Get on that Nice List – Tips around the Holidays for Property Managers and Landlords

The end of the year is a busy time for many people, but can be an eerily quiet time for property managers and landlords with typical year-end vacancies. Leasing rates between November and December area extremely low for even high-profile properties. This slow-down is known as part of the business cycle, but if you are a proactive property manager or landlord, you can use this time to boost your relationship with existing tenants and prepare yourself for the year to come! ManageCasa shares a few tips that are sure to warm the hearts of existing tenants and get the attention of new ones:


1. Small Gifts to Show You Care

Personalized Cards or even small Gift Cards for local stores can be a great gesture for your tenants. Consider partnering with local shops or stores for potential discounts, or purchase gift cards in bulk for discounts.

2. Introduce Incentive Programs

The holiday season is a fitting time to introduce Incentive Programs that extend beyond the holiday season. Incentive Programs to consider might be $100 gift card for a year-worth of on-time payments, for example. Make sure to plan in advance of actual holiday dates to not interfere with plans and have your program be looked up.

3. Join in on the Festivities!

One great way to spread the word of your business or your properties is through word of mouth, and what better channel to do that during the holidays than to get festive, decorate, and host a holiday party! Inviting your tenants, friends and family, and your office can help build bonds and community. Plus, if your tenants bring friends or family who may also be property searching, they’ll have a warm impression of their potential, future landlord or property management office!

4. Offer Winter Maintenance Check-ups

Scheduling with tenants around the holidays may sound like an impossible job, but framing maintenance updates and inspections differently will get you the responses you are seeking! Remind tenants how much hassle it would be for the thermostat to go haywire, for old insulation leaving the property drifty, or the alarm system to accidentally trip, or worse, not trip! Conducting these maintenance inspections should be routine for you anyway, but framing inspections in this light will help you get responses sooner, making your job easier and leaves your tenants with peace of mind.

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