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HOA Management Software

October 07, 2020

HOA Management Software

Whether you’re on the board of a housing association or operate an HOA management company, you have the challenge of serving a community of demanding homeowners whom you hope will abide by the rules.

Using your skill, experience, and team to respond and resolve issues quickly is great. However, without modern HOA  management software to bring real-time focus, you’re likely wasting time and not communicating well enough.

In 2020/2021, HOA managers will look to the best HOA software available to ease their workload and improve their capabilities. New software is excellent, hosted on the cloud, and offers endless benefits which you can read about below.

Let’s clarify your challenges and needs first and then learn more about what the best software offers.

Which HOA Management Problems to Solve?

HOA boards and HOA managers will face many challenges (and opportunities) in 2021. The crux of the matter may be a manager’s lack of time, budget, information and insight, and systems to get work accomplished.

HOA management software is a key asset for managers looking to get on top of these matters, and manage from a powerful position of knowledge, insight and direct communications.

Before you jump to choose an HOA software solution, you may want to reflect on and prioritize your actual issues.

A Few HOA Management Challenges:

  • mounting homeowner complaints that can’t be responded to
  • growing home business and work at home activity increasing traffic and utilities usage
  • repeated violations and indifference as homeowners just don’t seem to care or understand
  • board demands unrealistic
  • collecting HOA fees
  • too much conflict and friction eats up work time
  • insufficient operating budget to meet expectations
  • lack of insight into HOA business performance
  • lack of training, knowledge and systems
  • lack of knowledge of local and state HOA bylaws
  • communications not clear nor effective leading to misunderstandings or missed resolutions
  • low-quality vendor/contractor services
  • poor quality bookkeeping and accounting
  • financial errors
  • bylaw and legal regulation pressures
  • time wasted on administration and manual paperwork
  • resentment over high HOA fees
  • homeowner refusal to obey association rules and guidelines
  • enforcement and legal issues
  • poor insight into the homeowner community they serve

HOA Board’s Rising Expectations

Expectations have risen about services to be delivered and at what cost. To increase revenues and lower expenses and costs, a good HOA software such as ManageCasa is foundational to your business. Business is digital today, and our cloud-based HOA solution is one of the very best available.

“ManageCasa’s mobile-friendly, intuitive, interactive and automated community association management software, community managers can efficiently charge and collect owner dues, track violations, review architectural applications, manage board member approvals and more. Stay efficient on a platform that has been developed with community association management needs in mind.”

22 Features of the Best HOA Software

The Best HOA Software solutions include:

  1. task organization and execution modules
  2. aid efficient management of grounds, roads, sites and facilities
  3. organizational and planning documents
  4. transparency and monthly reporting
  5. powerful, robust and property management dedicated accounting application
  6. work automation – maintenance scheduling, accounting, homeowner dues payments
  7. easily and quickly send and receive bills
  8. integrates with your marketing website for communicating publicly
  9. collect dues, enforce governing documents, cover ongoing HOA expenses
  10. manage the HOA management budget
  11. track events, issues, property damage, etc and resolve board violations
  12. record and respond to resident’s complaints and efficiently resolve them
  13. compliance with member regulations and state laws
  14. maintenance inspections
  15. communicate with community members via homeowner portal
  16. helps you deliver online support and reduces unnecessary homeowner phone calls
  17. communicate with board members via board portal
  18. create and share your reports with the HOA board members
  19. share documents (e.g., by-laws, meeting minutes and policies) easily with community members
  20. plan and execute more successful board meetings
  21. keep track of board directors, committees and key contact information and send documents for signing
  22. feel confident your information is stored securely

Communications Vital in Association Management

Since HOA activity reports are a key way you communicate your value, performance and skill in HOA management, you’ll appreciate using a professional-grade reporting tool. The larger your homeowner base, the more important transparency and communications are.

Communications is vital in fulfilling board’s demands, responding to inquiries and requests, and keeping homeowners educated and content. From personalized messaging, board portals, to detailed informative reports to the board, an HOA solution can help with clear, informative report writing. Clarity is vital, and backed with the right data. ManageCasa can help make this a lot easier.

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Qualities Boards Want in their HOA Managers

Software is a pivotal aid, but it can’t replace talented HOA staff and managers. Boards will also look for:

  • well trained and educated in HOA management
  • possessing an excellent, cloud-based property management or HOA management solution
  • excellent communications skills – informed, clear, and results-oriented
  • awareness of local, state and federal laws
  • customer service oriented
  • people management skills
  • financial management skills
  • depth of association and property management experience

Yes, that’s all well and nice, however even the most talented HOA managers today rely heavily on their HOA management systems to meet performance expectations.

Check out ManageCasa’s Powerful HOA Management Tools

An all in one platform, affordably priced, available anytime anywhere. The best way to modernize your HOA business.

You take pride in your ability to handle all the logistical, financial, administrative and reporting duties of the association management role. Of course, doing all of this without a powerful HOA management software system is very difficult.  See what you can do with ManageCasa.

Committing to the Best HOA Software

The best HOA software helps you reduce your workload so you can concentrate on essential duties. Professional, affordable HOA software is a foundation of effective, modern homeowner association management.  And board members will expect you to have this.

Your new HOA management software not only helps you deliver services better, it also allows you to exercise your superior skills. It’s one thing to be talented, educated, experienced, but executing your management strategy and getting things done needs good digital tools.


Business is online in 2020 and 2021, and customers prefered to be managed and informed via digital channels


You’ll understand better, when you investigate the software, take a demo, and experience ManageCasa’s amazing, user friendly dashboard.

Homeowner association management can be fun and much more successful with ManageCasa. Try it today.


Are you looking to hire a property management company in 2021? Outsourcing HOA and property management is on the increase due to larger property numbers and growing legal and technology challenges. See this list of property management companies in Florida, South Carolina, California, Hawaii, ArizonaColorado and more.

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