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Hawaii Property Management Companies

December 06, 2021

Hawaii Property Management Services

As you’ve read in our Hawaii real estate report, demand for investment property is hot. Given Hawaii’s tremendous tourism industry, the rise of Airbnb, and a vibrant economy, the demand for vacation, houses and apartment rentals is huge.

Property Managers & Good Software

Many new Hawaii landlords begin with some good landlord software that allows them to scale up and progress their revenue and earnings. Some move into multifamily ownership buying blocks of apartments and with new property management software they can manage them successfully.

With that in mind, are you managing these Hawaii properties yourself, or is your 50+ properties too much for you to handle? You’re likely considering hiring a property management services company. Before you look and compare a few of them, take a moment to consider what most Hawaiian landlords look for in a property manager.

And remember particularly, that they should be using an easy to use, software that will help you with your property accounting, automate tenant transactions, and quicken response times. It’s all about keeping your precious tenants happy, and doing the work effectively. These new software solutions are critical for success.

Property Manager Qualifications in the State of Hawaii

According to state laws, those who own and rent property in Hawaii must have a Hawaii property manager. The rules stipulate that the property agent must live on the same island as your property.

Your Hawaii property manager must possess a real estate to sell, buy, lease, or manage real property. You may need an additional local person to collect taxes. This property manager/realtor must be familiar with the various laws and rules that govern managing real property in Hawaii.

These rental property rules include the Hawaii’s Landlord Tenant Code, state tax reporting requirements for transient accommodation operators, and Hawaii’s fair housing laws. You can read them here.

For maintenance and repairs you may hire a local handyman as long as the fee doesn’t exceed $1000. This does not apply to plumbing or electrical work, where a licensed contractor is required.

IREM and NARPM Membership

IREM (which administers the CPM certification) has chapters in Hawaii. Do ensure your Hawaii property manager has some memberships and credentials such as a CPM certification through IREM. Ensure they are members in good standing with the The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).

Of course, you can find more about how to choose a property management company on our site, and focus on what is the best property manager.

We thought we’d take a moment to point out a few property managers you to help you in your search. We will not endorse any of the property management companies below.

Honolulu Property Management Company

Honolulu Property Management

Honolulu Property Management is a team of trained property managers and licensed real estate professionals who make rental property management their full-time professional commitment. They manage a portfolio of nearly 700 properties across the island of Oahu for more than 500 owners worldwide.

Hawaii Property Management
1003 Bishop St. # 2250
Honolulu, Hawaii
(808) 596-2511

Pearl City Property Management Company

HI Pacific Property Management

Founded in 2013, Hawaii Pacific Property Management is a full-service property management company which serves the island of Oahu including Pearl City. The firm manages more than 600 throughout the island of Oahu. they believe you should hire them for 2 reasons: To protect your home, and to put money in your account.

HI Pacific Property Management
99-209 Moanalua Rd #307
Alea, Oahu, Hawaii,
T: (808) 445-9223

Hilo Property Management Companies

Day Lum Rentals and Management

Day-Lum Rentals & Management, Inc., is the largest property management company on the Big Island. They provide property management services in residential, commercial, and association management for East Hawaii, along the Hamakua Coast and throughout Hilo, Puna and Volcano.

The property management team at Day-Lum Rentals & Management, Inc. handles maintenance and repair needs, tenant rent collection, tenant screening, and providing financial reports on your rental property.

Day-Lum Rentals & Management
2 Kamehameha Avenue
Hilo, HI 96720-2830
Phone: (808) 935-4152

Kailua Property Management Companies

Stott Property Management

Stott Property Management was launched in 1978 as a traditional real estate company. They currently use 2 property managers to service their rentals.

Stott Property Management
970 N Kalaheo Ave, C-114
Kailua, Hawaii

Are you an investment property buyer? For more information on property management and Hawaii real estate, please click through to our blog.

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