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How to Be a Good Tenant

November 02, 2022

Be the Tenant Landlords Want

What do you think is the first thing comes to mind when your landlord hears your name? Is it sparkling images of a conscientious, responsible person who is a pleasure to rent to?

Or does their head drop as they remember all the friction you’ve generated for them, and that you’re likely headed for even more trouble ahead?

Yes, landlords do have thoughts about their tenants. Creating good relations with landlords is achievable and creates substantial benefits for you in this era of low rental vacancy and homelessness.


Being a liked, respected and preferred tenant, to win the lease is a valuable skill — and could save you from being homeless


One of the top priorities of landlords and property managers is finding good tenants.  If you read the Facebook forums, you’ll see how many landlords have leased to bad renters.

What is a Good Tenant?

A good tenant, one who pays their rent on time, stays employed, manages their debts and finance, meets the lease rules, avoids personal problems and clashes with neighbors, and takes care of the apartment of the condo or house they’re renting, is the cornerstone of a successful rental business.

If tenants should meet these landlord expectations, then they may enjoy lower rents, get upgrades, receive glowing references (even employment references), get lease transfers, and be considered for a rental lease due to their personal qualities rather than just their credit scores.

For landlords, leasing to good tenants starts with advertising in the right places, writing rental ads well, being transparent about the rental property, and of course screening applicants well.

Tenants Should Find Ways to Stand Out from the Renter Crowd

If you’re a tenant and you’re going to be a long-term renter, then it’s good to know how you can make yourself a star tenant and thus ensure you’re more able to find a rental home when you must.

As house prices rise, more landlords are considering selling. They may want to make a good profit on their property when they can, or they could tire of the challenge of managing rental properties.

One renter I know personally, has had to move 3 consecutive times after his landlord sold their properties. This means he had to move, get references, credit reports and complete applications all over again. And he had to find another rental house, at a time of almost zero vacancy. So close to being out on the street, he’s learned to take renting a little more seriously.

Landlords like good tenants. Consider from their point of view, that if you pay your rent on time, continue on lease, take care of the home, that they will have a trouble-free business to operate.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a personality contest, although civil, cordial behavior is part of a winning profile. This is a business relationship and desired attributes for a tenant are responsibility, self-control, conscientiousness, reliability, and being a good neighbor. Good traits help to create a sustainable, profitable rental business for them.  It also means lower risk for them.

Here’s 13 ways you can be that star tenant that every landlord wants.

  1. be accurate and thorough on your rental application — include all details so they can verify who you are, see your rental history, employment reliability, wages, and know you’re an outstanding person.
  2. stay employed — some renters don’t manage their employment situation well, nor plan it so they won’t be caught unemployed and without paying the rent. Landlords want consistent cashflow and no vacancies. Those who have a spotty job record are likely to get behind in rent.
  3. pay your rent on time – ensure you get paid before the rent due date, or have sufficient funds in your account (definitely save for several months rent so you’re able to bridge over troubled waters) so you don’t miss a payment and suffer late fees and see a mark on your rental record.
  4. use online payment methods – ensure your landlord uses property management software with built in online payment capability so you can pay via bank, credit card, etransfer, paypal or whatever means.
  5. treat the property as if it were your own — be cautious with and respectful of all fixtures, windows, electronic equipment, flooring, doors, and carpets. Clean and maintain, change filters and report problems before they become emergencies.
  6. be honest and straightforward always  — don’t fear disappointment or criticism because a good landlord appreciates and respects transparency, straightforward communication and will know you’re of high character.
  7. communicate maintenance issues – look for roof problems, window issues, mold problems, leaky pipes, malfunctioning AC or water heater, and anything else that might balloon into a big landlord expense
  8. ask the landlord for funds to take better care of the lawn, garden and landscaping — the improvement will add to your enjoyment and make you a better custodian of the property.
  9. ask for landlord assistance when really needed — know how to change the furnace filter, change a light bulb, change the smoke batteries, and fix screen doors yourself so you’re not taking too much of the landlord’s time.
  10. keep the property sanitary — don’t let moisture damage, bacteria, grime on fixtures, mold, piled up furniture or refuse around the house, mice, or other issues begin happening.
  11. follow the lease terms — renters often forget to read the lease, but renters should know what their rights and obligations are.
  12. get along with other neighboring tenants — don’t hold loud parties, play loud music, slam doors, and rev car engines, or other behaviors that irritate your neighbors. Be conscientious and you won’t create complaints against you. One loud party can you get evicted.
  13. carry renters insurance – for a low cost of $20 to $30 a month, you can insure your personal property and cover important liabilities which you may be currently unaware of. The landlords own insurance likely doesn’t cover you.


That’s our brief look at ways you can be a good tenant and make your rental days pleasant and care-free.

Landlords, please do share this post with your tenants and you can ask us for reprint permission for your own company blog. It’s so important to get this particular message out to your tenant base.

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