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Time to Modernize Your Property Management Business

The Benefits of Modern Management

You’ve been so busy in 2021/2022, (and exhausted from 2020), and you haven’t had time to think about streamlining your property management work.

The latest property management trends suggest more complexity and more work on your desk. Sure we’re all looking ahead, but we know what we need — new business models, new software technology and staff with new skills.

Labor shortages, regulation, operating budgets, reno and maintenance costs, regulations, eviction/renter payment delays, and higher tenant expectations are likely pushing you to the brink. The truth is, you need modern technology to do your work.

We’ve highlighted the 10 Top Benefits of ManageCasa’s workflow streamlining system below as the best route to modernization.

Manual Management Darkening Companies Outlook

Manual property management is still an issue too.  A Forbes report on 500 property managers revealed that manual processes were a significant inhibitor of their ability to grow.  The problem might be exacerbated by the advancing age of property managers which is well above 50. Older managers might be uncomfortable with new PropTech.

That’s why ManageCasa focuses on a simple UX design with smart automation features.  It makes work easier to comprehend and manage, and helps reduce errors, rework and as well, the issue of worker obsolescence and workload stress.

If you’re skeptical of claims that a new property management system can actually ease your manual workload (and get your net profit above 20% of revenue), make some time now to investigate.

ManageCasa’s UX Design:  clean interface, intuitive dashboard make it simple to understand and use.


Workflow will Improve When You Adopt a Modern System

Some managers worry that changing solutions will just create more work and not really resolve specific needs. That’s not so. ManageCasa for instance, focuses on simplicity, ease of learning, and uses automation to cut out friction and manual work. The gains in performance are quick and our customers tell us they’re improving.

Most concerning about property management teams this last 12.5 years is the loss of their energy, joy, and health. The emotional cost of the pandemic was high. If you’ve considered getting out of the business you love, it’s just a signal to change how you do your work.

It’s automation, automation, automation, but the payoff is greater than streamlining. You’re regaining control of your work and are able to focus on key matters (spending more time on leasing, maintenance follow up, not chasing rent payments, and getting everyone working together — synchronization).

And the new cloud-based systems give you incredible new powers, insights, and opportunities. Talk about a turnaround to get your mind back where it needs to be!

A Moment of Truth

Small LandlordIf you’ve lost the joy of managing properties and tenants, it’s wise to really feel that disappointment and  let it help power the change to a better way to do your work. Denying your pain could keep you stuck and down.

Once you verify that modern automation software does eliminate work for you and raises your profit margin, you’ll be comfortable with the upgrade.

Higher operating margins, happier owners and tenants, and less manual work for your tired staff helps you retain them. You won’t have to raise your fees, but if you do, the net revenue gain could be nice bonus.  Owners and investors will be impressed if you’re using a next generation system. More client leads could result.

Modern Software Upgrade

So let’s take a fresh look at how modern, next generation saas platforms can make your single family rental management work easier and lower your operating costs.

Modern Systems Take the Pain Away

Here’s the value add:

  1. Simplicity and Clarity – cuts down the complexity of work to make work less distracting and confusing for you and your property management staff
  2. Focus – Allows you to focus on what’s important instead of tasks that generate little value to owners and tenants (leasing, tenant service, maintenance)
  3. Automation – streamlines almost every financial and operations activity so there’s less friction, energy spent and errors created (accounting entries, onboarding, rental applications). ManageCasa’s superb accounting software takes advantage of advancements in data collection, integration and storage to make accounting a stronger business asset.
  4. Value Add – lets you capture additional revenues from extra services or fees (storage, late rent fees, renter applications, pets, Wifi)
  5. All in One Platform – Do everything you need to do via one single dashboard. Whether on desktop or the ManageCasa mobile, conduct inspections, accept payments, take photos, and get real time information right on your smartphone as you travel.
  6. Tenant Communications and Experience – create the kind of experience and relationship modern tenants actually demand today. Direct communications via app texting reduces telephone tag, missed appointments, and keeps tenants informed.
  7. Integrated Marketing Services – advertise and promote your brand and your vacancies on your marketing website in ManageCasa which includes syndicating your rental ads. Write rental ads professionally, upload property photos, floor plans and 3D virtual tours to create impact on higher quality renter prospects. Increase leads and cut days on market.
  8. Data Access and Security – Ensure you can access data, and protect it from aggressive hackers to avoid law suits, ransomware threats, and meet changing government legal guidelines. Data is processed more reliably for real time insight.
  9. Cut Operations and IT costsCloud based servers with no server hardware or admin required. Let ManageCasa and the Amazon Cloud manage the heavy data and server activity required to manage hundreds or thousands of properties (software is instantly upgraded, always available, and all for a bargain subscription fee included in ManageCasa platform).
  10. Integrated Leasing and Payments – accept applications and tenant screening reports online and allow tenants to pay their rent as they like through online payment systems (tenants can pay rent via their smartphone as they prefer).


Next generation property management software helps you stay ahead of the workload curve. We can’t possibly cover all the benefits that ManageCasa delivers to help ease your workload and grow profitability in this post. You’ve just discovered that Proptech isn’t a scary word. It’s just good software to automate your workload.

Take a moment to discover all property management system features, and then contact us to begin your transition to a modern property management system.

See all your information for each property, client, tenant, and owner in one simple dashboard. ManageCasa takes your worry away and gives you clarity.

Schedule a quick 30 minute session with our product pros to help you understand how easy ManageCasa is and why that’s important.


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