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Fun Things To Do While Self-Isolating

March 30, 2020

Keeping Kids Busy and Having Fun!

In the US and many other countries, we’re into the 2nd and 3rd weeks of self-isolation. With kids out of school, confined to their homes or apartments, it is tough for parents and kids.

Big picture view however, is that it could be a great opportunity for a family to bond and grow. But isolation and confinement is very tough on kids.  Their minds have to be guided and occupied.

Fortunately, we’ve got some kid activity ideas below for fun and stimulating activities to help them stay engaged and burn off some energy. Could be a fascinating time for many of them.

Fun for the Kids!

Naughty Girl

You’re probably already thinking at this point that your kids have attention deficit disorder, but for them, sitting around for a month is not easy.

A range of different activities can go far to keep them fully immersed and occupied. Fun for kids won’t just happen though. You need some kid friendly activity ideas.

Fortunately, we’ve collected some ideas to break the ice and get them onto more productive and effective use of their new found time.

It’s Not All Bad!

Read at home for kids — free download of fun games and schedules

School kids and adults could return to work/school in a month or so with a new sense of relaxation, energy and readiness to learn and innovate. For kids especially, the daily grind of commuting to school and following a rigid schedule inhibits natural behavior and imagination.

What to Do With The Kids and Tweens?

You may have another full month of self-isolation. Perhaps it’s wise to capture some ideas on fun activities to keep your kids quietly occupied and out of trouble.

With little socialization, kids will miss their friends. Spending so much time with your family can help strengthen your bonds and make them emotionally stronger. Perhaps you should focus on that as part of your Corona Virus survival plan?

Young kids and teens will need different tactics, and yes you should quietly interest your teens during this time too. Being isolated with just a computer/smartphone playing online games and chatting on Instagram and Facebook creates issues for them.

Interest Kids in Creative Expression

Whether it’s art projects or computer games, you can dress up learning as something really fun. From indoor obstacle courses to virtual tours to online games, there’s plenty of variety to keep them occupied. If you can’t make something yourself, you can buy kits and materials online at Amazon and have them shipped.

icon Table games – yes games like scrabble, monopoly, snakes and ladders, table hockey, and mini-basketball can be very engaging for kids and consume lots of time. Just make sure it doesn’t get too competitive.

icon   Watching nice movies – Change what you normally watch for comedies, adventure, travel, and light cartoons. Check out some of the old cartoon series for kids such as bugs bunny, Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, Sponge Bob, and the Jetsons. See past Sesame Street shows. They’re most non-violent with good values.

It’s a break from the slick, politically correct material that’s pushed on them everyday. It will help them relate better to you since you watched these same cartoons yourself as a child.

icon    Cooking / Baking at whatever level appropriate for their age – yes, if you’ve got the necessary ingredients, then find some recipes to give the tykes a sense of accomplishment to make their own food. Read up a little and tell them stories about your parents cooking and baking and why each type of food. Ask them about the foods they like and don’t like for a good education about kids preferences.

icon   ebook reading – find them kids ebooks they can relate to. You can find them at Amazon, Chapters or Barnes and Noble’s websites. Some of them have read along features.

When mom and dad encourage kids to freely explore drawing, it is much different than with a teacher. With a guiding hand and kind words, you can help them get immersed in self-expression. Those feelings will show in what they produce too, so you can see what’s going on in their little minds.

icon   Art for kids – Check out to start.

icon   International exploration – Expose kids to fun things from other countries 

Every country has their culture and peculiar activities. Check out Canadian kids sites, and Australian kids sites for educational materials and typical activities.

icon   Virtual Tours and Visitsvirtual Zoo tours, enjoy Virtual Museums, and go to the live cams at The San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Cams for kids. Screenshot courtesy of San Diego Zoo.

icon   Explore Unique Art sites – such as the Haida Indians of Canada

icon   Spa Day for the girls – Yes a Day Spa! – do a pretend Mani/Pedi/foot soak/face mask and then let them make some jewelry out of pasta or beads.
icon   Origami – Origami animals, fish and birds 
icon   Build stuff with Lego Blocks 
icon   Play some fun kids online games at Funbrain

icon   Indoor obstacles – build an indoor obstacle course 
icon   Fun things for teens: A bucket list for them to shoot for.
icon   Teens can Cook and Bake — get some simple ideas and instruction and make them make dinner
icon   Wash and wax the car: make kids earn their rides by washing, cleaning, detailing the family car
icon   What about Tweens? here’s 200 more ideas:
icon   Gardening for teens. Whatever plant they’d like to grow this year, let them dream.

icon   Redecorate their rooms – let them imagine different scenarios for redecorating their rooms.

The staff at ManageCasa offer you our best wishes for getting through this unusual period for us all.

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