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Efficient Property Management

Efficiency Is Job Number One

Yearly surveys of property managers revealed that tenant experience, profitability, growth, cost cutting, and efficiency are top priorities.

In reality, each goal property managers and landlords hope for is supported by one fundamental element — efficiency. What is really being made efficient?  Time.

Consider that efficiency in its full context means:

  • efficient use of staff, physical resources, budget, marketing, lead generation, and administration
  • best techniques in maintenance practices
  • faster business growth
  • quicker path to profitability
  • automation in rent payment, vacancy advertising, and accounting
  • digital documentation and convenience
  • centralized, dedicated communications with tenants
  • responsive, timely, and personalized tenant service

Steamlined efficiency actually helps prevent time-eating accidents and other events from happening.

That might be called preventive property management.

Think of property management software as a time management system. You cut wages, focus more time on essentials, lower tenant demand, and bring in more high-quality business leads.

Efficiency is a key driver of success.

And if we talk about property management business models, business strategy, and profit margins, isn’t it focused efficiency that enables innovation and creative services? If you’re not efficient, the good stuff can’t happen.

Focus on Efficient Operations

Fewer trained staff, more rental units, more government rules, and more demanding tenants, is increasing workloads.  More work is inefficient, yet less work is more efficient.

Toward Full Automated Platform

ManageCasa’s SaaS based property management platform is heading toward an automated future. Automation is a key pillar in property management efficiency.

When you eliminate manual work and redeploy people and funding, you’re giving your company a big edge.

ManageCasa puts you in full control of your rental properties in real time, making decisions easier, communications more effective, and budget management easy.

According to a published Stockhouse research paper, using Zillow Data, “the average profit margin for a rental unit is 6.4% — less than half what it was five years ago. – An estimated 53.8% of rental income is typically spent just on fixed costs of property ownership that landlords are responsible for (mortgage payments, property taxes, maintenance, insurance and capital improvements).

When profit falls, we need to automate, raise efficiency, and streamline our business to compensate.

Efficiency Through Technology

Fortunately, the value proposition of an online efficiency solution such as ManageCasa, is that it’s an all in one business foundation, not just a task management tool.

From finding profit opportunities, expense losses, editing leases, to automating your accounting, ManageCasa is an efficiency platform.

Review ManageCasa’s features right now to see how this modern solution will be the key to your business success.


9 Key Benefits of Focusing on Software Aided Efficiency

  1. using SaaS property management software – help your staff work together as a team and ensuring follow up on all tasks
  2. using the software to keep all parties in the loop –  about the status of maintenance, repairs and outcomes
  3. mobile management —  being where you need to be, instead of not attending to matters due to distance
  4. accounting automation – automating accounting and banking transactions
  5. online rent payment – letting tenants pay online or to automate rent payments
  6. virtual showings – save time with inquiries and rental prospects by showing virtually which can eliminate those who really don’t like the property or neighborhood
  7. work scheduling (contractors) – automate scheduling via software and ensuring everything is executed on time
  8. eliminate paperwork – paper leases, invoices, receipts and more can be digitized and edited online
  9. use tenant portals to keep tenants focused (direct communications) – reduce time waste in conversations and fielding irrelevant questions, and letting tenants educate themselves

The last word on efficiency is automation tools.  Growth and profitability are just a dream until you streamline everything you do.  And you do it all on ManageCasa.


Discover more of ManageCasa’s amazing features and schedule a Demo.


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