European Cities with Rental Market Rises

For property managers interested in expanding the spectrum of businesses and customers, European cities are a great place to start looking. ManageCasa brings you insight into the fastest growing EU cities. Currently, Stockholm’s population is growing the fastest, followed by Copenhagen, Oslo, London, Helsinki, Berlin, and Dublin.

Stockholm: The location around the baltic sea is expanding in population. Stockholm stands at a great location and a growing entrepreneurial market and financial technology industry is contributing to this growth.

Copenhagen is a bustling center as a cleantech leader. The cleantech sector increased over 55% in 5 years, compared to 8% for manufacturing.
Oslo Norway (4)







Oslo is a center for the maritime sector, home for large shipping companies and other maritime services. Additionally, Oslo continues to excel in environmental technology research, with an increase of startups and companies in renewable energy. Norway leads in global rankings for wealth and wellbeing, which encourages many people to immigrate into the city centers.

London is a city that is growing in every industry. The governments et up “Tech City” to spread the digital economy. And as expected, the finance industry continues to stand as its biggest industry.

Helsinki White & Case

Helsinki leads in the cleantech sector, as well as the information and communications technology sector. Many young people have moved into the city center, hiking up the property and rent prices.

Berlin leads the country in IT startups, with more venture capital invested in IT and startups by three times than any other state in Germany. It also has Germany’s largest digital economy workforce. as experienced the biggest increase of apartments built in all of Germany. Over 6,600 apartments were built in 2013, and 12,000 state-owned apartments are expected to be built.

Dublin has seen a tremendous surge in businesses as Ireland’s tax policies greatly benefit businesses. It is also known as the “Silicon Valley of Europe” due to the number of information and communication technology companies that have created an office in Dublin. The biggest population growth is seen in the mid-east region (Kildare, Meath, and Wicklow).


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