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Mid-Sized Property Management Solution

March 05, 2023

The Right Software for your Mid-Sized Firm

Landlords today come in all sizes, varieties, and geographies while confronting a variety of business challenges.

Yet, when their business grows into the mid-sized level, challenges mount and profitability grows so it makes for an interesting venture.

Whether you want to grow or not, if you manage 200 to 5000 properties (the mid market) you face priorities of work efficiency, expense management, staff wages and retention, property growth, cash flow, and much more.

Enterprise level organizations once faced this same situation of course.  Yet, the large scale systems they use won’t work for you. Instead, you’ll find what you need in the latest modern SaaS solutions for medium-sized companies. We’ll introduce you to one that is ideal for your thriving business.


Before you can progress and grow further, you must generate efficiency


If you’re struggling with operational efficiency, you’re not alone.  That’s what most property management software focuses on.  Yet the real value is in how features are integrated.

The enterprise business model is all about efficiency yet their system is for different kinds of employees (specialists).  Your staff are more likely generalists needing help with a variety of tasks and workflow management.

Mega-sized corporate landlords with 40,000+ to 100,000 properties for instance no longer resemble what they were as a mid-sized company. (Actually, I have to admit that we do have such a monster-sized client, so we know our software can be scaled up and perform as an enterprise level solution)

Your Goal:  acquire a mid-sized portfolio management solution which integrates your high priority tasks: smart document automation, online rent payment, and advanced lease-driven accounting.  The system gives you these efficiencies you need and if there are any issues, our customer service will help with the rest.


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2023 Key Event: ManageCasa will exhibit at NAA’s Apartmentalize Conference in Atlanta, on June 9th. We’re in booth #912 and looking forward to meeting you and learning about your apartment management needs.

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Key Challenges for Mid-Sized Landlords

There’s a lot of moving parts in your business of course, yet these might summarize what your software should help you and your staff control:

  • keeping costs under control
  • managing cash flow
  • identifying low performing property issues
  • keeping staff wages under control
  • acquiring better, long term tenants
  • training unskilled staff for high volume work loads
  • regulatory and tenant demands
  • helping staff do more and find time to develop
  • providing personalized services for so many tenants
  • improving profitability and creating new services
  • managing more growth in properties and staff
  • establishing maintenance ease and efficiency
  • automating rent payment
  • adopting lease-based accounting
  • being better informed about expense trends and recurring issues

It’s not a simple thing to create a product that addresses everything above, yet you’ll find ManageCasa does this and your staff will enjoy how easy it is to learn and use.

The Big Picture Focus

The point of ManageCasa’s all in one feature set is the big picture focus. By integrating everything from vacancy listings and lease management, to rent payments and expense transactions, to maintenance and personalized tenant communications, you don’t experience the stress of juggling tasks one at a time, asynchronously.

Your accounting reports and rent payment status are two key reports mid-sized managers keep a close eye on.

ManageCasa’s value proposition is bolstered by its accounting prowess. Some say property management is accounting management.  Financial management is the essence of a sustainable company.  If there is anything a property management software must possess as a strong suit — it’s in the automation and accuracy of digital accounting.

A Staff-Friendly Interface

In our recent survey, mid-sized landlords and property managers identified a lack of talent in their staff was a key issue. Yet, if staff see more of their work automated, they’d have more time to develop and add value.

Every landlord wishes for new, better employees, yet with good tools, you might see your current staff evolve in skill and productivity. Take more of those tedious tasks off their plate, and their competence, energy and confidence will improve.

And they’ll have time to build new skills to upskill and produce.

The next person you hire may only be one who enjoyed access to these marvelous property management technology tools. Fortunately, they were able to move their career development  along and master important skills.

If efficiency, growth, and staff quality are key issues for your business for the road ahead in 2023/2024, then a modern property management solution makes sense. See the feature set now.

What is the Next Step?

It’s time you spoke with our sales team and discuss your specific challenges to get feedback on what might work for you.

There’s no obligation or pressure tactics from our staff. We want you to evolve, learn, and visualize the best technology solution for you at this point.


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