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Simplicity Makes Users Feel Good

What do most people dream of these days? How about a simpler life devoid of friction, long commutes, persistent bills, receipts and problems, and complicated financial transactions?

Yes, we live in complicated world. During the pandemic shutdown however, everyone has been reintroduced to the simple life, and how refreshing it is. We’re all recognizing the value of simplicity and that is the focus of modern landlord software.

Simplicity is the new Power Feature

Over the past 5 years, a number of property management software developers focused on creating more bells and whistles in their products. They believed that responding to increasing micromanagement was the way to go. Now, they’re in a hurry to go the other way.

The race to claim the biggest, exhaustive platform with every conceivable service feature has left users with bulky software that promised everything but the real value or experience that landlords and property managers actually needed.

Instead of making users feel good, it bogged them down. Further, the focus on automation seemed to be lost too.  Now property management automation makes some platforms, such as ManageCasa more effective.

Bad Software Bogs You Down

Heavy software costs more to create, maintain, is less efficient, and eats up user’s time. It translates to distraction, lower profits and higher wage costs. You might say the old software was a plague on the entire property management industry.

Bells and whistles software designers forgot the busy landlord who wanted to feel confident, comfortable, and even powerful when working. Feeling good is an important benefit of software, much underappreciated. This has resulted in a revolution in optimizing the customer experience.


Another benefit of feeling good is that we become more productive


happy workers

Warwick University research press release. Screenshot courtesy of

The Feeling Good objective is actually changing the values of developers today.  Keeping software users subscribed is no easy thing. Users must feel good about the tools they’re using.


Ready to Feel Good about your daily work?
Check out ManageCasa now.


The 5 Key Features Demanded by Rental Professionals

Small business landlords and property managers primarily want 5 key software features:

  1. simplified double entry accounting for trouble free financial management
  2. simple, online document management
  3. simple online rent payment to streamline cash flow
  4. convenient communications system to ultimately keep tenants happy and informed
  5. easy online maintenance management to reduce workload, errors and overcharging

When developers design big software, the programming itself creates complications leading to more development work to solve “bugs.” This creates more calls from users.

Simplicity Is Built In

Not that simplicity is easy to create in software. ManageCasa’s development team had to develop an application that was very sophisticated, but focused always on user ease and comfort. Making users feel good is a priority of the ManageCasa brand.

“ManageCasa’s vision allows me to record my financial transaction records, stay engaged with my tenants and optimize maintenance management. It really stands out above anyone else!” – Jeremy Boyle, Landlord

The product you subscribe to use is an astonishingly good value for the small business landlord. Flexibility, easy to learn and operate, and work accomplished with no big cash outlay. Users have it good these days!

Relevant Simplicity for Users

Landlords especially, prefer a simplified software platform with all in one capability, but most importantly has the specific modules or apps they need to use. Property managers want more services, but they must train staff and keep their staff after training them on complex software. That’s a liability.

Keep it Simple. Simplicity creates value in many ways, and doesn’t get in the way when their business grows.

Why is Simplicity so Vital?

  • ease of use
  • easy to learn
  • quickness of performing tasks
  • software designed for SMB landlords and property managers
  • helps user energy, mental focus, and time is respected
  • fewer complications to cause issues
  • easier for tenants and contractors too

Old software glorified tasks and created more. The focus now is on tenant service and getting work done quickly.  This is especially due to the Corona Virus and cancel rent threats to cash flow and revenue.

The focus for new modern property management software is on serving tenants better and making daily administration easier. There is less time for confusion and overwork. Simplicity is delivering a lot of benefits to everyone in our industry.

ManageCasa’s goal was to build a product to make property management work seem like fun. As you can see as you check our website out, the ManageCasa brand is uplifting, positive and user friendly.

Try out ManageCasa now.  Get a feel for a better way to manage your properties.

Schedule a Demo to See how ManageCasa makes operations, finance, leasing, and rent collection so easy.

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