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Whether you live in a Victorian two-bedroom home, rent a crammed New York City studio, or own multiple properties, we all face the same headaches that come with housing. Between our long workdays, busy class schedules, and running errands for the family, the last thing we want to worry about is misplacing important documents, bills due, or finding a plumber for that annoying sink leak. In this ever-growing digital age, it’s surprising how archaic we have been when it comes to property management.

Welcome to ManageCasa.  ManageCasa is a web and mobile platform that allows users to securely keep and access important documents, open discussion amongst people living under the same roof, between tenants and landlords, homeowners and agents, home contractors, and property management, and keeps track of property maintenance to-do’s, anytimeanywhere. ManageCasa fosters collaboration and get work done faster and easier than ever before.


As a homeowner, you may be all too familiar with shuffling through piles of papers to find misplaced, important documents and checks, deal with the aftermath when a big storm disrupts your cable service, and are stuck with finding the right people to keep your home well-maintained.

As a renter, you can’t believe that you’re still tearing checks out of that checkbook and hope it makes it safely into the hands of your landlord. And with roommates, trying to figure out how to split utilities or who’s calling property management to get the light fixed (and then playing the waiting game until the electrician shows up).

And on the other end, landlords have an equal share of concerns. You pray checks show up on time and go through, and that your tenants are taking care of your property.

Want to know who to call for the thermostat? Just look at the picture uploaded on the timeline online when the thermostat was first installed. How about if April’s gas bill has been paid? Set it up with ManageCasa and simply go online to find out. Or perhaps the wi-fi is behaving oddly. Easily pull up your internet account information on your ManageCasa profile while on the phone with the internet company. From homeowners, tenants, and agents, to contractors, electricians, and handymen, ManageCasa’s property and home organization tool is for everyone. Get Started. It’s Free

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