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Feeling Good About Property Management

To meet an ever-growing set of demands, property managers are looking to tech and automation to help them streamline and grow profitability. They’re wise, technology does make a big difference.

Simplicity and focus are key parts of this. And PM’s and landlords want to enjoy their work, get more key work done, and know that their books are accurate and reliable.

Simple, Enjoyable Software

Property managers have been looking for miracle solutions for years, and are not too happy with the solutions and platforms they’ve found.  The number one reason they dropped them, is the solution didn’t work for them. They didn’t like it. Yet, likable, usable software solutions do exist.

Like a Virtual Assistant – ManageCasa Welcomes you and Helps you Get things done

Big, Clunky, Demanding on Staff

Big heavy industrial solutions force property managers to rewrite their business. The software didn’t work in a modular way with small to mid-sized property management businesses and wouldn’t grow progressively and responsively with their company. It’s not just a one-time issue, it’s persistent and creates turbulence. Churn is high and they’re onto the next.

Very few property managers have the time to overhaul their operations to try out a software that includes bells and whistle but doesn’t feel good. More is often not better. Staff get stressed out. That tears you away from focused, efficient management from top to bottom.

What property managers do want is a software solution that works for them – simplified and customizable. The solution has to be focused on their business, not on a software company’s need for market domination.

ManageCasa is Built for Our Customers

PM’s are interested in delivering excellence in automation services to our clientele which includes tenants, landlords, contractors and owners. When you can serve all at the same time, it makes work much more fun.

Good software is worth its weight in gold. And your solution doesn’t need to be big and clunky, over-reaching its core powers. Better to do what do you well, than create more worries.


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A good number of property managers are still testing property management solutions and platforms. We hope you will take a serious look at ManageCasa and the 20 specific things you are likely looking for:

  1. saves your time and makes work easy for staff
  2. manage your business from one dashboard
  3. easy to learn and lets you have fun to enjoy your workday
  4. optimize and simplify your accounting
  5. powerful reporting tools lets you understand and communicate better
  6. easy, accurate payment disbursement
  7. online tenant payment is what they want
  8. optimized real time communications with tenants and landlords
  9. portal dashboard for real time collaboration with owners
  10. reliability, real time data and performance updates
  11. centralized, secure and available documents
  12. pre-configured and customized report templates
  13. fast access to rent rolls, balance sheets, expenses, transactions
  14. efficient, responsive maintenance ticket management and resolution
  15. lease management online
  16. automate tasks and automatically set basic accounting information for an account when lease terms are uploaded
  17. powerful search feature to help you find what you must have
  18. professional tech support for your data migration
  19. customized training and real time support
  20. low monthly pricing

There’s no cost to try and test ManageCasa. It’s a solution you’ll like using.


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