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Best Software for Community Association Managers

Community associations are the up and coming segment of property management. The number of professionals on Linkedin who are involved in community association management has increased strongly in recent years.

One reason is a growth in housing, rental housing and developments. Municipalities however are downloading the cost of maintenance to developments and neighborhoods, thus HOAs and community associations must be set up to manage common areas. A new business sector is born.


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According to and the Foundation for Community Association Research, a quarter of the US population lives in a community association.

In 2019, there were 351,000 communities encompassing 27 million housing units. California has one seventh of US community associations (about 50,000). Associations employ over 100,000 individuals, and have 2.4 million board/committee members (CAI).

Community managers collect almost $100 billion in assessments, fees, and other revenues. While that may seem high, it’s only tapping into the full value of services associations deliver and could deliver with the right business tools.

Community Management Tasks

A community association’s software is the foundation for doing business.

Communications with your board and its members, document management, grounds maintenance, invoicing/ticketing, accounting, and fee collections likely are the most frequent tasks your software helps you perform.

It’s difficult to imagine operating an association efficiently without a system that is easy to learn, use, is reliable, offers accurate accounting, and gives you all the other functionality you must have.

Professional community association management is all about automation and efficiency and large association management teams use software like ManageCasa to manage professionally.. Simplifying tasks, creating great reports, and communicating well to board members and residents are just a few benefits of a good community association platform.

What is Community Association Software?

Community association software is a system designed to help execute all tasks defined by the community association board related to apartment, condo, houses, student housing, common areas of developments. The community software’s overarching purpose is to help community housing associations meet their goals of property value preservation, community quality of life, and compliance to board produced regulations.

Software automates community business processes, and opens up new capabilities for more revenues.

AMS Software Platform

ManageCasa Community Management Software

The list of POA, COA or HOA responsibilities is extensive, and each must be administered and reported on which makes software essential.

There are property management companies as well who are venturing into the community association management space. For that reason, they cannot use a specialized COA only software, but will want to integrate your community association into their overall business and admin work.

Who Benefits from Community Association Management Software:

Community Managers: get integrated tools to help with member communication, accounting tasks, work orders, and compliance verification

Board Members: create transparency and get control of documents and maintenance histories.

Community Members: reach, notify, and engage with HOA board members and property managers, pay dues, and communicate with community members. You can update your contact info and profile and stay up on meeting dates and times.

Property Managers: handle association communications, events and assets just like they were normal property management activities, only you have specialized association management tools to be professional.

13 Key Management Tasks via Your Software

  1. association dues and fee collection – payment services
  2. making bill payments
  3. accounting and finance – track all received and expected revenue
  4. monthly expense reporting
  5. balance sheet reports
  6. annual budget, accounting and tax reports
  7. recording and managing repair, maintenance tickets
  8. real-time financial reporting and management and analytics – collect data and analyze metrics related to revenues, event attendance, new members acquired
  9. event calendar and management
  10. providing member portal to allow you deliver online service
  11. user-friendly portal to build member engagement and deliver helpful, responsive communication channel between tenant and board members
  12. track and resolve property/tenant violations
  13. manage your association’s website

Get Them All Done Professionally with ManageCasa

Lake Lorelei Association

If your community association is headed for growth then ManageCasa will let you scale infinitely and easily.  And ManageCasa can claim what other software can’t — it’s a full platform for property management and association management together.  It’s easy to learn and use.

With ManageCasa, AMS managers and board members get fast, real-time information in a helpful, easy to understand format, to solve the specific issues you need to resolve.

Learn more about how our clients use the community association management software features in ManageCasa.



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