutions are here to stay.


Landlord and Property Management Networking

That’s just a few of the educational sessions available at NAA Apartmentalize 2021 in Chicago. We hope you’ll check out each of the speakers and experts on their social media accounts and company websites and get to know them better. That will make your session much more enjoyable and informative.

From executive channels to the practical and technological, this year’s array of speakers and sessions is impressive. These are leaders in their business areas and they have a wealth of insight and guidance to offer. Launch a lifelong connection with them and create a powerful network of industry pros to keep you on the leading edge in apartment management.

Becoming a successful landlord or apartment manager requires constant education and growth, and as you can see, the training and professional connections do exist.

Make sure you register now to ensure you get your seat at the sessions you need to attend. It’s going to be a wonderful conference at McCormick Center and we’re looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to an amazing small to mid sized landlord’s best landlord software solution. Look for ManageCasa at NAA Apartmentalize every year and at other major conferences in 2023.

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