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How to Use Property Management Software

The Joy of Property Management Grows with Good Software

Many property managers still love their jobs even when the administration, time squeeze, and occasional testy tenant threatens the mood.

Yet the work lives of landlords and property managers is never easy. Executing work orders, following up on items, finding documents, interviewing, cleaning units and advertising vacancies, screening tenants, collecting rent, and doing on site visits can be taxing.

If you’re a landlord or property manager, or starting a property management business, you’re wondering about going paperless, or you might be thinking of switching to a better property management software solution.

If you’re intimidated by software automation and how it could change your workday, don’t worry, your workload will drop and the software will pay off soon.

Simplifying Your Property Management Workload

The Best Software is easy for all users to learn and use.

You’ll be happy to know the best property software makes your work a lot easier. It’s 4 or 5 easy steps and you’re ready to enjoy your job more.

There are plenty of old rental property software solutions out there, and new ones that have all the bells and whistles. Yes, lots of features to learn and add a little more frustration to your day. With ManageCasa you just fill in forms and upload files.

Truth is, the best property management software is easy to learn and use. And you need benefits not features. That’s where simple software saves the day for you, landlords, tenants, owners, and contractors.


If a software isn’t simple, landlords, tenants, contractors and property managers won’t use it. All that complexity becomes a liability for you as a property investor or manager. Smart property managers keep things simple.

4 Basic Service Components

An easy way to look at what the property software does, is to understand its 4 basic service components:

1. Tenant Management – simple tenant account setup to allow you to record their personal information, as well allow them to communicate and submit maintenance or other notifications.
2. Property Accounting – a simple accounting module which helps you to organize and consolidate all your records and tax documents in a simple way without having to become an accountant.
3. Maintenance – simple creation of a maintenance record by documenting the issue, adding images and assigning the urgency level to the maintenance ticket.
4. File Storage – convenient file storage system for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop users to securely upload, store, organize, access, and share your important documents from any location.

You’ll learn more about them when you open your account and view the landlord or property manager dashboard.

Sign up for a 14 Trial Account 

Landlords can enjoy managing up to 3 properties on a trial basis.

  1. after you confirm your email, you can log in and create your first property profile
  2. next you’ll set your lease terms for each of your properties
  3. enter all the information about your properties and tenants
  4. begin receiving automated messages about your account, work to be done, and other notifications

When you log in, you’ll be greeted by the automated help tool, video tutorials, and you can access the user guide for more details and FAQs.

It starts with uploading your pic and then creating your first property profile including the type of property, address, and details. Your tenants can log into their account and create a repair or maintenance request, or mention issues on their mind.

It’s Simple and That’s How it Should Be

That’s a quick introduction to some simple software that gives you a commanding control over your property and tenant information.

At this point, you should definitely open an account and give ManageCasa software a trial run. It’s the first step to improving how you do property management, grow property ROI, generate improved cash flow, suffer fewer late payments from renters, and create time savings from not having to hunt for documents.

There’s so many ways to optimize property management and ease property management workload.  Your time is very important. And time is money.

Give ManageCasa a test drive right now. You’ll Like it!


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