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How to Make Accounting Pleasant

November 25, 2022

Remove the Pain of Accounting Easily

There are more than a few business owners who feel burdened by the demands of handling and recording invoices, receipts, taxes, tax forms, payments, and security deposits.

Even for those gifted in administration and bookkeeping, accounting can be a soul-sucking drain on time and energy.

Some landlords hear the word accounting and then grimace in pain. And if you’re a busy, part time landlord pressed for time, you probably feel that way.

Fortunately, there’s a great solution designed for small business landlords and property managers.

The Heart of Your Business Operations

Accounting really is the heart of your business operations.

Accounting helps you manage your expenses/revenues flawlessly, keep cash flow positive, and aware of your financial responsibilities so you don’t lose money or lose your license.

This very necessary if you have plans to scale up. When it’s computerized and automated, you have less worry about errors and omissions, or being overwhelmed. The right accounting software package can automate tasks, save significant time and costly errors. And it can provide a helpful, real-time view of your business (profit loss statements, receivables, payables, etc.).

The big value in accounting is how it helps inform you, guide you, to make important business decisions. Having a good accounting system can boost your confidence as a landlord or property manager.

Get Rid of Those Tasks you Don’t Like

It’s true that accounting presents challenges. Here’s a few areas where you can fall behind:

  • trying to track expenses/payment manually with a spreadsheet
  • losing or misplacing invoices and receipts
  • forgetting to record a payment or other transaction
  • repetitive manual data entry — typing and attribution errors
  • not keeping security deposit separately — required by law in most jurisdictions
  • not current on accounts payable and receivable – credit damage, damaged relations with contractors
  • confusion by having one bank account for everything — confusion, possible licensing loss
  • lack of financial statements and missing tax documents — nightmare for audit
  • staying current on maintenance and repair costs — vulnerable to big cost overruns and budget problems
  • not being prepared or alerted to make payments on time — crisis of confidence in contractors/suppliers
  • inability to gain insights and uncover trends in your expenses — poor cost management
  • handing a messed-up set of books to your accountant — higher fees



Okay, that’s a few of the issues landlords face, and property managers actually face many more, and they can multiply.

It’s wise to know what your accounting problems actually are. Then you’ll you’ll appreciate what was missing and know that you fixed it. With ManageCasa’s property accounting solution, you’ve got one of the industry’s very best software packages to help you process every transaction, allocating them to appropriate accounts so you barely have to think about it.

If finances aren’t your forte, then eliminating the psychological burden of property accounting might be the number one benefit to mention. That’s what was holding you back.  And ManageCasa’s accounting app as a key part of the suite of service, could be the most important property management app you’ll be using each day.

How Does the Software Solve Your Issues?

Our software helps you:

  • set up multiple bank accounts to manage each property to avoid commingling rent checks from different buildings (or landlord client in the case for a property management company)
  • collect and track successful rent payments and notify of delinquency
  • helps reconcile all your accounts including bank accounts
  • creates a chart of accounts (which creates an organized filing system for each financial transaction, within their associated category assets, liabilities, expenses, income, or equity)
  • create customized reports anytime, anywhere
  • enables automated tenant rent payment and contractor payments
  • stay compliant with your business licensing and tax filing requirements

Taking Action Now!

At this point, you’ve got the 2 chief reasons to adopt a professional property accounting solution — to save you from emotional pain as well as business losses.

To learn more, you can quickly open up a trial account.

Perhaps the best action is to contact 1 415 800 1245 to discuss your accounting needs.


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