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12 Ways You’ll Go Mobile in Property Management

The Joy of Mobile Property Management

What’s especially nice for a landlord or property manager is to manage properties from anywhere.  Yet the bigger benefit of going mobile might be that it’s a better way to work.

Our development and technical team have worked hard to build ManageCasa’s reputation as an easy to learn and use property management platform with amazing work functionality. If you’re still using a big clunky solution that has limited mobile features, then 2022 is definitely the time to upgrade.

Improve Productivity, Get More Done

Mobile property management might sound intimidating at first, yet when you realize you can do all your work at your properties, near them, on the road, at home, or while vacationing, it makes sense to go mobile with ManageCasa. The mobile app is available on Google Play.

What’s remarkable about a mobile property management app  is your ability to conduct appliance and unit inspections, take pictures and videos, record important notes, and schedule maintenance/repairs immediately. There are a host of benefits that come with mobile operations including reducing workload , improved maintenance, lower operating costs and protecting your operating budget.

Mobile for Your Tenants Too

More consumers are using their smartphones to do everything from shopping, to social media, to using personal business apps such as banking, insurance, investment activities etc.  Young renters love the ManageCasa mobile app.

Their affinity for mobile solutions is going to be an important connecting point for your business in future.

And the mobile revolution continues to roll along and any businesses who haven’t mastered mobile tools/services can find themselves irrelevant to customers. And with 5G cell service rolling out, you’re able to get fast, reliable access to your data, via smartphone, tablet or laptop.

12 Ways to Take Advantage of a Mobile Platform/System

  1. use ManageCasa’s online marketing website to post your unit photos/videos
  2. use ManageCasa’s online marketing website to advertise your listings (syndicated service)
  3. use ManageCasa’s platform to enjoy smartphone screen sizing, optimized for easier finger control
  4. use ManageCasa’s property management platform to enable online rent payments, bill payment and owner distribution
  5. get instant alerts about account activity or important communications via the mobile app
  6. conduct rental property inspections using your smartphone/tablet
  7. conduct leasing activities, speak to tenants, and show your property virtually while rental prospects are in the actual unit to view it
  8. use property management software’s tenant portal to communicate directly with tenants without distraction or telephone tag
  9. take pictures, videos and make notes as you inspect your rentals to create maintenance and repair tickets
  10. scan invoices and other documents to digitize them for easier data entry
  11. use SaaS cloud-based tools to provide greater software utility to tenants and add digital services
  12. access your tenant/property data securely via the cloud

There are many more reasons to go mobile including enjoying more freedom and hopefully more personal time to give you work/life balance.

Once you get into the swing of things with your ManageCasa’s mobile app, you’ll see how your workflow improves to help you get more accomplished. If sitting at a desk during the pandemic has you and your staff feeling a little down, then getting back out and mobile will provide an emotional lift.

Cut your workload with all the tools ManageCasa offers. Use mobile power to visit tenants and ensure you get them signed to a new lease. Show units and onboard more new tenants virtually, when you can’t be there in person.

Discover more about what you need to go mobile, and become a true mobile powered property manager.


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