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Property Management Maintenance Program

August 26, 2019

Management Success Paired with a Thoughtful Maintenance Program

In the previous article, we recommended that property managers use a sample checklist to track progress and outcomes for property performances in different aspects. 

Property maintenance is one of the most regular and important services to tenants. Thus, property managers should establish a maintenance program to create a safe, clean, and functional home for tenants, and administering it via a property management software.

Professional maintenance will enhance the value of the property in the long-term, and minimize operating and capital replacement costs.

Set Performance Goals

By implementing maintenance policies and procedures, it is important for property manager to set the following performance goals:

  • 95% of all routine janitorial tasks are performed as scheduled.
  • Routine maintenance items are to be addressed within 48-72 hours of the time they are reported.
  • Urgent maintenance items are to be addressed within 24 hours of the time they are reported.
  • All maintenance performed should be documented on work orders.
  • Graffiti shall be abated within 24 hours of the time it is reported.
  • Unit turnaround time:  5 working days for units without extensive damages; maximum 2 weeks for units with extensive damages.
  • 90% of preventive maintenance inspections and servicing are completed according to the schedule described in the preventive maintenance plan. 
  • Litter shall be picked up timely to maintain a curb appeal of the property.

Maintenance work orders are essential because they document what maintenance work is needed and performed by contractors, where it has been performed, and the cost to perform the repair works. In addition, work orders should be written for all types of maintenances.

There are generally three major types of work order:

Emergency:  issue creates an immediate threat to life or health and safety; Some examples are water intrusion, utility outage, gas leak, no hot water or heating, elevator out of service if building has only one elevator, broken front entrance door at the building. Recommended response time to address the health and safety issues should be within 1 to 2 hours.

Urgent:  issue that should be corrected promptly. Some examples are broken windows, inoperable smoke detectors, light outs in common areas, non-functioning appliances, broken bathroom fixtures, one of two existing elevators is out of service. Recommended response time to address the potential hazard should be within 1-2 days. Inoperable smoke detectors should be repaired or replaced within 24 hours.

Routine: issue that neither Emergency nor Urgent as defined above. Some examples are dripping faucets, broken window coverings, flooring repair. Recommended response time should be within 2 -3 days.

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