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HOA Management Software

April 09, 2023

HOA Management Software

Your goal as an HOA manager is to improve how you serve a demanding board and the HOA residents who have their own expectations.

Given the growth and complexity of this industry, you’re going to rely more heavily on an HOA management platform to automate, improve performance, and even create new streams of revenue for your company.

How Can Our HOA/Community Management Software Help?

Let’s begin with the basics:

  1. Automating Financial Tasks: One of the most significant benefits of using our HOA management software is in automating financial tasks. This extends from automatic billing, recurring payments, and reminders for late fees or delinquent payments. Automation saves time and reduces data entry and other errors or discrepancies.
  2. Bank Account Integration: HOA software integrates bank accounts for faster bank account reconciliation and optimal tracking of income and expenses, and reporting of financial status.
  3. Generate Financial Reports: Generate reliable, accurate, real time financial reports for instant visibility into your association’s financial health. You can easily track your income and expenses, see your cash flow, view your balance sheet, and monitor your budget.
  4. Customizable Chart of Accounts: ManageCasa offers a customizable chart of accounts that can be tailored to make it easier to categorize transactions and track expenses by cost centers or line items for a better understanding of your HOA’s or Community’s financial position.
  5. Securely Store Financial Documents: Optimize your association management information flow with secure storage of important financial documents including a bank statements, architecture requests, rulings, receipts, invoices, meeting minutes, and more.
  6. Manage Assessments, Fines and Dues: ManageCasa lets you automate tracking of rules violations invoices, payments, and apply late fees or interest charges as needed. This greatly assists with collections and reduces the extra work from delinquent payments.

You may be challenged by a lack of time, scheduling issues, budget, resources, poor information and insight, and insufficient systems to get work accomplished. Your HOA management platform has to come to the rescue.



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Just a few Common HOA Management Challenges you may recognize:

  1. mounting homeowner complaints that can’t be responded to
  2. growing home business and work at home activity increasing traffic and utilities usage
  3. repeated violations and indifference as homeowners just don’t seem to care or understand
  4. board demands unrealistic
  5. collecting HOA fees
  6. too much conflict and friction eats up work time
  7. insufficient operating budget to meet expectations
  8. lack of insight into HOA business performance
  9. lack of training, knowledge and systems
  10. lack of knowledge of local and state HOA bylaws
  11. communications not clear nor effective leading to misunderstandings or missed resolutions
  12. low-quality vendor/contractor services
  13. poor quality bookkeeping and accounting
  14. financial reporting errors
  15. bylaw and legal regulation compliance enforcement requirements
  16. time wasted on administration and manual paperwork
  17. resentment over high HOA fees
  18. homeowner refusal to obey association rules and guidelines
  19. overstepping board authority
  20. poor insight into the homeowner community they serve

Rising Expectations for HOAs

Expectations have risen about HOA management services to be delivered and at what cost. To increase revenues and lower expenses and costs, a good HOA management software such as ManageCasa is foundational to your business. Community business is digital today, and our SaaS powered, affordable software for associations is one of the very best available.


“ManageCasa’s mobile-friendly, intuitive, interactive and automated homeowners association management software, helps HOA managers efficiently charge and collect owner dues, track violations, review architectural applications, manage board member approvals and more. Stay efficient on a platform that has been developed with association management needs in mind.”


CAI Community Association Conference in Dallas, Texas

Please Note: ManageCasa will be exhibiting at the CAI Community Association Conference in Dallas Texas on May 17th, 2023. Make the trip to his key industry conference, view all the incredible solutions available, be educated and talk to our team on what will be an interesting trade show experience.

Find out more about the CAI Conference.

And let’s continue with more of value of modern HOA management software.

22 Features of the Best HOA Software

The Best HOA Software solutions include:

  1. organizes tasks and execution modules
  2. aiding in efficient management of grounds, roads, sites and facilities
  3. keeps organizational documents accessible
  4. build transparency through monthly reporting
  5. powerful, robust and property management-focused accounting application
  6. work automation – maintenance scheduling, accounting, homeowner dues payments
  7. easily and quickly send and receive bills
  8. integrates with your marketing website for communicating publicly
  9. collecting dues, enforce governing documents, cover ongoing HOA expenses
  10. managing the HOA management budget
  11. tracking events, issues, property damage, etc. and resolve board violations
  12. recording and responding to resident’s complaints and efficiently resolve them
  13. keeping members compliant with member regulations, local and state laws
  14. conducting timely maintenance inspections and keep good records
  15. welcoming new HOA members via homeowner portal (digital welcome packets)
  16. helping you deliver online support and reduces unnecessary homeowner phone calls
  17. communicating with board members via board portal
  18. creating and sharing your reports with the HOA board members
  19. sharing documents (e.g., by-laws, meeting minutes and policies) easily with community members
  20. planning and executing more successful board meetings
  21. keeping track of board directors, committees and key contact information and send documents for signing
  22. feeling confident your information is stored securely

Communications Vital in HOA Management

Since HOA activity reports are a key way you communicate your value, performance and skill in HOA management, you’ll appreciate using a professional-grade reporting tool. The larger your homeowner base, the more challenges there are in responding to inquiries and requests, and helping your board keep homeowners educated and satisfied.

ManageCasa’s Association Management Solution is a wonderful system for you to rely on.

Make the Switch to ManageCasa


managecasa hoa software features


Qualities which Boards Want in their HOA Managers

Talented HOA managers staff can leverage ManageCasa to deliver their experience, knowledge and member service skills at a much higher level.

Here’s what Boards say they are looking for in a talented HOA professional:

  • well trained and educated in HOA management
  • possessing an excellent, cloud-based property management or HOA management solution
  • excellent communications skills – informed, clear, and results-oriented
  • awareness of local, state and federal laws
  • customer service oriented
  • people management skills
  • financial management skills
  • depth of association and property management experience

Check out ManageCasa’s Powerful HOA Management Tools

An all in one platform, affordably priced, available anytime anywhere. The best way to modernize your HOA business.

You take pride in your ability to handle all the logistical, financial, administrative and reporting duties of the association management role. Of course, doing all of this without a powerful HOA management software system is very difficult.  See what you can do with ManageCasa.

Committing to the Best HOA Software

Committing to the high performance capacity of ManageCasa is a commitment to your business goals

Homeowner association management is better with ManageCasa. Schedule a Demo today.


Property management companies are extending their services into association management because of powerful software automation platforms such as ManageCasa.  Companies in Florida, Texas, South Carolina, California, Hawaii, ArizonaColorado are making the decision to go with the flow and grow their businesses.


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