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Enterprise Property Management Software

Enterprise Property Management Software

One client company we’re working with which I cannot name, manages tens of thousands of properties in several countries for a multitude of property owners. They’re a major property management company.

When they discovered ManageCasa, they liked what they saw.

They were looking for a software solution or app that would complement their legacy applications and suit their business situation.  They wanted enterprise level power but small landlord ease and simplicity.

They found ManageCasa and now we’re working with them closely to optimize their property management activities and add further value.

Getting the Benefits you Actually Need

Your first thought might be that enterprise property managers absolutely must adopt a big cumbersome, customized enterprise software solution to do everything under the sun.  Yet that type of solution conflicts with the systems they currently use and prefer, and which their tenants and property owners prefer.

Big systems often cover a lot of ground that gets in the way of doing important work.

Apps and Modularity

And large scale property managers don’t want to give up on apps and modules they’ve been using and need to continue using. They’re not ready to gamble on an overhaul of their business and data during such as busy period for them.

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And the nature of digital business today is that the best apps are interoperable giving businesses the flexibility to use those specific apps that make sense for them. They don’t want to reinvent the wheel or go heavy duty for the sake of that. It’s all the right benefits. And communications and accounting and reports are often the key benefits at issue.

And the US housing market, economy, and property management market are booming right now. It’s not a good time to consider migration to a whole new system. And big systems with huge computing, personnel and service needs come with a big price and a problematic learning curve.

Complexity Creates Problems

How could complexity not create issues for your staff, landlords, contractors, and investors? More moving parts raises the likelihood something will not fit or work smoothly.

“I find most systems so technically driven and so complicated you can’t use them,” says William Ferguson, vice president of Century 21-Judge Fite Management, Dallas. Ferguson is shopping for new software to help his company manage 420 mostly single-family homes. He says, “You need a CPA to run them, but you can’t afford a CPA.” — an article on

Simple Software Fits with Whatever Situation you Have

Smaller, simpler software can give you the best features and benefits, the ones you need.

Most enterprise property managers need assistance with one or two key elements of their business. They may want to facilitate online payments, or progress from spreadsheets to a database driven app, or make communication and document sharing real easy.

Enterprise level property managers also know that large scale solutions aren’t often people friendly. They’re more about volume, mass transactions, and automation without really connecting the company to its tenants.

Property Management Software

Easy to learn, use, and powerful reporting and communications capability are increasingly being sought by enterprise level customers.

Communication and Ease of Use are Critical

For tenants, contractors, landlords and investors, communication and ease of use are priorities. Smaller software or apps offers a friendly, less intimidating user interface. That means communication is better. And communication it seems, is the lifeblood of property management.

If tenant communication is vital, then a small property management software solution built with an easy, friendly, brand image will make tenants feel better. Products with techy, edgy names intimidate a lot of tenants and make them feel incompetent online.

Tenants and contractors want simple systems with minimal effort needed.

The enterprise level client mentioned above didn’t need all the bells and whistles. They just needed help with communications, accounting, and sharing. They focused on this one aspect and ensured they nailed it with the right software.

They chose ManageCasa after reviewing the best property management software products available.
Those competitive property management solutions and landlord apps were overbuilt and not really serving the actual needs of property management companies. The installation, training, licensing fees, and incompatibility with legacy applications turn out to be serious negatives and an embarrassing fiasco for property managers and IT managers.

ManageCasa on the other hand, had the precise features and benefits needed at a much lower price. So they were very happy to save so much money and adopt a product which their tenants and staff discover is so easy to use.

Great news for us is they’re happy and now expanding their adoption of ManageCasa for their global operations. That means ManageCasa is providing scalability when they need it.

Simple is Better — If You Focus on the Apps You Need

Check out the features of what may be the best property management solution going for enterprise property management companies and small business property managers.


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