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Generate New Property Management Leads

February 17, 2022

Use ManageCasa to Create More Owner Leads

Recent surveys show lead generation and new clients are a big priority this year for property management companies. Do you have an active strategy for capturing them via online channels?

ManageCasa may have all you need to get in front of quality landlords and investors to present your company as the most compelling property management firm in your city. How about some tips to fill up your lead funnel?

Of course, great new owner leads never happen magically. They arise when your business has good online exposure and offers the right value proposition to property owners. Sure, some local leads happen organically out of conducting your daily business, but that organic process doesn’t mean you’re on the radar of the best real estate investment firms and owners.

The good ones will be gauging your firm’s capabilities and professionalism.  They’ll want to know about your use of technology.  Is it modern, powerful, flexible, and simple for staff to use?

Solving Landlords Key Paint Points

With market growth and continued consolidation in 2022, property owners will need help with their growing pains. It’s one thing to apply a management strategy to a group of 100 properties, but ramp that up to 5000 units and pain points galore appear.

Yet, with a few more staff leveraging the power of digital technology and mobile tools, you’re suddenly able to manage significantly more properties and owners. Never discount the power of efficiency. It’s a lack of efficiency that’s leading landlord/owners to you.

Deep Dive into Owner Pain Points

Major rental property owners are looking for you because they’re in trouble. That’s the only time owners look for options. Old management concepts and old tools fly in the face of a fast evolving rental market. It’s wise to get refreshed on the specific reasons why they need help.

Here are key areas of concern for property owners in 2022/2023:

  • rising costs in materials and services
  • trained qualified property management staff shortages
  • greater challenges in service logistics for maintenance, repairs and renovations
  • increasing amount of administration
  • new, unknown tenant bases
  • more regulation in the industry
  • rising interest rates
  • rising taxes and fewer tax loopholes and incentives
  • difficult, uncooperative tenants
  • increasing costs to upgrade old apartment buildings and houses
  • tenant churn and vacancy costs rising
  • tenant turnover costs
  • retaining reliable trained staff

It’s your digital property management platform that responds to their pain points. Through automation, self-service tools, and improved service-response, cloud based property management systems are streamlining work and preventing problems from happening.

ManageCasa has the tools, and the means to communicate service superiority online.

Key Value Points for Owners

1. Property Management Marketing

Strong marketing gives you reach to landlords. If they can’t see your company, how can they hire you? Marketing entails a wide range of activities to ensure you get exposure in what is a highly fragmented audience today. You have many channels including outdoor ads, websites, ppc ads, email, Google exposure, social media, and radio ads that give you reach.

Since all advertising has to send prospects somewhere, it will be your website that is the endpoint. After all, your website is best to present your company culture, technology use, service quality, and cost-efficiency.

Your marketing website helps shape owners perceptions.  Your ManageCasa customer website will be this kind of focus showcasing communications, professionalism, and your use of marketing automation. These will impress them.

2. Establishing the Power of your Company Brand

The power of branding is under appreciated. Your company brand is the mental image that moves customers emotionally. It etches your value proposition into their brains to make your company the most significant provider in the market. When you’re successful with branding, you erase competition. Landlords will recognize the value of your offer and focus entirely on your company. This is how you convert the leads.

3. Showcasing Your Technology

Landlords handing over their properties for you to manage want to know you’ve mastered technology.  You can demonstrate well using the easy to comprehend and manageable ManageCasa dashboard.

Showing them your mastery of the latest, next generation, cloud based property management platform will peak their attention. All in one services, streamlined workflow, automated payments and profit disbursement, and automated maintenance ticketing are a beautiful thing to landlords.

A good property management system will make it easy for you to showcase your skills. The tech benefits of the platform will be easier for them to comprehend, and build confidence in you. Your choice of software reflects your own ambitions. If you’re using a enterprise solution suitable for 100,000+ properties, the landlord will feel you’re not really dedicated to their properties and tenants on a personal level. Enterprise solutions are in another space entirely.

With ManageCasa’s property management software, you have one that’s modern, cloud-based, with plenty of modular units to let you shape your work to the landlord’s liking. Introducing them to ManageCasa’s attractive, user friendly dashboard will convince them you’re organized and tenant friendly.

You’re not just managing properties, you’re serving tenants and owners well!

4. Can They Understand How you Optimize Operations?

Owners see their staff overloaded and contractor costs are rocketing, and their operations budget is being eaten alive. When you demo the ManageCasa platform with them, they’ll recognize the simplicity and ease it provides.

Review the full feature set you’ll be proudly displaying to them. Don’t discount the power ManageCasa will give you in generating leads and closing deals.

5. Value Added with ManageCasa

Part of building your property management company brand is differentiating your firm from competitors. Being unique is just part of it however. Really success comes from personalizing your service to landlord prospects and making your company the most significant one to them.

Optimizing the 5 areas highlighted above could create demand for your property management business. Growth is good, and more profit is even better.

Learn more about ManageCasa property management software.

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