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How to Choose Moving Companies

December 29, 2020

Choosing the Right Moving Company

During 2019, less than 10% of Americans moved to another city. It was the lowest number ever recorded in the US (according to an Axios report).

Of course, the US economy was running so hot, that fewer people needed to move for job-related reasons. When things are good with income, most people stay put.

And moving is expensive, often involving hiring a moving company.  Normally, a new job and extra financial resources are needed. But will this stop a wave of people moving in 2021 as we leave the Covid 19 pandemic behind us?

In this post, we’d like to discuss that now, and help you find a quality moving company. And it’s wise for landlords and property management company managers to advise tenants on reputable movers, either when onboarding or when they’re ending their lease.

Even Fewer People Moved During 2020

Apparently, it turns out that during the 2020 pandemic, fewer people moved. That ran contrary to the increased moving projects of Uhaul and moving companies this summer. While a lot of people moved away from big cities, most others hunkered down where they were.

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Threatened by poor job prospects and limited homes for sale and rental housing availability, 2020 was considered a poor year for taking risks of any kind.

Yet people are still moving and more will in 2021.

This chart below courtesy of Statista, tells us the reason most people move is due to a need for a larger, smaller or different type of housing.  This could include economic, income, family size, life events, or other reasons.  Of course, the pandemic/work from home is the reason for many who did choose to move in 2020.

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It seems, that despite the outflow to pandemic destination cities, especially among the wealthy in the Bay Area and Manhattan, Americans are staying put. Yet, as the Covid 19 vaccinations increase each every month, and as the economy recovers, we’re likely to see moving companies becoming a lot busier in 2021.

Will Americans Be on the Move This Spring After 14+ Months of Isolation?

As summer 2021 approaches, Americans may be on the move to where the jobs are, and many more will be traveling. It will be boom times for moving companies, airlines, and vacation rental owners. And as housing becomes available with the new construction season, more buyers will be ready to sell their house and move.

More people, including millennials who are raising families now, will also want to upsize to larger homes.
People may be headed out into the suburbs and rural areas, or perhaps to another region entirely. Many will rent a Uhaul to do it themselves while others who are wealthy enough will hire a moving company due to how challenging it is to move quickly.

These factors will likely generate increased vacancies for landlords and they’ll need to do strong property management marketing campaigns to acquire new tenants.

Those moving will need to find and book a moving company early to beat the crush of demand during 2021.

Hiring a Moving Company in 2021

Hiring a moving company isn’t an everyday event. Most will only hire a mover one or a few times during their lifetimes.  A lot of costly mistakes can happen.

And the demand for California moving companies will be very intense as it is now. Stats show moving activity out of California has been brisk with Californians leaving for places like Seattle, Austin, and Phoenix.

Availability of housing and even rental housing in these other locations will be an issue, so good research and speaking with a lot of moving companies is best to find a reliable, professional mover.

Moving is a big logistical challenge given the time and space needed. A good mover can help you make this event much smoother, avoid damage, and meet your move out deadlines. They may even have storage facilities to get you through any space issues.

How do Quality Movers Help?

  • conduct a detailed, organized inventory of your belongings
  • calculate packaging needs, weight, and space needs to move
  • provide moving supplies to keep your valuables safe and intact
  • they have moving insurance to protect against big losses and they will advise on insurance that protects the actual value of your TV, laptop, art, etc.
  • give you a reliable or even guaranteed estimate of costs and time
  • won’t demand a huge deposit
  • save you on buying packaging and renting a truck, paying for gas and large truck insurance (which may not be available)
  • helps you avoid extra fees that some moving companies charge
  • use a tracking system to maintain good control
  • hire and train professional staff to ensure your move is efficient with damage
  • save you from getting scammed

If you use a brokerage, you may lose control of who moves your items. Avoid being gullible because this is an important decision.

Choosing a Moving Company

You’re likely familiar with the biggest moving companies such as International Van Lines, American Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, and North American Moving Services, Mayflower Moving, United Van Lines, Beins, Atlas Van Lines, and Wheaton Worldwide moving.

When you do your search, you’ll be inundated with the advertising and reach of the big moving companies. If they’re not available or are too expensive, you’ll need to consider smaller regional moving firms.

These regional firms might offer better prices and specialized, even personalized services you’ll appreciate.  Still, get several quotes from a variety of moving companies so you can get the right moving company for your budget and needs.

Professional Quality Moving Companies

If you take Humboldt Moving Company in Massachusetts as an example, it is a regional company which handles local, regional, interstate and international moves. They have a huge warehouse south of Boston and offer temperature-controlled storage for valuables such as fine art, and other fragile property.

They also assist with relocations for businesses and employees. They’re offering virtual surveys, in Covid 19 period, to provide customers with a video chat moving quote. Very modern and progressive.

Companies that take care of their visible brand are likely to be more conscientious and professional in business. Of course, they must meet all your criteria.

The difference between cheap movers and a professional mover will be in control. Good companies are customer-oriented, but cheap movers tend to give low customer service “take it or leave it” offers.

Take the Time to Research

There’s a good fit for your family and household property if you do your research.

Remember that while most moves go well, what’s the worst that could happen?

Common complaints about moving companies include pricing or delivery problems, lost and damaged property, and unpleasant, careless, and uncooperative employees. Some companies are unscrupulous and desperate and you could lose everything and not be able to recover losses in court.

What to Look for in a Good Moving Company

  • are licensed and insured
  • is professional and courteous in how they respond to you and your inquiry
  • has sufficient number of staff and trucks
  • ask how many moves they have booked
  • are widely visible online which an active and viable company
  • verify their physical street address and check out via Google maps if unable to visit in person
  • have a carefully crafted and updated website that details their value proposition and care for you and your property
  • have limited BBB complaints and negative reviews online (see Yelp reviews too) but keep in mind that many people use online forums and review sites to trash their competitors.
  • explain and demonstrate how they conduct business and maintain safe control of your possessions
  • review the moving contract in detail
  • are transparent about quotes, charges and expectations
  • explain carefully about moving insurance and your liability and risks
  • talk about specifics of your move and how they’ll manage tough challenges
  • get the reserved time, work details, and price quote in writing if possible

Check with FMSCA if your move is across state lines.

Protection for long distance moves. Screenshot courtesy of

Professional moving companies will help you get organized. They respect the process.  They want your business and they know what the challenges are and preparations needed. You can download their guide for residential movers.

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