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How ManageCasa Can Help Your Community Association

Best Software for Homeowner or Community Association Managers

What’s the best HOA management software for your community association? It might actually be the simplest solution.

Whether your HOA is big or small, a software designed for simplifying property and community management is a must-have asset. Your board and association members may even insist on it. Let’s find out what it is and what it could do for you.

More Associations and Larger Ones

69 million Americans—21.3 percent of the U.S. population in 2016—lived in common-interest communities, including homeowners associations, condominium communities and cooperatives. Homeowners associations account for 51 to 55 percent of the 342,000 associations, with condominiums representing 42 to 45 percent and cooperatives 3 to 4 percent. — quote from

You may or may not know where your community association is headed. Most HOAs grow because they’re actually constructing additions to their communities.

More doors makes admin more complicated. It’s nice to have a scalable, effective software solution to help you meet those challenges.

What is HOA Software?

HOA software today, is a cloud-based property management software package designed to help community association property managers to manage apartment, condo, house,  student housing, and even commercial properties and tenants.

The HOA software’s overarching purpose is to help homeowner/community housing associations meet their goals of property value preservation,  community quality of life, and compliance to HOA regulations.

A cloud based, online platform creates a community for property managers, board members, tenants and property owners a community to protect their property values.

Software For You and Them

Is your Condo Association Growing?

Whether you’re managing a condo association in South Florida, or an affordable housing association in California, or a homeowners association in Texas, you need an inexpensive, software solution that focuses on your key tasks and responsibilities.

And often your work is accomplished through others and governed by them.

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Are Your Needs Unique from Landlords and Property Managers?

Yes, your needs as an HOA manager are unique from landlord and property managers. And what board members, tenants, owners, state and local regulators, and contractors needs are unique too. Your software will help you serve all.

The best HOA software aims to fulfill each of these groups equally well. The real focus is to help you as a professional-level community manager simplify your workload and make it easy to communicate, verify actions and solve issues. Other software may be too limited and might act more or less as bookkeeping or accounting software.

Big Benefits for All:

Community Managers: get integrated tools to help with member communication, accounting tasks, work orders, and compliance verification

Board Members: create transparency and get control of HOA documents and maintenance histories.

Community Members: reach, notify, and engage with HOA board members and property managers, pay dues, and communicate with community members. You can update your contact info and profile and stay up on meeting dates and times.

Modern HOA Management

For modern HOA managers, simplicity, efficiency, and control are vital. It’s not the size of the software, it’s whether it actually does solve your HOA challenges. It’s about getting HOA work done in contrast to just recording events.

If you’re using email, installed accounting software, processing paper filing, and manually following up on tickets, and burning up valuable time making old fashioned phone calls to get your association work done, you’ll enjoy having one software portal to get them all done simultaneously.

HOA software makes it easy to make entries, contact tenants, communicate requirements and ensure compliance, and create meaningful, up to date reports.

9 Things You Need to Do Most

  1. HOA fee collection
  2. bill payments
  3. monthly Income and Expenses
  4. balance sheet reports
  5. annual budget, accounting and tax reports
  6. recording and managing repair, maintenance tickets
  7. real-time financial reporting and management
  8. user-friendly portal to build helpful, responsive communication channel between tenant and board members
  9. track and resolve property/tenant violations

Get Them All Done Professionally with ManageCasa

If your HOA is newly created with some plans to grow, ManageCasa lets you learn fast, get organized, get control, and scale with your growing number of properties.

ManageCasa can claim what other software can’t — it really is easy to learn and use and works with other software you’re using. It doesn’t try to take control of your business for the sake of maximizing revenue. This is a point to remember when investigating corporate enterprise solutions.

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With ManageCasa, HOA managers and board members get fast, real-time information in a helpful, easy to understand format, to solve the specific issues you need to resolve.

Board members appreciate having quick, accurate, real-time reporting of property management activities, balance sheets, and maintenance tickets. Having accurate, actionable reports with the right kind of visualization helps HOA managers spot problems and trends, keep on top of compliance, and build trust with owners and investors.

Good luck finding the best HOA software. If you have questions, please contact us for more info.


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