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Affordable Business Websites for CAM/HOAs

HOA managers and community association boards have a big challenge in reaching, persuading and activating association members.

If what you do and want isn’t seen, promoted, nor celebrated and shared, it may not draw support from residents.

Traditionally, HOA/CAMs have been light on web marketing, however, you can unlock business value via a website that translates to association management success.  And, integrated with ManageCasa™ platform, it is much more than vanity boost or branding statement. It gets real association business done.

Websites and Your Brand Image

What may have made you hold back previously was the cost of a fully developed association management website.  Yes, residents and those outside the community can use a software portal for information,  However, association websites are a more powerful, complementary, credible channel to create awareness, build quarum, and achieve other association goals.

In some states (e.g., Florida), laws require HOAs to have a publicly accessible website. And having a website integrated with your all in one association management platform is pure bliss.

Fortunately, ManageCasa™ offers a clean, manageable, and cost-effective website solution which you’ll discover provides numerous services and benefits. Learn more about an Association Website here.

Empowering Communications and Promoting Value to the Community

Persuasion is important.  A HOA/CAM website might be your best channel to get your messaging (the way you need it) out there to everyone you must reach.

An HOA/Community Association website has the potential to connect meaningfully with members and get them on board with your initiatives. Websites carry the power and prestige of the WWW and the Internet. Web pages are visible to the public, conveying sincerity, trust, support and a shared experience.

Marketing Websites are visual too, with graphics, photos, and videos which engage members’ minds and hearts. It’s where community cleanup events, parties, charity fundraisers, awards, arts and crafts fairs, and meetings come to life. It’s where social media posts should channel audiences to, for more immersion in your association.

And to some extent, the website shows you care about your community.

18 Benefits of your Affordable HOA/CAM Website:

  1. improves accessibility and communications with members
  2. enhances messaging to get better buy-in from members
  3. distributes information to the public
  4. affordable and functional alternative to custom-designed sites
  5. makes standard documents, applications and forms easily accessible
  6. improves attendance for community meetings
  7. promotes the community widely to potential new residents
  8. provides logins to residents’ portals (for private personal content)
  9. adds prestige to the association (branding)
  10. helps HOA/CAM management firms promote their own businesses
  11. contains blogs/videos to immerse readers in the issues/benefits of the association
  12. educates members about key benefits and matters of the association
  13. creates urgency and positivity
  14. helps members feel more connected to the community
  15. visibility on Google/Bing search engines which most members use
  16. simplify member signups and fee payments
  17. content for sharing on social media such as videos, charts, and photos
  18. creates transparency to build trust

Essentials of Your Community Website

Your new website should include these core features:

  • clean design that enhances your community’s brand and respect for simplicity
  • simplified user-friendly design for troublefree viewing and navigation
  • news pages for announcements, notices and events
  • community calendar for meetings and events
  • responsive design for easy viewing on any digital device
  • logins to resident portal accounts
  • login for online payments

Your HOA/CAM website then offers tremendous functional value and it’s a powerful channel for promoting your association.

HOA/CAM Website Spotlight

A website is just part of the full solution that has delighted our HOA/CAM customers and why they chose ManageCasa.

Lake Lorelei POA

Managers at Lake Lorelei Property Owners Association were seeking a clean, easy, and functional replacement platform. They were also delighted with ManageCasa’s marketing website feature where they could make edits or updates, and have the website interoperable with the HOA/CAM platform.

Woodland at Gilberts HOA

Woodland at Gilberts is a homeowners association in Illinois. The HOA was running all of its operations manually, including collecting owner dues, communicating with members, and running architectural reviews. By bringing all of these processes under one digital platform, simplifying work for an overworked staff (including volunteers) they’re getting their business done efficiently.

Greenbrook HOA 

Managecasa provided a full suite of website features which Greenbrook HOA needed, without being too complex to navigate. Managers were able to greatly simplify their accounting after using spreadsheets for many years. Communications were via Facebook, a popular choice some small communities, however, they realized they needed a business-level communications solution.

After their research, they concluded that ManageCasa’s offering was the best for them.

Final Note:

The ManageCasa customer websites are keys to educating/informing, marketing your association, and enabling involvement from residents.

The Website feature allows to add property listings, add special code, photos, videos, and write blogs for your residents. Configure your site navigation, themes, font styles, social media settings, and more. The ManageCasa support team will help you with your platform switch and implementation challenges.

Discover more about the full ManageCasa HOA/CAM platform. Call us now at 415 800 1245 or use our chat button on our Homepage (bottom right).


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