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How to Avoid Contracting Corona Virus

Corona Virus Safety Tips

The Corona Virus lockdown continues in many US, Australian, European and Canadian cities. The latest numbers of cases for Europe and the US are troubling. In Canada, it appears new infections are beginning to level off.

In some US cities however, the rate of growth of Covid 19 cases is almost vertical on the charts. Unfortunately, some of these cities have the perfect climate to support Covid 19 growth and transmission.

Although spring may bring relief, the rapid growth right now means everyone needs to be smarter about avoiding contracting it. That doesn’t mean being dour about it. We can keep a smile on our faces and go about cleaning, disinfecting and quietly avoiding dangerous situations for our health and our kids.

The Rapid Growth of Covid 19

Covid cases in USA as of March 29,2020. Courtesy of John Hopkins University and Medicine.

Covid 19 is so virulent, the only way to stop it is via self-isolation.

This means people weren’t mindful enough of the dangers, thus taking precautions seriously to prevent the spread of Covid 19. They’ve come super spreaders. Given the potential outcomes of being careless, we just have to be more mindful of our hygiene and what we touch, particularly in public.

Everything you Touch

Many of you live in apartment buildings or urban areas where you’ll be:

  • touching door handles
  • using light switches, refrigerator doors, range dials, TV remotes, toilet handles, and tying shoe laces
  • pushing elevator buttons
  • receiving change or using the credit card reader when buying items at a store
  • touching shopping carts and picking up food items
  • going to public washrooms
  • buying gasoline at the gas station when use the gas pump handles.

Victims are reporting they have no idea how they contracted Covid 19. It’s a mystery it seems.

The droplets that virus carriers are shedding can await us on just about any surface. This virus is one of the most virulent ever and people of all ages are being reported sick and dying from 90 year olds to babies. The symptoms are scary, ranging from high fever to pneumonia. Some victims may have lasting lung damage.

So let’s think hard about where transmission occurs, and how we might keep this awful virus away from us.  In this post, we have some tips on where to clean.  This could be a very good routine for your kids as it seems viruses are ever present throughout the year.

How do you Check Yourself for Corona Virus?

You’ll want to access a reputable source of screening tips such as the CDC . There is a simple self-screening tool on their website. You can install the Covid 19 Screening app for Apple smartphones.

Warning: Infected Apps!  Be careful installing any apps for Corona Virus, as malicious people have created programs that contain some seriously harmful malware. This is why Google has banned all Corona Virus tracker apps on Google Play. Even during the Corona Virus shutdown, there are bad people trying to commit crimes. Please be cautious.

Screenshot courtesy of the CDC.

Covid 19 Infection Symptoms

The 3 symptoms commonly reported are a high fever, cough and shortness of breath. As the condition worsens, victims suffer chest pain, difficulty with breathing, have confusion, and bluish color in lips or face.

Screenshot courtesy of the CDC.

The incubation period of Covid 19 isn’t certain and may be unique to each individual. However, CDC says it is between 2 to 14 days. This is why you and your family or other tenants need to be thorough in your daily hygiene practices for the next several months.

Screenshot courtesy of the CDC.

Screenshot courtesy of the CDC.

Your landlord should post a set of tips for the building and should consider having a well protected cleaning staff keep the building elevator and entry doors disinfected. See more tips for landlords for stopping Corona Virus.

Hand sanitizer bottles should be available too, as this can reduce risk of infection considerably. Most transmission last week may have been from surfaces, since many people have been avoiding close contact lately.


It’s not too paranoid to clean potential contact points. Everything from your supermarket shopping carts all the way to your car door to your own front door knob and fruits and vegetables purchased.

There are Corona Virus mobile testing stations set up across the US. Click here for testing facilities in each state.

If you’re alone and have Covid 19 symptoms and are having difficulty breathing, call 911.

Screenshot courtesy of the CDC.

Household Cleaning Tips for Corona Virus

Everything that you or your kids touch or bring in from outside potentially carries this harmful pathogen. Be suspicious of all surfaces because anyone shopping could have touched or coughed or spoke near it. This way, you don’t become the one who says they have no idea how they could have contracted it.

When you’re at a retail store, try to use the no touch credit card chip reader so you don’t have to touch anything.

Take everyday preventive steps including:

  • wash your hands frequently using any kind of soap
  • use hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol)
  • use a disinfectant for door handles, kitchen surfaces and bathroom fixtures and sinks
  • cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash
  • clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
  • clean door handles, seats, steering wheel, stick shift, and anything else touched in your car
  • spray some disinfectant on the bottoms of your shoes
  • disinfect any packages delivered to your store
  • wipe down your kitchen countertops when unpacking food items
  • wash your fresh produce from the store thoroughly with water
  • wipe all food packaging and beverage containers that you bought at the store

Of all the methods above, disinfecting surfaces and handles, and using hand sanitizer regularly is most important.

Social Distancing

The CDC advises keeping at least 6 feet or two metres apart. Unfortunately, we still see people talking in grocery stores and engaging in close conversations. This period of social isolation is easy for some to manage, while others find their mental health declines.

If you have trouble with isolation, phone friends and relatives, use video conversation apps, text people and find something productive to do. Working isn’t so bad really. You’ve got a full day to fill so decide to feel good.  Fix something in the house or in your garage or property. Do a spring home inspection.

Take It Easy and Spend Some Time Relaxing

Enjoy this personal time to yourself. Get some rest and let your body recover from the daily work grind. Go online and research things you’ve been interested in and haven’t had time to look into.

A good source of entertainment and information is Youtube. You’ll find all sorts of videos on topics related to health, travel, cooking, and other things.

Remember to relax. Don’t pressure yourself and avoid negative TV news reports. If you’re worried about your employment or being able to pay rent, look into the government financial support programs online. Be careful with your funds because you may need to stretch them out. Always pay your rent because your shelter is the most important thing you have.

The staff at ManageCasa wish you good health and best wishes for getting through this unusual period for us all.
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