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ManageCasa Announces its PREMIUM Version

August 04, 2023

ManageCasa Announces its PREMIUM Version

ManageCasa Announces its PREMIUM Version; Now Providing Clients in the Mid-Market and Enterprise Property Management Segment Custom Branding

SAN FRANCISCO, July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ManageCasa, the leading intuitive, interactive and automated property management software for rental property managers, community associations managers and self-managed homeowner associations, today announced the release of its Premium Version, which provides property management companies in the mid-market and enterprise segment with an industry-leading custom branding experience.

This Premium Version builds upon the platform’s previously announced new UI/UX, and offers larger clientele the ability to custom brand their account on the leading ManageCasa SaaS property management platform offered worldwide. It is an optional upgrade to the Base version that offers clientele in the Mid-Market and Enterprise segments an ability that many other software products today lack or only make possible with very expensive custom deployments. ManageCasa provides this for a premium price because of the economies of scale, and it remains reasonably priced within the overall SaaS platform.

Both the Base and the Premium versions improve the user experience and productivity requirements of clients across the rental property management and community association markets. This new premium offering comes on top of the prior enhanced UI/UX release a few weeks ago, which marked the largest software release ever announced by the company.

Notable benefits in the Premium version include a subdomain by client, the ability to custom brand the login screen and the portal experience for tenants and owners, and the ability for companies to provide their own logo, button colors and other settled color changes in the application to suit their custom branding needs.

This all comes in addition to the already improved in-app navigation, a modern dashboard for quicker insights and real-time data, and better integration with financials, tenant communication, maintenance, communication, and other management processes. The software’s universal platform unlocks capabilities uniquely achievable through a combined approach catering to both rental and community association management markets.

“While our clients have enjoyed our Base version in the SMB market for many years, we recognized that as ManageCasa is going upmarket, our clients in the mid and enterprise market require a more branded experience with more custom choices. This introduction shows our commitment to provide a platform that suits our larger clients.” said Peter Koch, CEO of ManageCasa. “This new Premium version serves as yet another foundation for upcoming evolutions of our software.”

The new UI/UX was recently well-received by larger rental property management companies at the NAA Apartmentalize in Atlanta and by Community Association Management Companies at CAI in Dallas, and the Premium Version now adds to that experience. Looking ahead, ManageCasa is planning to roll out an array of new features, capabilities, and partnerships in the coming weeks and months, aligning with the company’s vision to stay at the forefront of innovation in property management.

About ManageCasa

ManageCasa stands out as an industry leader offering intuitive, interactive and automated property management software for rental property managers, landlords, community association managers, and Homeowner Associations (HOAs). The company’s user-friendly web and mobile platform streamlines property management operations, communication, finances, marketing, and leasing for landlords and property managers around the world. By making the most complex tasks simple and personal, ManageCasa is reimagining property management for the modern era. Please visit to learn more.


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