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How to Be An Awesome Landlord

November 03, 2022

20 Ways to be a Great Landlord

Is the word awesome just some kid’s thing, or does it mean you really have become someone special?

I think when someone says you’re awesome, it means they think you’re a cut better than the expected. Awesome means someone outstanding, valuable and significant.

And if tenants think you’re awesome, they likely think renting from you is a good experience, and they want to stay leased. In fact, they may see you as someone who would help them stay leased.

This begs the question? Do awesome landlords have lower vacancy rates, higher rent prices, trouble-free low maintenance tenants, who are never delinquent in paying rent?  You’ll see that this might be the end result.

What is This Thing Called Awesome

Awesome could have many interpretations including smart, generous, talented, accomplished, skilled, good spirited, helpful, responsive, honest, progressive, with it, or that you add value to other people’s lives.

The phrase might seem trite or even, but if someone thinks you’re awesome, you’ve done something noticeably right!  Think about the underlying sentiment instead of the word.

You may not realize it, but your tenants do want to respect their landlord. They want good relations and all you have to do is facilitate that.  And when tenants like and respect you, they generally pay their rent on time and don’t cause trouble. Deliberately being more awesome might make your life easier, investments more profitable, and kick your self-esteem up a notch too.

Why You Should be Awesome

Here’s some good reasons to build a sterling reputation and good relations with tenants:

  • keeps your customers in a good mental and emotional state
  • makes them feel lucky and that they’re getting good value
  • makes them appreciate and like where they’re living
  • empowers them to make rent payments on time instead of giving up when in trouble
  • you avoid expensive evictions and tenant vacancies

So there might be good value for you in being an awesome landlord.

Take a Moment to Know Your Renters

To be awesome, you want to consider the renter’s experience. They’re paying a lot of their income to live in your buildings/rentals. They deserve to:

  • have comfort
  • feel secure and safe
  • have a sense of belonging
  • feel good about themselves and other tenants
  • be rested and relaxed
  • feel self-respect and esteem

Tenants want to avoid pain, frustration, stress, failure, accidents, and strife. As a good landlord, you can exemplify someone with good manners, professional skill, good intentions, responsiveness, education and communications, and financial responsibility. You can be the person who exemplifies the model of responsibility and good will.

20 Ways to Be An Awesome Landlord

  1. dress well, act professionally and cordially
  2. speak clearly and respectfully to tenants and contractors
  3. take time to onboard tenants well , make them feel welcome, and do an instructive walk through
  4. show them how to inspect and take care of the rental unit
  5. clean the bathrooms, range, and refrigerator before they move in
  6. stock their home with items such as paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, plastic toilet brush, the right laundry detergent, and perhaps a gift basket of snacks – generosity is powerful (and inexpensive)
  7. answer their questions and inquiries calmly and smile and show a little humor
  8. think about what each tenant’s issues and lifestyle needs
  9. let them know how successful you’ve been with other tenants and properties
  10. demonstrate respect and recognition by asking nice questions which make them appreciate themselves just as you would with your own kids and friends
  11. write rental leases well and ensure they understand their lease terms
  12. don’t get angry or be impulsive – respond professionally to bad events or disagreements
  13. make good tenant relations part of your business plan
  14. don’t be their friend, be the landlord they have hired to live happily
  15. be consistent in your responses and suggestions
  16. be helpful and accessible
  17. be online and use online landlord software
  18. demonstrate the online rent payment system so they feel at ease about paying
  19. make them feel comfortable about asking non emergency questions anytime via the tenant portal
  20. improve something in the unit without them asking for it

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Let’s hope you’re not the opposite of awesomeness to your tenants. But if so, remember what Tony Robbins, the success guru often says: “you can make a decision right now to change your life.”

It’s better to be awesome, don’t you think? Enjoy your work more, make it easier and more profitable, take a vacation, and make the decision to feel really good every day. That’s the express route to awesomeness because your tenants will notice.

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