Managing Properties Overseas


Owning or managing properties overseas can pay off well, especially as some U.S. cities rental market is plateauing. A rental property overseas is different from domestic rental: overseas rentals require property management as well as rental management. While in the U.S., these two responsibilities are taken care by one person or company, due to the nature of complexities of overseas properties, these are sometimes separated. The difference is this:


However, managing abroad can present some hard challenges that ManageCasa can help you alleviate. ManageCasa provides a platform that allows for convenient communication and accountability between you and your trusted rental and property manager. This includes being able to check on:

  • Rental applicants. ManageCasa’s online rental applications makes you feel like you are right there with the rental manager as the prospective tenants submit their application.
  • Screening process and results. Review that all criteria for screening a tenant have been fulfilled, and review the results on your ManageCasa account.
  • Credit and background checks. For external credit and background check agencies, their results can be imported as a document into ManageCasa, and you will have the information on file.
  • Paying Bills. ManageCasa provides clear tracking of payments, even if it’s for local bills for utilities, phone, or internet.
  • Payment Processing. Review the manager’s payments submitted. Confirm on if there are any fees charged, and ManageCasa’s accounting features conveniently shows currency exchanges.
  • Accounting Features. The accounting feature allows for clear and transparent accounting and taxes accountability.
  • Convenient Communication. For those times that issues do come up, managers or owners can create tasks or discussions to communicate with one another.
  • Records. ManageCasa’s cloud storage allows all paperwork, important documents, and images to be stored and accessed any time, such as lease agreements, check-in and check-out documents.
  • Maintenance. For seasonal checks for maintenance and repairs, procedures and schedules should be followed. With ManageCasa, that can be as simple as creating a checklist and a due date for seasonal check-ups.


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