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Expo Real 2022 in Munich

Expo Real Germany – The International Trade Fair for Property

We had a great time at Europe’s most important real estate event — EXPO REAL!

It’s annual event and brought us closer to the Deutsche rental housing scene, and we enjoyed meeting so many pros in the German market.

EXPO REAL was a unique and massive event brings together top professionals internationally providing a different view of how technology can solve the issues of International property management companies, landlords, real estate investors and entrepreneurs in the real estate space.

We onto our next event in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 1st to 3rd for the annual OPTech Conference. Please do drop by our booth and take this opportunity to ask important questions about technology and your property management business. Your business deserves the best information and guidance, particularly technology adoption or transition to new software.

Live in Munich!

ManageCasa attended in partnership with Swiss Proptech and Swiss Circle in their Pavillion. If you’re in the area, we hope you will attend too, and join an expected 19,000 participants and 2000 exhibitors for Europe’s big conference, one the best conferences in the world.

Expo Real Conference in Munich Germany was a huge event with 60,000 feet of trade show space.  250 experts spoke during the conference sessions.

We look forward to speaking with you at the many property management conferences we attend throughout the year to discover more about the opportunities you’re looking to invest in.


Learn more about ManageCasa’s leading technology in our SaaS-based, cloud powered property management platform for rental property management professionals.


ManageCasa attends many of the top property management conferences and trade shows in the US and Europe.

And while the events are a great networking and compelling social experience, they are seriously important opportunities to access a very profitable investment niche — due to a persistent, demand for rental properties and continuous high rent prices.

Expo Real: A Major Exhibition Event for Rental Property Technology

Real Expo Munich. Screenshot courtesy of RealExpo.

More than 1200+ exhibitors were on the 60,000 square foot trade show floor. Attendees enjoyed a grand opportunity to learn more from genuine real estate sector experts. You can buy tickets here.

Attendees were with firms across the entire real estate sector, and it was an international audience. Attendees are:

  • Project developers and controllers
  • Investors and financers
  • property management firms
  • property management technology firms
  • architects and planners
  • real estate managers
  • Asset and property managers


We will open seven halls again instead of the five we had last time. The strong response proves how valuable EXPO REAL is for the real estate industry to keep on track for business success amid the many challenges it faces. The show will once again feature traditional joint pavilions, for example from the Netherlands, Austria and France. The U.S. will also be represented and, for the first time, the Madrid region” — Stefan Rummel, Managing Director of Messe München

Key Trade Fair Since 1998

Live today October 4th, 2022

It was the 24th annual show and brought together noted experts to discuss the latest trends and innovations of the real estate, investment and financing markets. And most importantly, organizers put an emphasis on networking.

The 2022 conference focus was on ESG, climate protection, the creation of affordable housing, and the current interest rate policy.

The 2022 Trade Fair had 3 key areas:

  1. The PLANNING & PARTNERSHIP FORUM highlights the individual asset classes.
  3. The EXHIBITOR STAGE, open to exhibitors for topics directly related to the real estate industry

The Trade Fair provides an opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to match up and assess investment opportunities in rental property. Given the demand for rental property within a suppressed supply of rentals, discussions and matchups should be animated this year.

The event includes a large, and impressive list of industry expert speakers holding a large variety of topical sessions.

Conference Sessions

The conference starts off on October 4th with the session entitled “ESG Invest and Engage: Ways and Practice, Pay In and Pay Off.” That will be followed with a discussion of “What’s Happening in Europe’s Housing Markets.”

On Oct 5th, attendees njoyed the opening session on “Startups & Innovation: Sell and Rent Digitally.” Easy. Emotionally. Efficient, followed at 3:00 pm with “Real Estate Debt: Banks Are Not the Only Lenders.

And on Oct 6th, we had the Exhibitor section, “Attracting and retaining talent, an important discussion of retaining your top talent.”

Attnendees enjoyed the innovative, perhaps groundbreaking Expo Real app to plan preferred educational sessions during the 3 day event.  The tours service helped attendees get a better idea of all the conference offers and where their time was best spent.

Expo Real Exhibition Map. Screenshot courtesy of Expo Real.

That’s just a sampling of the speaker sessions at the 2022 show.  See you in Las Vegas!

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