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When some property managers consider switching to a new property management software, they may check out pricing sheets right away.

Small business landlords even more frequently visit the pricing web page even though other pages are more important to their businesses. In fact, today’s software is a veritable bargain and is usually priced the same by all providers.

If pricing isn’t mission critical, why is the pricing page so compelling? Let’s take a completely novel look at the pricing page so you get what you’re really after.



Before any evaluation begins, you need to determine what existing issues you’re looking to solve or what processes you’re seeking to streamline or automate — from Startup Nation


When landlords and property managers arrive on these pricing sheets, they find a bewildering array of packaged offers with micro-discounts for some features. And on general software review sites, they see even more and mysterious ratings.  Yet, in the end, one company’s pricing is not much different from their competitors — almost templated across the industry.


A focus on price might mean the buyer isn’t sure how to evaluate the product.

And what if the final, number one factor is how the product makes you feel about your work and your potential for success? This feel good component is something few providers mention. When you and your staff feel good about a key product you’re using, it might override any pricing or other feature. But let’s look deeper.

Is SaaS Pricing Relevant at All?

If pricing is similar across all providers, is this matter much ado about nothing? Or is the clarity, transparency and trustworthiness of the offer what’s really being sold on the page? How would a highly successful property manager view the price sheet?

The software product itself reduces business costs more than any price discounts offered. Wouldn’t features, workflow, automation, digital services, and other elements be the true objectives?

In this researcher’s study of data and reviews, it is the business value, trust and performance that most managers seek.

Some SaaS software companies avoid the pricing question at their own peril, because the prospect has to accept on faith that pricing is competitive and will not escalate out of control. It’s not price comparison, it’s trust and cost liability comparison.

Transparent Pricing Gives Confidence

What price sheets do offer you is a quick look at the breadth of services delivered and the depth of tasks the software provides. It may act as a snapshot of services, packaged to give you the confidence the product has everything you need and the provider is reliable and helpful.

If you review ManageCasa’s price page, you’ll note the Base Plan + Addon Modules is loaded. Most serious property managers will choose that plan because of the core service quality plus flexibility in options.

Trust and Reliability

Prospective buyers want to know the SaaS product is honestly presented, so they’re not wasting their time with further investigation. Despite all the price gamesmanship, it’s likely few managers really break the long term price down fully. This is because cost isn’t the issue — it’s the promise of value and being reliable and trustworthy.

Sometimes, pricing schemes go bonkers with convoluted pricing packages which appear as though the company is desperate to avoid price comparisons.

Some companies do hit a volume of calls, transactions, doors or users where their service charges jump quickly. Buyers are just looking for a ball park figure, but avoiding surprises and big cost increases is part of the analysis.

Key Values Sought by Property Managers

  • powerful all in one platform with seamless integration of core services (maintenance, accounting, payments, communications, product support)
  • easy for property management staff to use and enjoy using
  • add on modules, if and when you need them (priced appropriately for easy calculation)

Transparent Pricing Important

ManageCasa’s pricing structure is presented clearly with a competitive per door rate that doesn’t escalate. Added features (services/modules) are clearly marked for price and service packages are also easy to understand. Also available is a limited time free trial subscription to let managers take it for a test drive. See more on ManageCasa’s software pricing.

Property Management Software Pricing Comparison

Property Management Software Price Charts
Company50 Rental Units200 Rental Units
3000 Rental Units
Yardi MatrixN/AN/AN/A
* Pricing extracted from published rates on provider’s website at time of writing. Prices at unit levels above 5,000 units is generally a custom quote.


When we speak of property management software, we’re referring more to a professional quality product that’s designed to help manage an array of property management clientele and rental assets.

Key Features

You have your list of features you need, and accounting and financial management are likely a priority.

Accounting/financial management requires meeting evolving government guidelines as they change. Given inflationary rises in costs, budget management is vital. How you manage your money for each and every client and property is essential as we head toward 2023/2024. This means the accounting module might take top ranking.

A solution that looks simple, friendly, human-centered and is custom-designed can charge a premium. It’s not just features you’re buying, but rather the experience of enjoying work and getting things done.

Typically property managers look for these core features:

  1. all in one platform including professional level accounting to online payments to a communications module that users enjoy using
  2. powerful, double entry accounting module to keep accurate accounts and impose few limits
  3. online payments feature allowing renters to pay many different ways (e.g., stripe payment platform)
  4. versatile application to include student housing, marinas, storage, HOA/COA accounts
  5. cloud-based speed, storage, scalability and data security
  6. owner portals to provide owners with direct views of key information and performance in real time
  7. add on marketing website for advertising, marketing, SEO, lead generation, and brand management
  8. online maintenance ticketing and scheduled inspections and follow ups


Explore ManageCasa’s software prices and powerful features now.  Discover a superb product designed by property managers for property managers.


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