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Love Your Property Management Software

You Should Love your Property Management Software

Landlords, property managers, and staff like yourself put a lot of time/effort and even emotion into the workday.

And when technology platforms make work tedious, complex, with difficult learning curves, it’s a drag on everyone.


Property management staff should enjoy their daily work. Getting more done with less time/expense and producing a better service can make you feel good too. Why is it that UX/UI comfort and satisfaction aren’t prioritized in pricey property management software purchases?

Are Poor Tools Getting you Down?

Work studies may focus on fun, engaging camaraderie among staff as the key to work enjoyment.  Their assumption that complex, hard to comprehend, clinical software is beyond performance evaluations, is something we all need to reconsider. The real water test is your staff.

Have you asked your team whether they like the software you have chosen?  Or is it a case of “too late anyway, we’re stuck with it?

HR studies make the mistake of isolating on visible staff engagement, with not enough focus on the Property Management Software technology they’re using and how they feel about what they’re using.


According to a Zednet report, almost three-quarters (72%) of people who have low-stress levels at work say they have access to technology to work productively, while 64% believe that automation helps reduce workload and stress.  So the right technology is good.


What Actually Creates a Fun Work Day?

Another study from HBR, found that employees ranked their company as great when they had fun at work.

But why was it fun?

  • problems were solved and tenants expressed satisfaction and gratitude (positive feedback)
  • managers expressed confidence and satisfaction (expectations met)
  • staff felt they were responsible for work accomplished (self-esteem)
  • problem-solving was easier and more effective (efficiency)
  • staff felt more focused, confident and calm (confidence)
  • less manual tasks and micromanagement (tedium)
  • issues were more understandable (less wasted time via vagueness)
  • less worry about what tomorrow will bring (relaxation)
  • the software system was a focal point for team competence (focus)
  • expectations that better pay and days were ahead (optimism)

From Manual to Set it and Forget It

washboard manual clothes washing

50 years ago, people washed clothing by hand or via wringer-washing machine. No one looked forward to doing laundry, yet now it’s as easy as pushing clothes in the washer with some soap, and it’s done. The settings are all automatic. Set it and forget it.

A lot of property managers and landlords like set it and forget it and it’s not out of laziness. It’s about a lack of grief and friction and instead, good times management.  Chaotic workdays, frustration, friction, delays, errors, and out-of-date legacy apps that won’t cooperate make work seem like a grind.

Use Tools Designed for Today’s Management Performance Needs

Today, there’s only one way to lower staff stress, raise productivity and staff pay, manage tenants’ experience, and make your business purr like a kitten — a next-generation property management software.

This cloud-based, mobile-friendly technology has emerged as the essential foundational platform, enabling property managers, landlords, and community association managers to streamline operations and services, cut costs, focus on what matters most to grow ROI, and ensure tenants stay leased and pay higher rent prices. Welcome to the modern user experience.

ManageCasa’s latest UX/UI Design Features

Exploring Bliss with ManageCasa

Let’s explore how to make your work easier while building success for your property management business.

We’ll use the latest version of ManageCasa™, an all-in-one property management software as the most fitting example of evolutionary software to help property managers enjoy their work and reach their business goals.

We just released a major upgrade that makes it state of the art, with a fresh new customizable dashboard. You’ll really like it.

By the way, you can trial ManageCasa™ for FREE for 14 days. It’s a wonderful way to experience the future of property management!

ManageCasa - Fee 14 Day Trial

ManageCasa – Fee 14 Day Trial

Let’s dive in now with a look at the key features, benefits, and why the Next Generation is so relevant in today’s property management landscape.

Consider these extensive support capabilities for your staff and key business services:

 1. Feature-Rich All in One Property Management System

ManageCasa encompasses a wide range of features tailored to the needs of property managers, landlords, and community association managers. These include vacancy management, lease management, association task management, maintenance ticket management, tenant communication, online rent payment processing, and customizable reports.

This persistently updated platform offers a centralized system of record (user-friendly dashboard interface that makes you feel like the captain of your ship) which supports various property types, including single-family homes, multifamily properties, commercial properties, storage facilities, marinas, and mixed-use properties.

 2. Leveraging Technology for Efficiency:

ManageCasa harnesses the power of software as a service technology to streamline property management operations. Saas is versatile, powerful, affordable and allows you to grow your portfolio without raising your overhead.

A SaaS platform provides a mobile and user-friendly interface that translates seamlessly across devices, ensuring that property managers, residents, and property owners can access information and communicate effortlessly. With mobile accessibility and cloud-based storage, property managers can manage their portfolios and property management tasks from anywhere, while teams can collaborate efficiently, saving time and effort.

 3. Streamlined Accounting Processes:

ManageCasa simplifies accounting for property managers by providing robust financial management tools. The platform offers comprehensive features for capturing and tracking transactions, creating budgets, generating financial reports, and monitoring income and expenses. With real-time insights and accurate data, property managers can make informed financial decisions and maintain a clear overview of their portfolios.

 4. Efficient Maintenance Management:

Maintenance is a critical aspect of property management, and ManageCasa excels in this area. The platform enables property managers to handle maintenance requests, schedule recurring maintenance tasks, collaborate with vendors, along with tracking work orders seamlessly. Streamlining maintenance processes ensures perform timely repairs, to avoid breakdowns and emergencies, build property asset value, and enhance resident satisfaction.

 5. Dedicated Support and Training:

ManageCasa is committed to providing excellent support and training to its customers. The platform offers onboarding assistance, for migrating data, and introduces the software platform (training available) thus ensuring a smooth transition to the software platform. Additionally, ManageCasa’s customer success team is available to address inquiries, provide ongoing support, and offer strategic advice to help property management companies maximize this platform’s capabilities.

Furthermore, ManageCasa provides self-help resources, including online help articles via the online client support and communication portal. Self-help is what customers want today.

 6. Seamless Payment Processing:

ManageCasa simplifies rent collection and payment processing through its integrated payment solutions solution. Property managers can automate rent collection, accept payments through various methods (credit cards, debit cards, ACH, cash, and checks), and send automated payment reminders to tenants. The platform’s comprehensive accounts receivable and accounts payable features enable property managers to handle vendor payments efficiently, eliminating the need for error-prone manual processes and reducing administrative burdens.

 7. Streamlined Administration and Document Management:

ManageCasa offers comprehensive administrative tools to streamline processes and ensure smooth operations. Property managers can store and manage property documents, create folders for easy organization, share documents with stakeholders, and access important files from anywhere. The platform also facilitates communication with property owners through its owner portal, enabling easy collaboration and sharing of reports and documents.

 8. Serving Diverse Customers and Markets:

ManageCasa caters to a wide range of customers in the property management industry. It serves landlords, property managers, self-managed HOA/COAs, and community association managers of all sizes, offering tailored solutions for their specific needs. Whether managing single-family homes, multifamily properties, commercial properties, storage facilities, marinas, or mixed-use properties, ManageCasa provides the tools and features necessary to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.


Generating Full Value for Mid-market and Enterprise Level Companies.

ManageCasa’s large-scale customers enjoy unlocking their team’s full potential using smart automation features, a state-of-the-art accounting and automated payments system, and an intuitive user dashboard.

Maintenance work has less friction with our ticketing and communication service, payment processing times are reduced, accept rental applications online, import tenant screening reports, applying lease-based accounting and alerts, set up and manage your marketing website quickly and easily, and use our syndicated vacancy listing system to maximize your visibility to the best potential rental audience.

Cutting the Friction, Rework, and Redundant Time Wasting Activity

Great software empowers staff productivity, creates efficiency and integration which lowers costs, improves profitability, and builds a company that gets work completed. It provides the experience owners and tenants demand today.

And then at the end of the day, small or large property management companies see their businesses stay profitable and growing despite market challenges. Growth, profitability, less work, and greater confidence in your management powers. That makes our customers feel good and you’re about to go on that same journey.

Committing to a Better Work Day

Customers love using ManageCasa™ because of the customer-first design which makes work easier and more enjoyable for everyone, wherever they happen to be. Remote teams especially enjoy the collaborative and communications features.

Switching to ManageCasa property management software will make your owners, staff, accountant, contractors and tenants feel good. And good feelings are your success barometer.

Our most recent software update confirms our commitment to building a market leading product free from the bugs, limitations and failings of most property management solutions still in use today.


Launch a 14 day trial of ManageCasa now
to experience the power of a next-generation property management system.



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