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How to Streamline Your Business

Streamlining Property Management

We know mid-sized to large portfolio rental property owners and managers and HOA managers want efficient business operations.

You want to control wage costs, stay on budget, scale up properties and grow services. Yet, the more you put on your plate, the more issues arise.  And at some point, the friction and cost become too much to bear. Somehow, you must simplify.

Streamlining might be a code word for property management success because so much is implied when all tasks and challenges are made fluid. Errors, losses, and complaints all seem to ease when you streamline your business processes and transactions.  And there’s the new time you have to grow your prospects, promote your company, and even offer new services!

Landlords love the status quo, resisting the effort of change, but the word streamlining is still tantalizing.  It’s so compelling, it will impact their decision to hire a property management company.

Key Benefits of Streamlining Property Management

  1. reduced staff time and wage costs
  2. redeployment of staff to more valuable tasks
  3. improved business and financial data
  4. more time and resources available for exploring/implementing new revenue streams

Cost, time, and competitiveness are vastly improved through streamlining. When a business leaves the toil of tasks to be one that explores tenant engagement/experience, business growth and additional revenue streams, it’s becoming a market leader.

Streamlining is More Than Just Automation

And we’d like to note that streamlining property management services is more than just digital automation. Streamlining refers to how you manage your overall physical and financial activities, which tasks you give priority and time, and how you engage tenants and accomplish work projects.

Software doesn’t accomplish all property management work or prioritize tasks. Your human staff do, as situations demand. Yet, your software platform gives you a commanding view, bringing focus, clarity and confidence to your entire team — that’s efficiency in action!

How to Streamline your Business

You don’t have to hire a 6 Sigma efficiency expert with a PhD.  You can accomplish more with your own list of core tasks — something you’ll be more emotionally invested in.

List each key aspect of your business operations, together with key itemized tasks for each category. Don’t get too detailed at this point, just focus on the core services to gain big-picture clarity.

Core Work AreasKey Tasks
Tenant Processing
vacancy listings
application processing
unit showings
contracts and leasing
asset inspection
tenant reports/requests
work order management
financial metrics/KPIs
rent payments
accounts payable
income statements
budget reports
account setup
bookkeeping transactions
income & expense statements and owners reports
Tenant Communications
tenant portal
mobile communications
requests & feedback

Streamline Your Business Soon!

Here are our top 5 best business streamlining tips:

  1. Automate accounting and payments – without getting technical, the purpose of any software is its ability to automate recurring transactions such as rent payments, accounting entries, and payables to vendors. When property staff are freed of manual data entry and postings, time and tedium are reduced to make their workday more productive.
  2. Collect more data and manage it well – the modern business world is all about data — the quantity, accuracy and quality. The data and reports you find in your ManageCasa dashboard helps you make better business decisions.
  3. Seamless communications and document sharing – The tenant experience is all about clear, fluid and helpful communications. They’re all mobile-enabled and expect document management and maintenance requests to be simple and available. When communications are kept in the app, there’s a directness and priority of communication that makes them feel you’re listening and are responsive to their needs.
  4. Improve maintenance success – from inspections to maintenance and repair, your asset management practices keep properties in top-top shape with nothing falling through the cracks. Work processes have check points and all issues and expenses become visible and are signed off as valid and complete.
  5. Optimize Vacancy and Lease management – streamlining high-quality tenant acquisition via a syndicated network, optimizing vacancy listings, automating applicant screening, showing units online, and automating financials via lease-based costing show how removing manual tasks really speeds up administration.

Software that Impresses Landlords

The reduction of stress, reduced errors, increased capabilities of staff, improved cash flows, more successful maintenance work orders, and better and more actionable financial reporting will move your company to a professional level.

Prospective landlords will be reading this post too, and they’re aware of how necessary the new digital platforms are. Are they hiring you, or the high-tech management platform you use?

ManageCasa is one of the best next-generation solutions which is augmented with great customer support. Streamline your operations, administration, financial transactions, and tenant experience to keep your business healthy.

Read up on our case study of Moana Ventures, a Hawaiian property management firm.

Schedule a demo or take a FREE trial of our solution. You’ll be pleased you did.


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