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United Landlord Action Needed?

May 26, 2020

Landlords Getting Connected and Fighting for Rights

We hope you’re managing well during the pandemic and able to keep cash flowing and avoid the perils that many landlords will face this year.

Sometimes handling challenges by yourself is ineffective. But if you join with other landlords, you can better learn your landlord rights and be better educated. This can save you time and money, and perhaps fight off a tide of extreme tenant actions that could threaten your business viability.

Tenants Hold All the Rights

If you’ve read the latest property management news, you know how some landlords feel left out and taken advantage of during the pandemic. Tenants circumstances are the obsession of the media and government and it’s forcing those like yourself to foot the bills of the pandemic.

But landlords are fighting back.

We think landlord and property manager rights are important too, and we’re wondering if you should be more active in protecting them. Is there much you can do?

There are new movements and bills to extend rent moratoriums, sue landlords who evict, strengthen tenants rights to delay paying rent or avoid eviction, break or renegotiate leases, and even “Cancel Rent.” So the situation for landlord businesses could deteriorate.

Know Your Rights

It might be wise to review your rights as a landlord and begin to push back for the sake of all landlords. We have some organizations listed to connect with below. Bankrupt landlords is a looming threat that few politicians are not concerned with. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. The situation is slowly progressing to serious for more landlords who need to get noisy.

You can get reacquainted with landlord rights and make new connections below.

For small business landlords, the rental market is tough this year. And landlords are reporting more frustration with the Corona Virus rent moratorium, property taxes due, and reduced cash flow. It’s tough to stay focused since these issues accumulate as businesses are reopening.  The return of the economy won’t happen quick and there will be plenty of challenges to deal with.

Collecting rent, managing mounting maintenance requests, paying bills, and a host of other demands is making mom and pop landlords feel tired and uncertain. It’s unfair to many hardworking rental property owners who in some cases, aren’t allowed to rent their property.

Need to Turn the Situation Around for Landlords

The media’s sentiment is clearly biased to tenants suggesting all landlords are very wealthy and can easily “take a hit.”

It’s a tough no-win situation” said Brit Vitalius, the President of The Southern Maine Landlord Association. He says he’s been hearing from a lot of landlords who are concerned and frustrated. “My answer is welcome to the party, everybody is unhappy right now, everyone has to take up some of the hit — landlords included.” — from report.

11 Reasons Why Landlords Are Frustrated

  1. your own business expectations are not met
  2. you fear greater losses and worries
  3. laws prevent you from collecting rent and preventing big future losses
  4. government bail out funds are not enough to help tenants or your business
  5. the Corona Virus situation seems like it has no end
  6. collecting even small portions of rent requires too much effort
  7. not enough cash for staff or maintenance contractors
  8. doing landlord things you’re not good at
  9. communication is poor and tenants are tough to reach meaningfully
  10. tenants not being good tenants and wasting your time
  11. no sympathy or help for your situation from governments

Improving Your Rights as a Business Owner

Rather than hunting around for tips, apps, tools, and help files and forum postings, there might be a better way to get active to improve the situation so it’s more fair. Get focused on a solution that can help.

Getting Active Politically

The bias against landlords is a political one. With action and a voice, you can move the fairness needle back to the middle, and pave a path to breakeven. Breakeven is a big win right now given new legislation aims to delay rent payments again.

Landlord Associations and Groups

Check out and get connected with 4000 landlords on the Landlord Connections Facebook group.
Connect with a number of Landlord Associations in California.
Texas landlord association Facebook group gets Texas landlords empowered.
Small Property Owners association of New York might help.
The Illinois Rental Property Owners Association represents landlords rights and concerns.
Find out more about your rights as a landlord.

Contact Your Governor and Mayor

You might contact your banker, governor, mayor, chamber of commerce president, and other political representatives, and share your concerns about fair treatment. Landlords are important cogs in the economic engine and no one benefits when properties fall into a state of disrepair.

Get active to avoid evictions. The financial and legal consequences with court action is not a good place. If you can lower the likelihood, then you’ll save money and time.

Cutting Workloads with Property Software

And if you have an effective landlord software, you’ll be managing tenants and properties in a way that prevents an overload of tasks and micromanagement. The reason online property management platforms such as ManageCasa are the go to tools now, is because they organize work in a way that prevents issues from ever happening. It’s the best to calm work clutter.

The best software tool for property management is ManageCasa. It’s an all in one online landlord solution that helps you streamline every aspect of your property and tenant management.

For instance, announcing to your tenants that you’re implementing a new landlord software can help you automate rent payments and improve cash flow. Immersing your tenants into it encourages them to take rent payment more serious, and also reminds them subtly of their lease responsibilities.

Big Solutions can Mean Bigger Headaches

While gargantuan property management software might sound like it has the power to solve all property management problems, its complexity actually creates a new set of challenges and costs.

Good landlord tools are simplified and get things done right the first time. ManageCasa as an example, automates and simplifies your bookkeeping and accounting, lease management, and rent payment. The tenant portal helps tenants solve their problems and be educated, so they reduce their calls to you. It also helps them be better tenants.

And what ManageCasa doesn’t do, you can easily find online to help you manage better. That’s what it’s all about — helping you manage like a pro.

Check out ManageCasa now.


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