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Mobile Data Access for Property Managers

October 13, 2021

Property Managers Need Improved Mobile Access to Data

The revolution in property management is all about remote access to data and secure property management software.

Remote work really is all about convenience, utility, time and cost savings.  Remote systems provide flexible service advantages that property managers need.  Mobile creates many new exciting possibilities. While property managers expect full functionality working on the road, the reality from most property management solutions might disappoint.

The issues property managers are having in accessing data via software is a big focus for ManageCasa’s technicians and product development team. We offer a property management software you can use on the road in the field.

Remote Work is Up and Staff Need Good Data Access

One report had it that 4/5ths of property management workers worked remotely during the pandemic and 46% of property managers intend to adopt new technology to streamline work processes. One of those key technologies that might be pivotal is remote access applications.

A majority of property managers are experiencing difficulties accessing business data while away from the office. Due to technical issues, old proprietary property management systems don’t make that data accessible. And data security and integrity are issues too.

Work at home and remote work means data needs to be accessed securely and reliably via cellular connections. And all tenant and property data must be available and protected.

Remote workflow, mobile data access and mobile apps are here to stay and we think it’s a wonderful thing.

Why is Remote Access to Data so Important?

The reasons are endless, but here’s a few key ones:

  • remote working staff find mobile data access and reliability a challenge.
  • poor data connectivity severely erodes productivity on the road and that time waste has surprising dollar value.
  • data is stored on local servers not an advanced distributed system such as Amazon Cloud and can’t be delivered quickly
  • workers need quicker access, ability to conduct all business (accounting, tenant info, work repair orders, and have the ability to communicate in real time with other staff as though they were still at the office). Workload must flow like usual.
  • workers and managers need to make decisions after drilling down to get key insights.
  • communications is taking place digitally via applications not just via occasional conference calls.
  • workers need to know data is up to date in real time and to verify changes such as payments made, work completed, documents received.
  • managers want full access and visualization via the dashboard for more confidence in decision making.

Remote Work Solutions are Getting Better

Obviously the infrastructure for remote work and mobile access still has to be built out. 5G networks being built now will aid in that success dramatically. 5G has stellar bandwidth capabilities and better signal strength for mobile users who might be anywhere on a property or in a building.

Another key point is that it isn’t just data access that managers want, they want insight and they want to do work well in remote locations. Making a property management database available instantly is a challenge for most property management companies.

For instance, being able to conduct inspections, take photos, make notes, enter and edit work orders, call tenants, accept information for input, accept payments, issue receipts, as managers visit properties and interact with tenants is a big advantage.

ManageCasa: Making Mobile Data Access Easy

Fortunately, modern cloud based applications (ManageCasa) are enabling easy mobile connectivity and secure access to all data. The ease and simplicity of using a full property management platform right at one’s finger tips has been available for years now using the web based mobile interface. The mobile app is a slightly different application that bypasses issues with the web. Property managers love that.

The challenge is to create an app or mobile web page interface that’s easy to view and the dashboard fully operable. Most property management mobile apps offer only limited functionality.

The visual and finger controlled aspect is also a challenge for mobile phone users. Workers are realizing how a tablet might perform better for work usage.

All the same, ManageCasa has painstakingly designed a simplified, intuitive and comfortable dashboard interface for all mobile users. It’s designed for the way our customers use their mobile devices and to make work tasks easier (and automated).

The soon to be released ManageCasa mobile app for Android and Apple iOS will offer new functionality. We’ll let you know of the release date so you can download it on Google Play or Apple App Store. It will help alleviate a lot of mobile access related issues and keep your productivity optimized.

Let’s Not Wait for a Bad Event

It’s during times of crisis where the data issues cause bottlenecks, errors and major losses that a big movement to a new technology happens. We hope landlords and property managers take the time to investigate our property management system now to help avert these predictable business setbacks.

We know big change is coming and the smart response is to adopt the technology platforms and tools so your rental property business will run smoothly.

Learn more about the full ManageCasa technology platform and we’re leading the way to the mobile property management era.  Schedule a demo of our solution.

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