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Capture Landlord Owner Leads

January 10, 2023

Need New Landlord Clients?

Discovery online. Isn’t it amazing when we get found and create a new customer?

And landlords and property investors use the web much like you do. They search and they surf. And sometimes they find your website.

They might find your business directly by typing in “property management companies” or “property maintenance services Atlanta“, “HOA management Tampa” or another obvious query.  Or they might also find you by accident, by clicking links on web pages, or on social media pages, checking the news, or searching on Google on a related issue such as taxes, zoning laws, tenant eviction laws, HVAC repair, rental remodeling ideas etc.

One thing for sure, the lifetime value of one landlord client makes any online marketing and prospecting you do, well worthwhile.

But how should you maximize this flow of leads online?

Here’s a 7 Step process to build your lead machine:

  1. understand your UVP and what they will be presented with on your website (the type and quality of landlords you attract is in your hands)
  2. prepare your landing and lead conversion pages so you can nurture the lead conversion (their visit to your site is an experience and you can gently move them forward to contact as they resolve their questions)
  3. create an email marketing program (mailchimp, property management platform)
  4. create relevant content to showcase your UVP (case studies, landlord recommendations, service sheets, photos, skills/expertise, certifications, staff, history, business philosophy, unit videos)
  5. create your call to action (phone number, contact form, free quote, download pdf)
  6. open advertising account (find best keywords and target audience, write ads, adjust bid prices, launch test campaign)
  7. install lead analytics (learn where leads are coming from and which content generated the lead)

When they See You, they’ve Discovered your Company

It may not really matter where they find you, or what they were doing.  Anytime they find your brand name or website they’re now aware of your existence. You have a chance to get your UVP across and create a new customer.

And here’s a point to consider — that they either want your UVP (services) or they don’t. If you didn’t get the lead, it means you didn’t become the most significant provider — your brand or your content failed.

An impression is an impression whether it cost you $100 per click or 25 cents a click.  So don’t blow your budget on high priced ads just yet.  Instead, manage your marketing budget smartly, by using an organic marketing strategy, improving your unique value proposition (which is your brand) and prove your property services pre-eminence.

If they like your brand, services, people, etc., eventually you’re going to get a call.


One visit is all it takes to create a customer


There are landlord forums and lead generator services available to use too. However, every generation source will lead to the prospect visiting your website.  A poor website will mean only the lowest qualified leads will filter through.  Your website, UVP and content must be optimal to generate that lead.

Websites are a Powerful Connector

Today, almost every professional pre-researches before buying. They search on Google. Landlords in a pinch especially, do a rush search to get help from maintenance companies, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, renovators, electricians, appliance repair services, or property management companies.

That’s plenty of opportunity to reach them.  And remember, they only have to find you once!

If your website is visible you can convert these easy “low hanging fruit” prospects quick. If your site isn’t visible, and your content is poor quality, it’s hard for you to feel confident of your ability to create new business.

GoodLife Property Management

GoodLife Property Management takes content and SEO seriously and they rank high in their market. Their UVP for small portfolio landlords and property investors is unmistakable on their homepage. They offer an owner portal, and tenants can pay online, They produce good content such as ebooks and are active on social media.

Screen Capture courtesy of Google and

Landlords Need to Define their Problem then Solve it!

Landlords are being asked to manage a larger, more diverse mix of properties, to a varied tenant base, using new technology and old. They’re desperate to streamline their workload, simplify their accounting, cut costs, and improve tenant management and revenue performance. They’re on the hunt for a management firm who can help partly or in whole.

They may understand their pain points perfectly, or not, when they land on your website or social media page. If you’re able to solve their immediate pain, that’s powerful. It gets you to the next phase where they check out your credibility, professionalism, prices, and expertise, then make the phone call.

From one seemingly unimportant topic on a rainy day, you might capture the best owner client of your career.

Reach Them Before your Competitors Do

The earlier you can reach landlords in their information search, the better chance you have to convince them of your value proposition. And you can help them define their problem in a way that makes you the best choice.

Even if they’re on the fence and unimpressed, you could still save the lead.

Google Is Awesome

Few lead sources deliver the volume and quality Google does. Users have loved Google for more than 24 years and they still do. There is considerable prestige in being visible via Google. They give you access to landlords in Boston, New York, Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and all other cities in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.

Being listed with IREM, NARPM membership, NAA, and local associations is wise. They offer accreditation and trust which can make landlords choose your firm.

Google Ads and Google My Business can generate a significant amount of leads.  Google my Business requires setting up an account and business listing. It’s essential that you list and write your listings optimally, and direct your landlords and tenants there to leave positive reviews.

Google Local Business Search Results: on the map

Google Search Still is a Top Generator of Leads

Here’s what they’ll see on Google’s search results page: Ads plus the local property management company listings. You really should be there.

Below the paid advertising and business listings are what’s called the organic listings. It’s down the page, yet they’re important.  The titles and descriptions you see are created by the respective PM companies listed.  Each of these companies have optimized their content to capture these top rankings.

Organic search results

The search result listings lead to your site — ideally to your service sheet, about us page, contact us page, or your best blog posts. Google likes blog posts because they’re authoritative, credible, informative, up to date, fresh and often shared on social media. If visitors like your blog posts and stay on the pages, Google notices that and will rank your blog posts higher for greater exposure going forward.

High quality content on your website is more likely to get shared on Facebook and Linkedin which are vital mediums to help you build reach, rankings and top of mind awareness.

Don’t try to compete with competitors, because it’ll wear you out. Instead, make the best impression in expertise, service quality, likability, credibility and trust.  Landlords buy your brand because it agrees with their values.

What Your Website Must Do:

  • communicate clearly how your sophisticated service mix is right for their specific needs
  • detail key services/skills to make you more relevant to their immediate need
  • provide the kind of guidance, education, and learning experience landlords want
  • build a picture of competence, credibility, trustworthiness, and reliability
  • build a promise of unparalleled value and performance
  • create a unmistakable, persistent top of mind presence in their daily work lives

Before You Start Your Web Marketing Efforts

  1. know landlord’s immediate pain points (plumbing, handyman, rent collection)
  2. understand what might be wrong with their current providers (reliability, fees, coverage)
  3. know what specific tasks they’re struggling with (efficient maintenance)
  4. understand how you’ll solve their problems (a clear, unique value proposition)

What You Need to Shine to Landlords

  • ensure your unique value proposition is clear and matches the specific needs of landlords
  • develop attractive, easy to read marketing pages that clearly explain your service mix
  • develop blog posts that detail important issues and show how you’re critical to solving them
  • setup a temporary Google Ads account for keyword research
  • ensure you take interesting and high quality photos of properties
  • if you have the funds, create a business YouTube video
  • open social media accounts and present your business/brand well on them

Videos don’t have to be big Hollywood productions. In this video below, a property manager creates credibility and trust along with explaining his value proposition in 3 easy steps.

Content Marketing

Marketing Pages

Marketing pages are the pages that introduce and detail your services. They’re critical to make your company relevant and to move them through the sales conversion process. That process will end with a phone call, text, or email.


Fresh, informative, interesting blog posts are the specific material landlords are interested in. Your blogs demonstrate how deep your understanding is and whether they should take you seriously. If your blogs are genuine and add value, and your data/opinions fit with their beliefs, they’ll consider you authoritative, trustworthy and credible.

Blog content is also written to be keyword and topic relevant, unique, persuasive, intent building, and to encourage sharing on social media. This process is not easy. Successful content is very sophisticated. If this isn’t your forte, you’ll need to find a special type of copywriter who understands Google’s page ranking indexing.

Social Media Pages

Social media can bring you closer to prospects. Linkedin creates valuable professional connections and lets you get your content in front of them. Facebook helps create a conversation lets you post timely news/topics that make you relevant. Social media creates more current, top of mind awareness.

Typical Content Ideas

Topics to cover include: the problems landlords face, their local markets and bylaws, tenant relations, modern practices, cutting costs, simplifying work, technology use, security, accounting issues, building operations, landscaping and construction trends, and anything you typically would do for them.

Your property management software can help you discover their most significant pain points and your sales staff know what landlords inquire about.

Don’t forget to cover feel good topics, especially on Facebook. People make decisions based on emotions so making them feel good and like what you represent is very important. They won’t call you if they don’t like you or your company based on what they read.  Bad reviews are particularly painful so you should try to respond to them or nullify them.

Your Content Conveys your UVP

To the landlords, you are your website content. Your content presents your UVP and that goes beyond text and stated promises.  Your topics, clients served, testimonials, staff, services, social media posts, website appearance, visuals, opinions and insights are considered the most reliable indication they have.

Web marketing and lead generation isn’t easy.  It’s a vast topic we can’t cover in one post.

However, take quality content seriously and make it available to landlords and you’ll get results. Having a great website that is useful, clear and convincing can help you establish a unique presence in landlord’s minds. Once they associate you with the solutions they need, you’ll get that call.

A Software Solution that Landlords Love

Property Management Software

ManageCasa Property Management Solution – From online payments to simplified accounting and tenant communications, it makes life easy for landlords

While you’re here, why take a test drive of ManageCasa the best property management solution for landlords, property investors and property management companies. You’ll understand why a simple, online, cloud-based property software solution is a convincing asset to landlords trying to manage their busy properties.

ManageCasa Property Management Solution


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