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Mobile Property Management – A Workstyle You’ll Like

July 05, 2020

Mobile Property Management

What’s catching fire in property management? It’s mobile or virtual property management.  The pandemic changes are forcing property managers to alter their approaches to suit new property portfolios and service alterations.

Going mobile with your business means saving a lot of money which is vital in 2020. Yet 2021 will require greater efficiency too. And mobility is part of the efficiency equation you might be using in 2021.

We want to give you pleasant introduction to a key property management trend — going mobile. A necessary change that’s going to give your property management company a big boost in efficiency and efficacy.

Freedom to Get Things Done Well

The famous industrial era work ethic work ethic is being reinterpreted to mean to be more flexible, efficient and resourceful.  Being where you’re needed and not being where you’re not needed is the priority today. Meaning — you don’t need to be stuck in the office.

Yes, virtualized property management and tenant services are the order of the day now, however the key is that property managers have more time to attend in person when its essential, and without destroying their work day.

So going fully mobile is the essence of a modern property manager.  There are key people, events, places that are high on your priority list and by being mobile, you’re ready to attend to them.

More Work is Done Outside the Office

Reports show more work is being conducted on a mobile basis, but for the most part we’re still a stuck in the office economy. And offices are very expensive places.  This chained-to-the-desk philosophy actually jeopardizes the future of your property management company.  Why not break those chains and get out there where you can get work done and promote your company.

Some are saying that those who do property management manually from a stationary office will be out of business within 5 years.

The Millennial Generation is Leading This Change

Generation Y or the Millennials are a case in point. they love their smartphones and the instant access it provides. They love the responsiveness, ability to reach people right away, to create conversations, and do this wherever they are.

These millennials are increasingly your tenants and this is the communication style they prefer.

You’ve probably read blogs or Facebook posts about mobility where they focused on smartphone apps and trendy tech gimmicks. That doesn’t describe the transition that you’ll be making. The software is helpful but it’s in the background. Let’s take a new look at this with an open mind — about your new workstyle and achieving better results.


5 Advantages in Going Mobile for Property Managers

  • better connection to key communities or cities you have properties in
  • get face to face in client’s offices or buildings and visiting tenants
  • visits to projects or properties owned for manual inspection and getting to know the communities
  • active involvement in building new business rather than passive
  • better engagement in your work for better esteem

The nature of property management work itself is changing – the routine administration is reduced and managers must reinvent their value to owners or landlords who hire them.

If you’re a landlord or property manager who is seeing your precious, hard fought business begin to diminish, then going mobile might help you do a 180 turn. Take the opportunity to get out with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and begin this journey.

With mobile friendly website apps, you can get your bookkeeping, tenant maintenance tickets, work contracts, emails, and more accomplished. And by focusing on your real business issues, you’re taking care of what matters.

What You Need to be a Mobile Property Manager

Besides a laptop, smartphone, or tablet device, what does the mobile property manager need?  A great cloud based property management platform.  With it, you get all the essential property management work tools including accounting, online rent payment, tenant communications, secure document management, secure data storage and in depth reporting tools.


9 Things You Need to go Mobile:

  1. a laptop, smartphone or tablet with attachable keyboard
  2. cell phone data connection so you can work anywhere
  3. online property management work automation software
  4. bluetooth headphones so you can talk and listen with background noise
  5. smartphone for texting, taking pictures, and more phone calls
  6. wifi connection finder app – bigger data pipe when you need it
  7. comfortable vehicle with a laptop holder and now you can work anywhere
  8. rentable office cubicle that puts you near all your tenant buildings
  9. a portable printer
  10. work productivity analytics apps let you know what it is you’re doing that’s working

Before you go all hog wild about being mobile, keep in mind you need to do work, be focused, be accountable for performance, and find a routine you can handle. Some mobile workers get tired and stressed, most likely because they’re running around like chickens with their heads cut off and still thinking like an old industrial era worker.

Don’t lose your head. Begin your work strategy with a yellow sticky note on your laptop, just like I do. It says, “RELAX!”

Start with your top objective: managing your properties better. With that, you won’t be pulled and torn, and be able to plan and focus on your daily tasks systematically.

Good luck with your transition to mobile property management. It’s your time to make work easier and earn more money.


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