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November 27, 2019

How to Manage Tenant Leases Easily

Tenant leases are at the core of the relationship between the property manager and the tenant. The lease defines the terms of a lease and generates automated accounting transactions.

Leases are often created in a non standard fashion, and often landlords simply copy a lease they found on the web and alter it for their use. This paper-based, willy nilly approach makes managing the lease more confusing and time consuming.

The digital lease brings conformity, control and automation to the leasing process. That makes lease management much easier. If you consider all the ways leases stress you out, you might appreciate a lease management solution such as ManageCasa.

One Accessible and Centralized Lease

One centralized rental lease can help you get focused, reduce errors, and get things right for your tenants.

From fees, prorated rent, prorated utilities, to tenant concessions, to lease type, to additional tenants in the unit, and parking to auto-depositing, legally handling security deposits, the tenant lease determines how these elements will be carried out.  The lease is editable in real time for the property manager or landlord.

With online lease management, changes to your tenant leases automatically update all relevant accounts and contacts.

How Lease Management is Improved

Your tenant lease terms integrate with your accounting on ManageCasa to automatically generate rent invoices sent to your tenant. This allows you to reconcile rent income more easily. By digitizing lease terms, financial items and info, you can automate your lease management and make your accounting and reporting accurate. Landlords love accurate reports.

How Does ManageCasa Help you Manage your Leases?

Landlords wonder if a property management solution actually does helps with real lease documents and updates. It can, and it makes the leases accessible to tenants for reviewing and signing, thus increasing the likelihood they will renew the lease.

The updated lease app allows landlords and property managers to:

  • Differentiate between tenants and property occupants
  • Add one or more tenants to a lease
  • Specify rent amount due and payment schedule
  • Define grace period and late payment fees
  • Include prorated rent amounts
  • Concede rent for a specific period
  • Add additional rental fees such as parking fees, pet fees, etc
  • Generate automated payments
  • Save a lease in progress and securely, for editing later

You’ll enjoy the overview and lease detail view in your dashboard, which offers you a lease transactions ledger. You can view a line-item breakdown of every transaction related to a specific lease agreement, including the security deposit, rent paid, and any fees assessed throughout the year.

For ease of lease management, you can update the actual lease, add the specific items and changes, and distribute final copies for the tenant’s signature.

Centralizing your lease management is the fastest, stress free way to get your lease work out of the way, so you can get to those tasks that help you build your business.

Looking for a Hawaii property management company, Arizona property management company, or California property management company?  Find the best with the right services, credentials and trustworthiness.  And ensure they’re using ManageCasa property management software.


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