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Dissolve Your Micromanagement Tasks | How to Reduce your Property Management Workload

Management Software Tames Micromanagement Stress

How nice would it be to just dissolve your micromanagement nightmare? Well, it seems many property managers are too busy with all that multi-tasking to lighten their workload. 

Are you trapped in that exhausting routine? What you may need is a new perspective, some helpful software, and a little pep talk to help you learn how to reduce the property management workload you have.

You’re Too Busy!!

Landlords and property managers biggest excuse for not improving, upgrading, and reducing their workload is “I’m too busy.”  The irony of it all — that work is preventing work getting done.

The top source of stress and problems for property managers is the overwhelming amount of documentation they must read, process, and file and the variety of transactions with people and phones they must handle.  


Time to Lighten the Load

A recent property manager survey revealed 62% of property managers cited maintenance as the biggest work stressor.

Finding and keeping good tenants was cited by 58%, and 3rd was dealing with problem tenants – time, money, friction and fatigue.

So with those 3 stressors in mind, let’s not list all your daily micromanagement tasks and how you might possibly improve each one just a little. That’s what efficiency experts provide tips for.

That’s kind of like dieting using the latest fad diet program. It never works. Instead, why don’t we just make things disappear?  They’re right about the need to lose though. 

We need to lighten your task load and we’ve got the solution.

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Dissolve Your Micromanagement Tasks

For one moment then, let’s think big picture only. What if you solve big issues and see your micromanagement problems disappear?  This is top down thinking where your work strategy solves micromanagement problems by ensuring they never happen or get solved quick when they do.

Micromanagement, reaction, and multitasking are bottom up thinking. They’re a threat to profitable business today. Research has shown multitasking is a big failure. No one, no matter how competent they are, can keep reacting to daily chaos and interruptions, particularly with how customers expectations are changing.

You’re an executive. Those who micromanage tend to get paid lower wages.

Sharing is Caring! Do you know a property manager or landlord struggling with their daily tasks? Give them a helper!

It’s The Same Tasks and Problems Over and Over

And have you noticed that the tasks and errors are the same ones repeatedly? Perhaps tenants keep forgetting to complete rental applications, lease agreements, pay rent late, or won’t let you know when they can be reached. How about phone tag with people?

The important thing is that you may not be able to give your best where it counts. And where it counts is more time finding the right tenants, lowering costs, and keeping them happy. Your new strategy solves those priorities. That’s what we call macromanagement!

Top Micromanagement Tasks you Could do Without

  1. Manually processing rental applications
  2. Editing tenant record addresses, phone numbers
  3. Phoning contractors for constant updates
  4. Collating data for monthly reports
  5. Ensuring government legislated changes are made
  6. Trying to reach tenants or prospective tenants
  7. Completing accounting and tax paperwork
  8. Receiving and responding to phone calls
  9. Finding lost documents
  10. Filing paper documents

Software Technology to the Rescue

Software is good this way. For instance, property management software can allow direct interaction with the tenant online, encouraging them to provide all necessary information.  From SMS to tenant portals to online forms, you can get their attention and generate the desired action.

So much can be done online from tenant background screening, to receiving rent payments, to monitoring repair tickets and keeping an eye on costs. Automation makes it easy via smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Preventive Medicine for Property Managers

Property software apps can be a channel to help educate, remind and reassure tenants so they don’t create emergencies or maintenance or repair tickets. A lot of issues that occur in a unit could be prevented so tenants don’t damage appliances, start fires, or break doors, as examples.

Answers to their specific problems with their units and appliances could be located on your website or your software application for their easy access. Leaving them to read the tiny print on appliances to reset pilot lights, flip breakers, turn a window crank, or replace ceiling light bulbs inevitably means they won’t find instructions or be able to read them. Then they break something and call you.

If something needs maintenance in the unit, they’ll enjoy using an app to let you know about it and when you can send someone over. (A happy tenant is a better tenant).

Streamlining the Property Management Process

Today, the process of residential property management is automated. Automation is more than scheduling. It’s a way of streamlining tasks such as tenant inquiries, applications, and reports. And being online, you don’t have to drive back to the office to get those papers. They’re online and accessible via your smartphone or laptop.

When you automate routine tasks such as payments and documentation, as well as download tasks to others — including contractors, tenants, building owners, it makes it easier for them to give you what you want. It’s effortless management and can help prevent major tenant problems.

The only way you can do all of this is through property management software which is why this software craze has taken off.

A property software app such as ManageCasa was designed for the sole purpose of taking the tedium and overwhelm of property management away from you.  And when your portfolio of properties goes from 20 to 60, it will be impossible to run your business the way you do now. You’ll wish you’d started sooner.

The software gives you your time back.  With time, you begin to regain your senses.

Plug in Other Services Too

If marketing and finding tenants is a big stressor, that too can be handled. With the geographic and demographic profiling of Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook users available for instance, advertising to your specific audience is actually quite simple.

Tenant screening improvement is something you’ll have more time to conduct. Software can’t do it all. PM’s may be realizing that credit reports and references aren’t a foolproof way of establishing that an applicant is worthy. There are renter screening services that can help.

Helping People Solve Problems

Your tenants, contractors, investors, and landlords have issues. Through intentional communication, you can let them resolve those issues so you don’t have so many to handle.  If it cuts your monthly workload in half, how much would that mean to you?

Grow Your Portfolio for Bigger Profits

Where software really begins to make a difference is when property portfolios grow. Particularly when you own properties in different cities and countries. Portfolios are diversifying because returns in other cities are often much higher. Property owners/investors are planning to grow their portfolios. Software can help you manage properties seamlessly in many different cities.

The old way of managing properties limits profit and manageability. By dissolving tasks, increasing time, reducing paperwork, increasing communication, and improving tenant relations, you open up many avenues to making your portfolio more profitable.

This is why landlords, association managers, property managers, and Realtors are adopting online property management software. The best property management software is one that removes your maintenance burden.

Yet, the usual comparisons amongst property software startups may not matter at all. It’s like buying a new car.  All the promoted vehicle comparisons of gas mileage, horsepower, and other ratings won’t matter if you and your family don’t like how it drives.  It’s only when you hop in the new car and take it for a spin that you know it’s the car for you.

So go ahead right now take ManageCasa for a test drive. It’s a great way to get over your reluctance and procrastination. You’ll discover how easy it really is and how you might enjoy your job again.

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