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Growth is Good in Property Management

February 10, 2019

5 Key Calculations That Show Where Your Business is Going

How’s your spring season going? Too busy as usual?  Too busy might mean you don’t have an eye on where your business is heading.  We can help you with that and see the wisdom of growing.

It’s during these late spring work rushes that real issues with our businesses pop up. Not to mention the stress. You’re pushing staff, making them work overtime, and responding professionally to all sorts of emergencies, requests and other property management challenges. However, do your business analytics say there’s trouble brewing?

We’ve got 5 key calculations you need to make that will show whether your business is on the right path or wrong path.

Time to Tame the Frenzy

Is a frenzy of contractors, repairs, delays, bills, tenant complaints, and time pressures making you sick to your stomach?  The way to cool it down is to increase your properties managed and manage them with new technology created to help you manage and scale up when ready.

Business at small scale is too tough for anyone. That’s why small businesses struggle and fail. They need to get out of small scale quicker to where it’s profitable.  Property managers can and should grow with new multifamily properties and apartment units and upgrade to new management solutions. Actually, this could save your business.

Reactive Management is Expensive

You have to keep your clients happy, but is your reactive management strategy a big threat to a sustainable business? Have you calculated the costs overall and the whether your marginal costs are improving? We can help you do that.

Calculate Where You’re Headed

Here’s 5 simple calculations to help you view where your business is going viewable in your property management software console:

  1. calculate your growth in profit margin
  2. calculate rate of growth of operating costs
  3. calculate rate of growth of staffing costs
  4. calculate rate of growth of contractor and staff hours
  5. calculate rate of growth maintenance tickets and time to resolution

These are just a few of the financial management and reporting features ManageCasa can help you with. Knowing more, even in real time can give you amazing insights. It’s a system you should rely on every day.

Stable, Manageable Growth

Any business consultant worth their salt, will tell you that long term thinking has to be your guide. You’re in business to stay in business.  After making your property management business health checkup, you’ll see the value in property management solutions. Along with a low price they offer amazing power, insight, and efficiency.  You can reduce reactive management, reduce overtime cost, and decrease tenant maintenance tickets.

Landlords and multifamily investors want to know you’re on board with these modern solutions. When we speak to them at property management trade shows, they know how important this technology is. They so realize that old school business models will fail under increasing pressure.

Check out our important posts on choosing the right property management softwareproperty management trends , how to scale up your business, powering up with software, and accounting for property managers.

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