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Best Priced Property Management Software

Property Management Software Prices 2024

Landlords and association managers often weigh pricing more heavily in their valuations of software platforms than they should.

Because it’s a fact that SaaS property management software is a bargain for any large portfolio. Today, all-in-one platforms offers workflow automation, online payments, and professional-level accounting, along with streamlined maintenance and tenant management. It’s time savings plus service extensions.

However, if pricing is still an issue, you’ll want to make your cost calculations carefully.  Most property management software companies have customized pricing to avoid price comparisons.

Transparent Pricing is Important

ManageCasa’s pricing structure is presented clearly with a competitive per-door rate that declines with more rental units. Added features (services/modules) allow you to customize your subscription. Also available is a limited-time free trial subscription to let managers take it for a test drive. See more on ManageCasa’s software pricing.

Property Management Software Pricing Comparison

BrandFree Trial?Cost/50 UnitsCost/2000 Units


When we speak of property management software, we’re referring more to a professional quality product that’s designed to help manage an array of property management clientele and rental assets.

Key Features

You have your list of features you need, and accounting and financial management are likely a priority.

Typically property managers look for these core features:

  1. all in one platform including professional-level accounting, online payments and a communications module that users enjoy using
  2. powerful, double-entry accounting module to keep more accurate accounts with fewer limits
  3. online payments allows renters to pay many different ways (e.g., stripe payment platform)
  4. versatile application to include student housing, marinas, storage, HOA/COA accounts
  5. cloud-based speed, storage, scalability and data security
  6. owner portals to provide owners with direct views of key information and performance in real-time
  7. add on marketing website for advertising, marketing, SEO, lead generation, and brand management
  8. online maintenance ticketing and scheduled inspections and follow-ups


Explore ManageCasa’s software package prices and powerful features now.


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