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Southern California Income Property Management Expo Los Angeles

Property Management Expo – Pasadena

One of the richest experiences for any professional is getting together with others who share the same passions and interests. These opportunities are rare, but for some can be a career and performance changing event.

The Southern California Income Property Management Expo is California’s premier trade show for property management professionals.

Are you attending the property management convention in Las Vegas in October sponsored by NARPM? Tickets are tough to obtain as are trade show booths. Demand shows this should be a great conference. Find out more.

The Southern California Income Property Management Expo is happening today March 12, 2019. If you’re nearby, pop in, you’ll like it. The Expo offers knowledge and access to many resources needed to maintain and grow your success in the 2019 property rental Market.

These conventions attract investors and property managers from across the country.  The convention gives you access to cutting edge products, free education on investment strategy, updates on real estate legislation,  maintenance tips, and optimizing management & operation of multifamily housing and commercial properties.

Either way, a visit to sunny, bustling California is never a waste of time.  Admission is FREE!

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Income Property Investment is Smoking Hot

It’s the continuing economic prosperity in California, Texas, Florida and across the nation that has more people able and willing to invest in rental property. However, it’s not always easy to make a property management business excel.

Meeting and talking with experts and enthusiastic industry people can be very enlightening. Get the insight, leads, tips, and confidence to make 2019 a great year for your company.

That’s why the Income Property Management Expo  is a must event. Technology, laws, and economics change quickly. Get up to speed on everything property management.

You’ll get a chance to network and talk to knowledgeable vendors to improve everything from your property investment ROI to how you manage properties.

Attendees can learn more about home remodeling and building trends, sustainable energy systems, landlord-tenant issues, how to reduce maintenance costs, and ask questions to experts on topics including legal, finance, taxation, security, and more.

This year’s Property Management Expo offers seminars and presentations throughout the day on topics such as fair housing, tenant screening, evictions, rental subsidies and incentives, increasing profits, reducing costs, alternative investment strategies and trends in multifamily, health care and assisted living facilities — read more.

There will be plenty of exhibitors and you can check out the seminar schedule right here.

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Los Angeles Rental Housing

Looking for more information on the LA rental housing scene, and property management trends in California?

Proptech is big of course, and ManageCasa is a key player in SMB property management technology. Take a test drive of ManageCasa’s superb property management software for landlords, property managers, tenants and investors.  Find the benefits you need and not overpriced features you’ll never learn or use.

Solving Your Property Management Challenges

Becoming a modern property manager and property investor can make a difference in your bottom line and whether you survive in this demanding sector.  From improving operational efficiencies to reducing taxes, to finding the very best tenants, using software to automate your work is the big trend today.

Considering starting a property management business?  Learn more about how to find and screen tenants, improve workflow, improve cash flow, and set the right apartment rental prices.

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