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Sometimes the reasons landlords don’t adopt landlord software is due to its lack of transparency and easy of use. That confusion can stop users in their tracks.

How many times do we find it hard to take that first step to something better? If that first step is understood and the process is easy to follow, then adopting better business practices is easy.

Some brands of property management software are challenging to learn. The developers assume you’re super motivated to tackle the complex interfaces. That’s rarely the case. In fact, software applications intimidate everyone. Even programmers get frustrated with the software they use.

ManageCasa is Designed for Users

We know that, which is why we developed ManageCasa to be as simple and easy to learn as possible.

Of course, when you sign up and begin using our software, you will have access to an expert to help you get started. However, it’s so easy for most managers, that little assistance is required.

To overcome your resistance about using property management software or landlord software, we’ve developed a set of informative help pages. The help pages usually answer your general questions to help you set things up, such as adding a new property or a new tenant, or adding and distributing documents such as leases.

The help pages improve your confidence that you can master ManageCasa so it will be your core property management tool.

So let’s introduce you to our help files.

ManageCasa Help Center

The Help Center is divided into 14 topic groups. Each section covers the most common tasks and processes you’ll need to know. The issues you have questions about are similar to what other property managers and landlords face.

Tenants, contractors, vendors and other parties who use your platform will also enjoy the convenience of the Customer Help Center. From accounting to payment processing to maintenance tickets and lease management, you’ll gain insight into how landlords and property managers can improve their work.

One of the key Help Center pages is the dashboard overview which you see in the graphic below.

Some landlord software dashboards are cumbersome and time consuming to master. To landlords, that’s downtime. ManageCasa was designed to be visually intuitive and make the daily work process flow well. This helps customers stay focused on their tasks and get them completed.

ManageCasa Property Management Software Overview

Demo ManageCasa

After you’ve perused the ManageCasa Help Center, you’ll be confident enough to set up a demo with us where you can see the actual workings of the software and the user dashboard.

Even after a couple of hours of using this landlord software, setting up properties and tenants, doing some test maintenance tickets, and using the messaging system, you’ll feel more confident.

We’re looking forward to speaking with you and helping you solve your property management challenges.


Ready to commit to ManageCasa seriously? An actual software demo is your next step.


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