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Your Decision to Move to Modern Software

When Will You Let Go of Old Ways?

Why are so many landlords, association managers and property managers do so well while others see their financial performance weaken?

It’s almost certain that successful ones have adopted a fantastic digital management system that allows them to streamline all of their work, grow revenues, cut costs, keep their assets healthy, and stay within their static budgets. Those that are seeing business erode aren’t adopting a suite of property management tools and instead hanging onto tools such as Quickbooks, desktop software, and excel spreadsheets.

Letting go of outdated tools is the top priority for 2024.

It has to be said that choosing a modern, all in one property management platform driven by strong accounting capabilities gives good managers an advantage. The platform you’re currently using simply isn’t generating this key value add.

Don’t Just Get By — Thrive!

Successful firms do more than get by. They progress via decisions to employ software designed to power up all areas of their landlord business. It’s automation, convenience, and mastery of business information and transactions.

You should decide to subscribe right now to an industry-leading, customer friendly, built for property manager platform such as ManageCasa™. It’s almost certainly going to work for you because it’s been designed to bring immediate and lasting success as its purpose.

That’s why overthinking the matter isn’t necessary anymore — you’re ready for the decision.

Our engineers for instance, know where your bottlenecks, errors, time wasters, losses and incapacities are.  It’s driven the complete custom design of ManageCasa™ – resulting in an elite, comprehensive solution. You can have it all now.  And with a free trial, there’s no loss — you learn, you move forward and away from things that don’t work anymore.

Moments of Decision

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped — Tony Robbins

It’s like Anthony Robbins, the self-mastery guru says, we are identified by our moments of decisions.  You can make a decision right now, to let go of the past, and free your business to move forward in this new digital era. Robbin’s message is that we’re our own worst enemies and that procrastination stops good decision-making.

We believe ManageCasa™ is the best mid-market solution that is affordable, powerful and user-friendly. Your business will excel and become profitable because the ManageCasa™ system is designed to help make that a reality.

U.S. Landlord’s Numbers are Worsening

If your numbers are eroding of late, what specific trigger point will you be hitting where you have to take action? Is it only when you go into the red? How about after an emergency?

Will it be owners’ look of disappointment and the fact they might be taking action to bring work in-house or hire another property management company? Is it stressed-out staff who leave for another firm that is more modern, progressive and offers higher pay?

Is the 2024/2025 economy going to turn everything around? Or is it going to squeeze profit margins mercilessly?

Taking Moments of Decision

And if you’re a property management franchise owner who tires of the high fees and mediocre software, isn’t it time you choose to go independent? You’re not getting paid for the excellence and capability you’ve built up over years. Anthony Robbins would tell you to make a decision to change your life.

For many landlords, it could be death by a thousand cuts — turnover, taxes, labor costs, regulations, troubled tenants, falling rents, and maintenance expense inflation. And then, there is upcoming mortgage debt renegotiation that will put big pressure on for the next few years.

Are You Still Managing Old School Style?

The actual problem might be in how you manage. And today, that means managing less and letting systems inform you and help your team do work faster.

Many managers have committed to basic property management software yet are unwilling to move up the quality ladder to a comprehensive, integrated suite. And a suite, such as ManageCasa™ streamlines the major tasks and takes the sting out of all the minor tasks that create bottlenecks. And your next bottleneck isn’t really the problem. It’s why and how those bottlenecks keep occurring.

The reasons for failure are simple: regulations, taxes, labor costs and transactions are increasing, tenant indifference/friction and rent sensitivity are raising, and churn rates and turnover costs put the final nail in the coffin.

What Type of Work are you Falling Behind On?

  • Maintenance — improve insights and better predict maintenance needs to ensure trouble doesn’t appear. ManageCasa helps you keep on top of it with helpful maintenance ticket tracking, reports on warranty dates, service dates, work completed, and collaborative communications to keep work flowing.
  • Accounting  — automate accounting processes to cut redundant work, reduce manual errors, speed up payment, and keep your books in outstanding condition.
  • Tenant Services — a well-designed tenant portal for managing their leases, invoices, payments, and to speak with you directly.
  • Time Management — manage regulations, more units, more situations with renters, more maintenance, higher costs, and tenant communications with ease.
  • Rent Collection — avoid chasing and collecting rent manually and face constant delays and extra effort to get tenants to pay on time.
  • Micromanagement — avoid managing staff’s work and automate more to avoid tasks entirely.

If you’re constantly fretting about keeping to your budget, then you haven’t solved your management problems. Your system isn’t working, and it is time to subscribe to a new solution.

We know ManageCasa will be the right choice for your small to mid-market-sized property business.

At some point you must stop overthinking and just delve into the solution.

Call us now at: 415 800 1245 and leave poor management practices behind.


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