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September 22, 2022

A Better Landlord Software

Simplicity, critical services, versatility, and of course SaaS and cloud powered speed and security might be in the perfect landlord software for you.

If you’re not comfortable with large enterprise scale solutions, you’re not alone. Any solution designed for giant property management companies would not be focused on landlords with 5 to 500 properties. They have no time for you.

Instead, a property management software for small landlords offers the focus and specific services you need to get work done quickly.  And automation in accounting and payments means you won’t be annoyed with errors or having to work so hard to collect rent.  Solving tasks with automation simplifies your business.


Check Out ManageCasa for Landlords Right Now


A Focus on 5 Core Services:

  1. online payments
  2. dedicated accounting management and easy bank reconciliation
  3. automated maintenance service tickets
  4. mobile friendly landlord and tenant portals
  5. advanced, dedicated communications systems

ManageCasa core 5 services respond exactly to your real workload and time wasting activities. Time is money, and automating tasks is always the best way.

What Renters Want

Yes, today’s renters love their digital devices and keeping tasks to a minimum. They want everything quick, handy, manageable and immediate via their smartphones. Sounds intimidating, yet modern landlord software is ready for that challenge.

And for you as well, new cloud-based applications focus on the core functional landlord services  — accounting, maintenance, payments, finance, and tenant communications, with additional apps.

Software as a Foundation for Your Rental Property Business

Today’s landlord software is a foundation for your business. Briefly, you’ll enjoy these 10 improvements:

  1. marketing and advertising, and increasing quality, new tenant leads
  2. desired tenant services for better tenant retention and lower churn
  3. online, automated payment system for tenants
  4. automated maintenance ticket and work scheduling management
  5. financial management, accounting and reporting
  6. view and manage all ledgers and statements
  7. convenient, real time financial insights
  8. automated invoicing and owner contribution & distribution
  9. secure lease, renter application and other document management
  10. custom operations and financial reports


Property Management Software Screen

Affordable Landlord Software — Start a FREE Trial Today!

What’s Most Relevant in your New Software?

  1. to manage properties virtually
  2. use dedicated client accounting and bookkeeping
  3. easily conduct bank and rent payment integration
  4. accept online rent payment
  5. easy online tenant screening
  6. accurate property income and expense tracking
  7. online tenant portal and communications channel
  8. powerful reporting features — generate ledgers, reports, and track expenses
  9. easy to learn and use software that’s reliable and has good technical support


ManageCasa is a Professional Quality Landlord Software that makes being a landlord fun and easy.

Landlords Own More Units than 10 years Ago

One reason professional quality landlord software is mandatory now is because landlords/investors own more properties. To manage the added transactions, client interaction, and keep records and the books straight, you need the best landlord software and to automate some of their work.

Earnings and growing equity are top of mind to you and to us as well. ManageCasa landlord software helps you cut costs, streamline workflow, optimize cash flow, and maintain control of expenses. ManageCasa makes you commander and chief of your property management business. We’re certain you’ll like it.

Benefits of SMB Landlord Software

As a Landlord you have many needs and challenges.  Focus on the core landlord tasks, and acquire the benefits that enterprise level applications can’t deliver.  Streamline your business and reduce costly errors/rework.

ManageCasa focuses on these core features and benefits:

  • maintenance and repair ticketing
  • accounting and financial management
  • tenant online payment service
  • 24 x 7 reliable access with real time reporting
  • good tenant communication
  • reliable and knowledgeable tech support for software
  • trouble free IT and software

85 % of ManageCasa customers who previously used another tool have seen a noticeable reduction in accounting errors since adopting ManageCasa

Landlord Property Management Case Studies

See the case study story of Jeremy Boyle, a property investor who like many, become accidental landlords:

ManageCasa’s vision allows me to record my financial transaction records, stay engaged with my tenants and optimize maintenance management. It really stands out above anyone else!”  – Jeremy Boyle, Landlord

You can do your own comparison of property management software (landlord software) and you’ll discover some apps and platforms go further to help SMB landlords. Big bulky solutions can make your work more stressful and are not compatible for small business landlord needs.


Your search for landlord software is likely complete. Consider how affordable our solution is. Ask about a free trial. ManageCasa is landlord software designed for SMB property management professionals.

Try ManageCasa and discover how a cloud based landlord software creates solid business value.


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