Managing Lease Agreements: A ManageCasa Feature

ManageCasa recently rolled out the new Lease Agreement Management feature. No more are the days of physical copies of lease agreements that you can never seem to find when you need them. ManageCasa Lease Agreement Management feature allows property managers and landlords to configure, sign, and store digitally, the terms and conditions both parties agreed on. Tenants can be added onto new lease agreements, which includes essential lease terms such as rent amounts, payment due dates, etc. ManageCasa uses this information to automatically create reminders for payments and late fees.

Here is a guided overview how the “Manage Lease Agreements” feature works:


Once you click into “Manage” on the left navigation bar, you will have the option to “Manage Lease Agreement”.


All your current or past lease agreements will show up. If you have none so far, simply click “Add Lease”.

You will need to select the property that you want the lease to be associated with. Select from the property in the drop down menu.

After selecting the property that you are adding a lease agreement for, ManageCasa has tabulated a list of information necessary for a lease to be completed, and also additional, optional information that you may choose to also add. Check in the boxes for additional information you would like to include in the lease.

Simply add your tenant information, and follow the steps to creating a comprehensive and easy lease agreement. Just add your tenant so both parties can review and sign the agreement!


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