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You’ll Be Migrating to a Cloud Platform Soon

The Mass Migration Away from Old Software

There’s one big factor causing property managers to investigate their next property management software solution  — obsolescence.

You may be experiencing lost or irretrievable data, limited analytics, poor communications, inaccessibility for users on the road, and slowdowns in performing daily business.

From vulnerable hard drive to secure, unlimited cloud storage

Maybe your IT support costs are getting way out of hand too?  You have to make a decision about migrating to a new modern property management solution.

Your Dreams Will Come True

You may have dreamed about how nice it would be to be rid of your old aging legacy software?  It’s a dream many property managers have. One of the top property management trends is a mass migration movement away from big, clunky, proprietary, bloated software.

You can adopt a new simple, managed cloud based property management solution — designed for property pros.

Concerns About Migrating

Yet you might be concerned about issues related to migrating your old data, learning a new system, and using your other needed software. Good news, is that an easy migration is possible and you likely can keep helpful software you rely on.

In fact, there’s no IT planning necessary. The new property management software is already pre-configured to resolve those needs.


Cloud computing and hosting adoption to 2020

The property management solutions with the largest userbases have been around for a long time. Their slow performance, lack of upgradability and scalability, low tech functions, and unsolvable bugs are too much to continue with.  It’s forcing most to move to solutions geared to the new era of cloud based, on demand property management.

Simple, Nimble, Easy to Manage Plus New Services!

The model for wisely selecting property management software is being turned upside down. Now smaller, simpler, more nimble and adaptable solutions are cost efficient, more effective overall, and less risky. And they’re scalable for growing businesses.

When the big money brands developed their proprietary solutions, there was no way to foresee issues of obsolescence due to compliance standards and demands from tenants. They loaded on more “weight” and became bloated. And then there’s the IT problems.

Add on security, compliance, specialized accounting, and other issues, and it becomes a nightmare waiting to get real. And today, obsolete is pre-2015 launched software.

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Software Must Be Simple Yet Powerful

This issue isn’t solely in the property management sector of course. Technology introduces all sorts of interesting and vital new apps, mobile devices and network technology. IoT and 5G for instance are a revolutionary technologies property managers will be utilizing soon enough. And with cloud software, you can have it all.

I was just visiting one of many websites that offer reviews of property management software and it names one of the most complicated, difficult to learn property management tools as their choice for simplest. Do these reviews help to mask the truth about their solutions?

One element that is never a point of review even with newer solutions is obsolescence.

Screenshot courtesy of Google

Paul Belmore, a property management associate in Lynnwood, Washington is quoted in a promotion: “There is a lot of important functionality that absolutely needs to work. Because of that, the vendors are very slow to upgrade their systems, as nobody can afford any downtime.”

Secure, Managed, Cloud Based Platforms

This is why cloud rental management software is so popular. You won’t need an IT tech guy, a great advantage for a property management firm needing a real fully managed solution. ManageCasa for example is that type of modern solution.

Read up on the advantages of managed cloud based solutions and the value of automation.

How Will You Migrate your System?

Before you consult with anyone about moving to a new property management solution, make sure you’re choosing a simplified one with key features you must have — accounting, reporting, file management, and communications.

IT consultants may cut their own risk by choosing similar solutions to what you’re using now. Be stubborn and choose a simple, low cost, affordable cloud based provider. Choose a property management software you’ll like which fits with your growth strategy .

The more costs you eliminate, risk you offload, progressive managed solutions you adopt, and easier you make it for your staff to learn and use, the better. Nimble is best.

Your Data Migration Process

Migrating your data to a cloud based solution is easier than you’d imagine. Follow this process:

  1. Set a reasonable time frame for the migration
  2. Do a FREE trial of your new property management software
  3. give your staff time to learn the new interface and give their input on how the customer data looks
  4. contact the provider and inquire about migrating to the cloud
  5. import your data into your new system
  6. check for errors, omissions, and optimization needs
  7. produce trial reports
  8. go out do a property inspection, add an expense entry, contact a client, get them to log in, and get their feedback and responses
  9. everything good? Great, make the switch.


If you need advice on finding the right solution for you and about migrating to a cloud based provider, please contact us directly.

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