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Keyless Entry Systems for Property Managers

Keyless Entry Systems for Rental Properties

Stats show property managers are managing a mix or wider range of properties today. I’m sure you know that each property grows your rental management tasks.  You could use modern, digital solutions.

Short term rentals require more management task frequency including renter meetings, key transfer, and rental unit maintenance. You may have avoided shorter term rentals altogether, because of the extra time consuming tasks and perhaps the risk.

However you might also have seen the big rental prices on Airbnb and VRBO for monthly rentals. It’s tempting to consider shorter term rentals if you might receive double or triple the usual rent. If your condominiums or HOA allows shorter term rentals, you’ll need to minimize renter administration, such as in person check in.

Increasingly, property managers or landlords are not on hand to check renters in. They may be too far away, or renters check in very early or late in the evening, or it requires a full time landlord. That’s expensive and can erode rental property profit considerable.

Internet Based Technology Comes to the Rescue

There’s lot of innovation in this area, and one interesting product is keyless, online controlled entry systems. They’re already in use, and they’re improving features and benefits for busy property managers. Using them, the renter can check in without a key. They only need the passcode to enter the suite. It works well for cleaning and maintenance people as well who can have their own unique codes.

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The fact that so many physical metal keys are available creates a lot of risk for rental property managers, whether it’s a yearly lease or a weeklong Airbnb rental.

This Explainer Video from BeHome247 Property Control Introduces a Keyless Solution

As a renter, the ease of the system means you won’t have to go to the property manager for check in, or have them to give you another set of keys if lost. If you’ve been to a hotel, you know the magnetic card based systems have problems, because they get demagnetized or lost.

The keypad based system is better. You only need the code, or to sms to get the code from the landlord or property manager.

As an example, here’s a few benefits the BeHome247 Property Control systems offer:

  • Manage all entry access codes for all homes from one landing page
  • Create a unique code with alerts for each user
  • Automatically generates/sends guest user codes good only during their visits, when they register
  • Add codes globally to all your properties with one click
  • Easily generate daily, weekly or unrestricted codes
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely
  • Allows guests to manage access from their smartphones
  • Creates “property status codes” which notifies each renter that the home is ready for his or her piece of the turn day process
  • Reduce turn day calls with automatic status update alerts to guests when the home is ready
  • Receive notifications upon use of the codes
  • Illuminated keypad for safe guest entry at night

If the property manager doesn’t want the renter or tenant to have access to the unit, they can disable the passcode. That’s more peace of mind for the property owner that their asset is secured from damage, theft, or unauthorized presence in the unit after it’s been cleaned.

Younger Renters are More Likely to Appreciate This Feature

Younger renters are very open to these new, digital solutions accessed via their smartphone and managed via the Internet and the cloud. They demand simplified, digital solutions and apps. We all have to keep up with the times.

The lock companies themselves are evolving to keyless entry and property management firms are adopting them. Check out this video covering the future of keyless entry systems.

While new electronic solutions may give you a little unease initially, this may be the future for your property management routines. For high involvement rental management such as Airbnb rentals, it lets you manage 20 to 50 units much more easily. You have access and control from wherever you are. It makes you a better property manager.

Whether it eases your workload, serves renters better, or increases your rental property income, these innovations are worth exploring. Just one more improvement to complement your property management software solution. Let us know what you think of them in the comment box below.

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