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HOA Violation Tracking

February 24, 2022

Tracking HOA Violations

Is managing and enforcing HOA violations near the top of your least desired daily tasks?

With the right strategy and tools, you can take a lot of the hard work out of the violation tracking process and more effectively achieve your HOA or community management goals. Homeowners as a whole have a lot invested in how you govern and manage the safety of the community and value of their property. Managing well keeps them feeling confident of your work.

Violations of the HOA policy are going to happen unfortunately, yet you can still streamline the whole process and take the grind out of ticketing and resolution.

As we discussed in a previous post, homeowners don’t always intend to break the HOA rules, but such violations need to be recorded, tracked over time to final resolution, and then assessed overall in reports so you can manage your HOA or community association better.

Record, Track, Manage and Report Violations

It’s a simple process of setting up an account, creating appropriate templates, recording violations, sending out notices and allowing payments from members/homeowners.

When you manage HOA violations well, it helps to discourage further incidents and reduce your enforcement costs. And in today’s high friction, litigious environment, you’ll have every detail recorded well, to present in court if needed.

An HOA management solution such as ManageCasa has everything you need. Keep your association running smooth and help discourage further incidents from specific residents.  

The Legal Preliminaries

Before you begin issuing violation tickets for illegal pets and pet activities, parking infractions, non-permitted landscaping features and more, review your legal context. The Federal, state and your district’s laws for HOAs are unique and will affect enforcement. You must know beforehand how all violations are going to play out, from your own board’s unique CC&R’s and violation notices to potential resolution in local courts of law.

And how you handle violations and communicate to offenders might also determine your legal costs and time spent. The positive communications and document sharing power of ManageCasa will be your top tool in managing professionally to keep violations to a minimum to protect your operating budget.

After you’re certain of the legal process and the violation resolution process, you can review your HOA rules. With your CC&R regulations understood in detail, you’re ready to assess and issue violation tickets in your drive throughs.

It’s so convenient that you won’t need a separate HOA software. You track violations, responses, actions taken and even charge and collect your HOA dues all within your ManageCasa account.

The HOA Violation Management System

In ManageCasa, we can help you set up:

  • publishing of HOA CC&R’s rules and regulations
  • HOA violation section to list your violations with all infraction specifics, rules broken, with ticket numbering
  • setup notice templates for violations, ticket numbering, due dates, and notes on infractions, etc.
  • arrange the payment system to allow members to pay their violations fines online, or to allow you to record when you receive a check or cash payment
  • integrate with the HOA accounting system
  • run reports on violations by member, location, neighborhood, current status (open, pending, or closed) and type (parking, pets, noise, land use)
  • member portal where they can view tickets, respond to them, make payment and upload files/photos as necessary
  • automate notices to all parties involved

HOA Violation Tracking Process

The system then manages the violation tracking process so you can avoid too much manual processing.

  • after the offense is recorded during a call or neighborhood drive through, via your smartphone/tablet, a violation notice is sent
  • the member charged is notified by email with details in the notice mail template you created on ManageCasa
  • the member can respond with their input and either ask for further information or simply pay the fine online
  • HOA enforcement officer can respond and choose further action if necessary
  • each step of the violation ticketing process is recorded with next steps automated in the system
  • when payment is made and changes by the member are certified, the system updates its information and can notify you if necessary
  • you can log in to run reports on the progress of all violations and respond to pressing matters
  • all financial information is ready for your bank reconciliation process in the accounting section

It’s not all that difficult to set up your HOA violation tracking system within your ManageCasa HOA platform account. It’s the best way to keep your board and enforcement activities as smooth as silk.

If you need more specific information on our HOA solution and setting up violation tracking and resolution, contact our sales product specialists to ask your questions. If you’re ready to take a serious look at ManageCasa for community associations, book an HOA demo online.

Modernize your HOA and property management system from end to end with our cloud-based next generation system. ManageCasa is the future of HOA management.


Outsourcing community association and property management is increasing due to large memberships and growing legal and technology challenges. See this list of property management companies in FloridaSouth CarolinaCaliforniaHawaiiArizonaColorado and more who might help. Ensure they use ManageCasa for professional HOA Management.

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