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How ManageCasa Comes to the Rescue of Landlords

September 11, 2020

ManageCasa Supports Property Managers and Landlords

Right now in late 2020, landlords may face further revenue and cash flow challenges as Corona Virus aid is stopped or reduced.

Expenses are rising, rents collected are falling, moratoriums get extended, and new regulations are making property management a tougher job.

Landlords and property management companies have certainly begun adjusting to a tighter balance sheet.  Higher vacancy rates, more competitive vacancy advertising, greater tenant expectations, and spotty cash flow are pushing more to adopt digital technology solutions.

Evolving and Progressing Means Better ROI

Old school landlords and property managers can’t make the leap mentally to understand why property management software is the core of a modern, profitable property management enterprise.  It is, and ManageCasa is designed to support them.

ManageCasa offers the advantages of an expensive enterprise system in an economical, subscription-based solution.  The cost is minimal compared to the value it creates. It’s the bargain of the century.

Landlords Deserve Professional Level Software

Corporations with large staffs received plenty of bailout money, yet many small landlords may not have even collected PPP or EIDL grants or loans.  And now with growing rent collection issues, the accent is on using technology to encourage and optimize rent payment.

Rent payment and tenant retention are the two pressing matters forcing rental professionals to adopt software such as ManageCasa.

Small Business Needs Better Tools Designed Specifically for Them

To create a small business landlord edge, ManageCasa has developed a powerful customized platform — to maximize time and cost efficiencies for small to mid-sized landlords.   And small property management firms too find this is ideally suited to managing a larger pool of landlord clients.

ManageCasa ramps up powerful, flexible and useful digital services while creating a comfortable user experience, combined with first-class customer service. We ensure the full spectrum of your platform use is pleasant and successful.

Giving Landlords a Boost

ManageCasa is a simplified landlord software with specific tools to help private landlords solve specific frequent and business-critical challenges.

ManageCasa helps to reign in persistent, recurring maintenance and repair issues, by recording the issue details, action taken, estimated cost, related expenses and ensuring communications are efficient and error-free.

  1. Respect for Landlords: When tenants and contractors see the landlord has the gumption to get organized, go digital, and have a reliable record of everything that has taken place in the rental unit, they are more confident that the landlord takes their concerns seriously and is a pro.
  2. Quick, Handy Communication Channel:  Tenants can reach you quickly if necessary and send you important photos or documents needed. Communications is more focused and there is less phone tag and miscommunication. Your daily friction eases.
  3. Tenant Education and Information: ManageCasa’s tenant portal is handy for tenants who want to access their current lease, get answers to questions and see an update on a maintenance or repair issue. With tenants engaged with the platform, fewer phone calls and questions have to be answered by you the landlord. The savings in time does add up.
  4. Online Rent Payment:  When tenants can pay online via whatever payment methods they use, you’re spared the manual check processing time. Your time and your bookkeeper’s time is money. Streamlining rent payment actually makes on-time rent payment more assured, and late fee administration that’s quick and painless.
  5. Bookkeeping and Accounting:  Significant savings can be created when bookkeeping transactions and financial transactions are automated. Errors and omissions are reduced and time is freed up. And your accountant receives an accurate account of business activity which they’ll appreciate. You can see your individual rental property accounts in real-time. No guessing with up to date reports you can rely on.
  6. Marketing and Tenant Acquisition: Tenants are on the move this summer which means vacancies. ManageCasa provides a marketing website to give you an online identity and a focal point for communicating your services and suites available. This marketing portal is up to date and lets you show the suite well. Well qualified tenants will know whether they should contact you or not, and saves you time in fielding poorly qualified inquiries.
  7. Document Management: You have a lot of documents from receipts to bills to leases, and you need to find them quick and update them. ManageCasa’s file storage is cloud-based, secure, and always available.
  8. All in One Integration: Landlords want a simple, easy to learn, all encompassing solution to manage their work professionally. ManageCasa is an all in one solution our users like. From the pleasant user interface to the intuitive apps, everything is orchestrated together as one seamless property management experience.

If you’re a rental owner looking to help your property manager improve and scale their business, check out the extra advantages for you by using ManageCasa Property Management Software.


Check out ManageCasa’s features for property managers and HOA managers now.


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