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MangeCasa for Renters and Tenants

Your ManageCasa profile is a free, secure resume and place to upload and access important documents. For all features and benefits ManageCasa can offer you, take a look at the graphics below, and discover how ManageCasa can simplify your role as a tenant.


With you free profile, tenants and renters can write a short “about-me” section, sharing your occupation, age, and if you are searching for a rental, what sort of accommodation you are seeking. In addition, to speed up the rental application process, your ManageCasa is a place to update information any property manager or landlord would need to know. This may include rental history, references, employment information, and any credit reports, all in one place. Not to mention, you can even upload, store, and access important documents, signed leases, and check receipts.


Another exciting feature for tenants currently ManageCasa is that maintaining order and responsibility between or amongst roommates has gotten much easier. Never worry about who owes who what. ManageCasa will send reminders to housemates or roommates regarding check payments, reminders for tasks, or even utilities bills. ManageCasa makes it all much more transparent and clear. Try it out for yourself today, and let your landlord or property manager know as well, get everyone on board!

Questions? Contact ManageCasa through! We look forward to hearing from you!

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