How Local Contractors Can Stay Competitive Against Large Chains

At ManageCasa, we understand that it’s tough to be local handyman or contractor, especially competing against large chains. However, people are more attentive to supporting local businesses, this is an opportune time for local contractors to grow your business. ManageCasa shares a few tips with you on how you can boost your business as a local contractor who may be competing with big chain names.


  • Find Your Niche.
    • Scope out the current local market and understand the competitors you face, both big and small. Analyzing the current local market offerings can help you differentiate your services and products. You can be more generalized or specialized, price on the high-end or for the budget conscious, use recognized products or use products for environmentally conscious customers, all as examples.


  • Service
    • Service is an area where small boutique businesses and shops generally have an edge over national chains. However, the big chains have caught on, in turn, began focusing more on their service component as well. One service that your local store can compete on is smooth, personalized services. Greet your customers, especially return customers by name, know when they need their next servicing, and provide more flexibility on availability and scheduling.


  • Consider a customer rewards / referral program
    • Loyalty programs are a great way to retain new customers or entice initially skeptical customers. It could be as simple as a 20% discount on their next servicing for every referral, or a certain amount off their every 5th visit. Just make sure your customer acquisition cost is not digging into your profits!



  • Get Tech-Savvy
    • Make sure to get a website up and running, with information on your services, contact information, and potentially even scheduling features. One thing people like to see are before and after photos of the work that you have done, or personal reviews from satisfied customers. Make sure to keep the page up to date by posting new photos or even blogs often to let your customers know your business is thriving, and that you can easily contactable!



  • And last not least, don’t forget about some old-fashioned advertising! Post papers, ads on bulletins, through your local newspapers or supermarket pages!

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