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The Mobile Landlord/Property Manager

November 04, 2019

Property Managers on the Move

Have you been thinking about ditching the office expense completely and going mobile? It’s a trend as property costs are rising so fast.

And the advantages of going completely mobile isn’t just reduced expenses. Mobile can make you feel a lot better, open your mind to growth, and improve your tenant management and property management.

You might become a tenant experience manager allowing you to discover and deliver the lifestyle experience they want.

Maybe you already use your smartphone at work? Is this mobile property management? No. Mobile property management describes 100% out of the office managing. It means you’ve dumped stationary, stagnant work habits and you’re more responsive and service oriented. Tenants will really like that.

In fact, if they see you immersed in mobile tech yourself, it is proof positive that you’re their dream property manager.

Tenants are hoping for a convenient, stress-free and easy going relationship and they feel technology is integral to that experience. Mobile is the single point of contact for an easy rental lifestyle.

What Does Going Mobile Mean?

The proliferation of mobile devices and apps is making it easier for us all to get out from behind our desks and into the field where our customers are. Mobile simply means being where you can create the most value for landlord owners and tenants.

The devices and services are there to help you do your work more easily. There’s apps for landlords and apps for property managers, and entire cloud based platforms to make property management easy.

You can answer calls and texts, schedule repairs, coordinate with contractors, check and update leases, share files with owners/tenants a needed, check on repairs/maintenance being done to ensure they’re okay, and visit upset tenants to calm them and reduce maintenance requests and complaints.

5G is Where Mobile Explodes in Popularity

As we inch closer to very high bandwidth 5G communications capability, the limits on the mobile property management will disappear. 5G will impact the use of your property management software, operations, and the amenities young renters absolutely want.

The era of the deskbound property manager and landlord is ending. The new mobile technology makes managing much more convenient. When you can get out of that chair, it can lift your spirits, help your health, and allow you to keep on top of what’s really creating happy, forever-leased tenants.

Why Would you Go Mobile?

ease and convenience — less commuting time, quicker response to renters
automate operations — from showings, to move ins, all the way to maintenance requests from tenant to contractor
not stuck in an office — and get work done wherever you are
more visible and answerable to tenants — trust, satisfaction, and less friction
take advantage of marketing automation  — make your work easier
free up time to do social media and other marketing tasks  — create better tenant relations and promote your business
less painful sitting in an office chair — fewer hip and back problems
more engaged with your properties and tenants — delivering satisfaction
connect better with a landlord or service contractors —  less mistakes and confusion

Join Other Landlords and Property Managers

Another key reason you’d go mobile is because it’s what other top property managers and landlords are doing so. Experienced SMB landlords and property managers have no problem going mobile. They need the time savings.

They like the simplified solutions including apps, software and devices offered today to keep them out of an office chair.

It’s a transition you can easily make now, and a property manager workstyle you’ll like. Discover 9 things you’ll need to go mobile.

What Does it Take to Go Mobile?

Software and devices are essentials and they’re easy to obtain and manage. The software for instance is cloud based, and in subscription SaaS format so you don’t need to buy or install. It’s all ready to go and mobile friendly for you or any staff you may have.

You’ll find your communications taking place through your property management app, SMS, and phone rather than email. That can make communication more effective saving you time.

What are the Tools You Need?

A good smartphone with a large screen and a tablet with a 10″ screen. You don’t want to be squinting and guessing at what you read and see on your phone. Errors are costly.  A laptop in your car or service vehicle makes it easy.  A comfortable car seat helps.

Having in car secure wifi network connection, or a cellular connection gives you access to your property management software securely.

Cloud Based Property Management Software

It’s the cloud that provides truly mobile software and an intensive security protection. That lets you confidently do your business on public networks (ensure a secure wifi connection and your property software uses https secure connections). With proprietary hardware hosted on your office hard drive, you could be vulnerable to hackers. Do ensure you have good virus and intrusion detection on your smartphone and laptop device.

When it comes to customer data, you need to be very careful.

The choice to become a mobile property manager will be made when you’re ready. Every day you delay, you reduce your profit, earnings, and service level.  This is an exciting time for you.


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